Tencent is a team entrepreneurship project, “Hai360” light model cross-border electricity how to play?

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cloud network hunting note: cross-border electricity is electricity field are the only one in the red through the blue market, its market scale and development space by capital. Such as vertical cross-border bud baby honey in the field of electricity, platform of the dock (C2C mode), honey tao (B2C) are all completed high finance. Visible capital party’s expectations of the field. Today, we interpret a pattern relative to “unique” cross-border electricity project, tao sea science and technology at Hai360.com.

at present, the business model of cross-border electricity can be roughly divided into four categories:

1, individual buyer, namely the individual behavior of overseas act as purchasing agency;

2, vertical industry cross-border electricity, as honey buds baby;

3, the whole category of cross-border electric business platform, such as the wharf, honey tao, also include in this report focuses on Hai360;

4, integrated platform of cross-border electronic business brands, such as Tmall international, taobao global purchase, etc.

science, then introduced Hai360.

before Hai360 cross-border e-commerce sites online, founder Chen Jungui team made a product called “via overseas online shopping”, is probably in 2012, the overseas online shopping tong’s main function is to help the user queries from overseas to domestic express logistics information. Overseas Courier service to domestic process is probably “foreign domestic sector – the customs -” three links, relevant information can be covered by sea) for the query. Say simple point is that users overseas bought something, where the query Courier, expected what time can get the Internet a tool products.

tao hai technology CEO wang lei said, “the activity of the product is quite high, many users even open 7, 8 times a day. Currently overseas online shopping has with more than 80 foreign transport companies and more than 20 domestic express company reached a strategic cooperation, even if no strategic cooperation logistics company, also can through the technology to provide users with logistics information, the user level of millions.”

then Chen Jungui must aim at the cross-border electricity this market, just waiting for the wind to. With sea) for this product, the users and activity is good, naturally cut the cross-border business area of the battery, and then there is Hai360. According to public information, Hai360 launched in March 2014, in September 2013 the angel investment obtained co-win millions RMB.

Hai360 mode is “cute”, belongs to B2B2C mode without having to stock up. It chooses with large foreign distributors (including amazon, Beauty, etc.), help foreign electric business platform in China by selling goods, don’t need to do heavy stock model, can obtain the foreign electric business platform of high quality supply source.

this, wang lei to hunt cloud network said, “do it has several advantages, no stocks and funds pressure; Both direct mail goods quality with sufficient protection; Three goods prices low enough, because distributors are very strong, even lower than the ex-factory price.”

Hai360 team by virtue of their own technical strength to collaborate with all distributors website commodity information, including pictures, price, place an order, payment of link, that is, the user can complete the whole transaction closed loop in Hai360 website, this is very important, mastered the capital of the initiative.

for C the promotion, wang lei said, “the promotion aspect in addition to a diversion from hai tao tong, also do a lot of play the way of the Internet, such as cross-border cooperation, search, optimization of operating strategies, social media, such as way to do it, the current operation promotion team has begun to take effective, but still need to strengthen.” According to cloud network understanding, hunting Hai360 day level of UV tens, water almost never.

business model, reasonable into with foreign distributors, the current will not choose the way to increase income difference, the overseas sale price is the user’s purchase price, even with the help of a strong channel low cost advantage subsidies user part of the logistics cost. Is expected to achieve financial positive cash flow at the end of 2015, that is to make a profit.

the team aspect, the founder of Chen Jungui technology talents, the former 91 desktop first product manager, he worked for the tencent 3 g products, leading products including QQService mobile terminal architecture design, research and development. CEO Wang Leiceng tencent senior operations manager, is also the Chinese raw electricity record holder, hairy crabs sales of 3 days of 14.2 million. Technology, head of the original tencent vice director, head of tencent products teamleader, senior team are from tencent.

To hunting cloud network planning of the

, wang lei said, “the late respectively in promotion, logistics operations, large data from three aspects, focus on promoting Hai360 cross-border electric business platform, optimizing the logistics speed increases the user experience, finally rely on big data completely lay position.”

it is known that there are many vc institutions actively contact Hai360 team, and offered to investment. News from the latest round of financing are expected to soon, hunting cloud network also will continue to focus on.

the author’s opinion, cross-border electricity field eventually giant or ali is basically, no suspense. , but market is big enough, the field except 1 – two giant will exist for 3 to 5 a company that has a market value of billions. Wang lei, also said “hope I can do this a few home.”