Tencent is a startup project “little” to raise 200 million yuan, build a new media platform mobile desktop

(word/xiao-miao li)

mobile new media products in the “parent” small British winona shenzhen technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as English ) announced today that the “small” has won the light media and huaxing nearly 200 million yuan capital investment. In addition, the company also announced with partners launched “101 plan”, open platform support programs for the application, developers, since the media support, etc.

the company was founded in 2010, the founder of tang xin for tencent’s staff. Company positioned as a engine intelligent mobile Internet service providers, to focus on mobile Internet service operation and data mining. Committed to the integration operators, mobile terminal manufacturers, users and mobile content services provider requirements, use of independent research and development of intelligent engine PIE, content aggregation and processing and analysis, according to user’s preferences, intelligently dynamic matching content to the user. Before this, the project has won the original tencent co-founder li qing angel investors.

as early as in 2012 “big data news” + “APP” technology, the winona news, development of new products — waterfall flow for mobile terminal news show new forms, it is then that tang xin is doing “five d media”, research and development of intelligent engine “PIE” news big data analysis.

at present, the winona, small series of products have with huawei, cool, TCL, lenovo and so on more than 20 manufacturers and solutions business cooperation, is the nation’s largest mobile desktop media content aggregation, covers 70 million end users, active users, more than 8 million. Is expected by the end of 2015, the British winona little known will hit 150 million mobile terminals, 20 million active users.

5 d media

the winona “little known” is for “a five-dimensional media”, on the basis of four dimensional intelligent media created the “convergence” dimension.

about media form dimensions, tang xin said: two-dimensional media, pay attention to the time and space, timeliness, regional; Three-dimensional media have joined interaction, pay attention to the user participatory experience; Four dimensions of the media, and joined the intelligence, combined with the user interest, habits can let time and space of the pixel higher, more accurate; Five dimensions of the media, on the basis of and joined the “convergence” elements, shaping platform value: through integration with mobile phone manufacturers, products can be directly into the negative one screen at a time.

fusion concept embodied in three parts: carrier, information fusion and scene. Carrier integration refers to the joint not only mobile phone, tablet, TV and other terminal, also helped the traditional media to new media transformation; Graphic information fusion refers to the representation, integration, based on the algorithm of user interactivity accurate recommendations, conform to the era of mobile fragmentation reading; Refers to the combination of a particular scene interaction scenario fusion, provide users with engagement, can according to the different location of the user, attributes, based on different scenarios O2O implant.

“making a” is the latest function, little is known in the future, little known to dig the image recognition technology, and combined with user attributes, for users to create more interesting usage scenarios, namely “all things for their endorsement”. With little knowledge of photo shoot star posters work, mobile phone screen star latest video; If a page magazine, can appear the magazine H5 activity page.

101 plan

the so-called “101 plan”, is the joint parties winona partners launched a mobile Internet, open platform support programs for the application and the developers, from the media to send traffic dividends, will from the flow rate distribution, operational support, support the user interaction, such as the direction. The concrete content includes, established media alliance, 10.1 billion traffic support since 101 media growth, and for the media to provide “little known”, “” little known play offline communication platform; Little known for ten areas, on the other hand, No. 1 media custom solutions.

at present, the small know already has millions of active users, and the future will continue to be on the high quality original content. “This year with partners to share the interests of the 101 plan. Little known to users is a more interesting experience, but also with partners together a business model innovation, let everybody can play in a seamless connection platform.” British QuanZheng winona’s vice President said.

tang xin said, little known desktop by way of media, polymerization content and services pushed to mobile Internet users; Based on mobile desktop traffic entrance, little known also for partners to provide traffic commercial solutions; Based on “making a” innovation function, let the user “what you see is the entry”, to build industry chain closed loop.