Tencent security report shows men more than women poisoning, prick silk more poor more gullible

cloud network hunting on February 4 message

, to renmin university of China, tencent security jointly issued the 2014 Internet security report (hereinafter referred to as the “report”). According to the report, the current social public perception of Internet security is only to pass the level, the future must improve safety awareness to promote the overall social network security.

“last year when we put forward a secure connection ‘all’ strategy, suddenly opened the” security “boundary”. Ding Ke tencent company vice President pointed out that the new era of “Internet security” is not a simple technical problem, but a complex social problem, and involved in all walks of life, penetrating the general public’s daily life. “Awakening of ordinary Internet users of Internet security, tencent security responsibilities for the society, so we cooperate with renmin university of China, issued a ‘temperature’ Internet security report, use data to describe Internet security”.

it’s interesting that the according to tencent security research of hundreds of millions of users of Internet security report, clearly depict the easy to poisoning “high-risk groups” portraits: although men than women pay more attention to network security, but in fact a man’s risk of poisoning is four times that of a woman; Over 60 of the most gullible; Monthly income of less than 1500 yuan “the dream silk” is easy to poisoning high-risk groups.

level of social security in the “positive energy”

the report pointed out that, through the analysis of the relevant questionnaire surveyed users, men of the whole social perception for Internet security 62.8, female was 62.2 (full mark is 100 points). Illustrate the social public security of the Internet is positive perception of the whole, the overall social security at the level of positive energy. “But also it can be seen that this value is only to pass the level, the future must improve safety awareness to promote the network security of the community as a whole.” In addition, the online degree is higher, the network security awareness is lower; The higher the level of urbanization, users of network security awareness is also lower.

so, netizens are worried about what kind of network security problem? The report shows that Internet users the most worried about leaks information category is online banking information (53.8%), followed by the identity information (23.7%), is web site account password again (16%). Net silver mainly involves people capital is safe, so worry about the highest degree; Identity information involves people’s privacy, so worry about degree is higher, is again the site account password safety problem, because and substantial interests correlation degree is not high, so is relatively small.

among them, the men than women, more concerned about the information of leakage class is identity information; Women such as password, private photos on the web site account concerns degree is more obvious than men. 10-19 teenagers worry most about leak site account password. 30 and 39, middle-aged and young the most worried about privacy online banking information; 40 to 49, middle-aged users are most concerned about leaking private photos.

computer is “advertising” the rascal

the report data show that tencent anti-virus LABS in 2014, the year number new found computer virus is 135 million, compared with 2013 increased by 31.9%, compared with 2012 increased by 49.4%. Absolute and number of changes, a computer virus is constantly updated, sustained growth trend.

in 2014, which is the most “evil” computer virus class? Tencent anti-virus LABS make a list of the top ten most computers infected with viruses of type: advertising, steal the QQ account and password, brush flow, Rootkit, tampering with or lock home page, inject malicious, malicious downloader, steal game account and password, the back door, or remote control, hijacked the browser. Which play advertising reported the highest frequency, accounted for 20% of the total virus, Internet browsing is the main use of a computer user application. The report pointed out that the pop-up ads very confusing, often make use of the user is accustomed to pop-up ads of social mentality, deliberately induced by the user to manually close the popup window, to achieve through advertising Trojan forcing users to access the malicious web site promotion and the purpose of spreading the virus.

phone “consume resources” is the most headache

in the mobile terminal, by 2014, tencent phone butler android virus released four years total package for 1.9349 million, including 2014 new virus 1.0033 million total package, up 31.4% from 2013, a 2012 increase from 2012.

tencent mobile security laboratory data reality, 2014 handsets for most virus types: consumption rates, privacy, access, malicious deduction, hooliganism, tricking fraud, remote control, malicious dissemination and system damage, etc. Rates of consumption type of virus is reporting the highest frequency, accounted for 54.5% of the total number of virus. “On the one hand, because the charges consumption for spreaders virus is a kind of more direct means of profit, the background in mobile phones and cost flow, system memory, discomfort caused by user’s use, is the most headache users virus, this kind of virus to become one of the most active type of virus propagation; On the other hand also because charges consumption virus can direct property damage caused by mobile phone users, the user is more sensitive to this kind of virus, report the most too.” , says the report, as the electronic commerce to mobile terminal and the rise of mobile payment function, mobile phone viruses cause capital losses will become a more serious problem. To ensure the safety of the user’s money, priority will be the safety of cellular phones.

men than women more alert, but more injured

usually, men more than women to understand the Internet, and know more to the Internet security issues. But the irony is that the report of poisoning people “portrait” analysis is another story – in the face of the virus, more men than women were injured.

the report shows that men in the Internet security line power higher than women. Whether to install antivirus software, for example, men installed antivirus software, 92.5% higher than the 90.5% of the women; Online payment security protection behavior, 62% of men will check url in advance, watch the fraud, but only 49% of women put into action; On spam, spam, women tend to ignore or delete, while men tend to delete immediately, in order to prevent the virus, or to set spam filtering and delete.

however, according to tencent anti-virus LABS and tencent mobile security laboratory data, computer user end poisoning, 81% are men, 75% of mobile end victims are men. A man’s risk of poisoning is four times that of a woman! The report analyzes believed that because many viruses are based on degree of pornographic information and application in disguise and spread, while men like above fresh stimulus control of information and technology, more susceptible to the virus, and get hurt.

prick silk, single, outgoing personality can’t afford to injury

the report also summarizes the poisoning “high-risk groups” characteristics: low income, young single, outgoing personality. Working class is easy to become the victims of the network security; Income is concentrated in the 1000-1000 yuan, belong to prick silk group; Unmarried people suffer more likely; Personality traits perceptual extravert, ruin probability is also higher.

the report analysis, prick silk group are mainly young people who have just entered the society, the group has a rich vision and impulse, so for all kinds of information on the network, and even pornography is more attention, often easy to cheat. Outgoing person very open on one hand, is interested in all kinds of information, curiosity killed the cat, also like the pursuit of sensory stimulation, easy to be disguised as a pornographic information such as the object of infringement.

and harassing phone calls in the morning and afternoon anti spam messages

in addition to the viruses, trojans, harassing phone calls and spam messages tend to be “persistent” in mobile phone users. The report based on the data analysis, tencent phone housekeeper, harassing phone calls in a day time is at 10 am, the most densely populated and spam messages is the most crazy time afternoon when 14-16.


this is easy to understand why many white-collar workers complain “” the first thing after work is answering harassing phone calls. The report analysis, harassing phone calls on at 10 am, time is highly consistent with the public job, because advertising sells a lot of harassing phone calls is artificial, more controllable than SMS. And spam messages are mainly concentrated in the afternoon when 14-16 outbreak also consistent with the basic people’s work and rest time, “the main body of spam text messages to the user’s psychology is relatively familiar, know that cell phone use after active cycle are mainly concentrated in the middle of the day, just work in the morning, busy with all sorts of things, but as the after noon, the user is relatively relaxed mood, the mobile phone contact, significantly higher than the morning then send spam messages are more likely to cause the attention of the user”.

upgrade Internet safety consciousness is

according to the China Internet network information center released 34 times national Internet development statistics report shows that as of June 2014, number of Chinese netizens has reached 632 million, Internet penetration rate reached 46.9%. Including 527 million mobile Internet users, Internet users use mobile Internet population proportion to 83.4%, scale of mobile Internet users beyond traditional PC users scale (80.9%) for the first time. However, Chinese Internet users in terms of gender, age, record of formal schooling of complicated structure, due to Internet safety awareness and safety behavior shows uneven phenomenon.

the report analysis, first used in a large number of users is potential safety hazard, such as: in different e-commerce website or SNS platform using the same account name and password Settings, casual reveal personal information on the Internet, flashpoint for criminals. Second, not all users can realize the safety problems, many users are indifferent to network security problem has happened, don’t know, some users after a security incident, choose not to let outsiders know, rather than a warning to others. In addition, for individual users, could not have enough professional knowledge and energy to focus on can bring threat to their system security hole. A regular user of the lack of professional knowledge, and hackers have hidden technology contrast, increase the risk of network security.

so need authoritative information guidance and the third party with the help of professional institutions. At the same time, also for the leading Internet companies such as tencent, the initiative to undertake the important task of the Internet safety consciousness.