Tencent entrepreneurs: startups hiring three erroneous zone

note: hunting cloud this article the author for old penguin Zerg, as tencent’s 190 employees, has dominated the Zerg team in the development of the mobile phone QQ. This paper turn from the Antarctic circle:

error 1: one is to create a cow x team, high expectations, big disappointment

everyone is Michael brainwashed, “do the right thing, and choose the best people, money to burn.”.

it makes sense, but who is he? Michael, who we are, prick silk business, so you can respect, can refer to the objective, but not really so hard to yourself, my body also want to ah, really do not!
With this point of view to form a team, often lament between reality and ideal.
So, prick silk entrepreneurship to build high force team, actually tend to be like this:
(1) to find the point in time the right person, not the strongest person. Some people are cattle, but he has nothing to do with us in this point in time.
(2) the startup of the dream team is often training their own, the teacher + the combination of the students more practical for startups, and founder of oneself is the most main teacher, think much would you like to development with company is one of the best talent.
(3) don’t expect even require all people with entrepreneurial yearning heart to him, are willing to bear hardships and stand hard work at the beginning of the company, such a man, of course, we are very welcome, but expectations or even all of this is a very dangerous idea.
(4) more advantages, look at his element working on the, and gradually guide, good with every one of us.
(5) in the company to establish a team personnel growth mechanism, give guidance and help, give a chance and trust, this is the important basis for the development of entrepreneurial firms.

mistake 2 team can work, recruiters hire skilled, startups don’t need to believe in, whether can one player don’t count on, working people.
Said these words are to their excuses, essentially he make uncertain, don’t tell young prospects, or with a bad new, also with a bad master.
Many companies such as reality, we observe the team also found that most of them have no gradient, even no specification, also not good or bad, we all do things around the boss, the boss decides everything according to individual be fond of, on the surface of explode in the busy, the question a lot, team members can’t find the pursuit of excellence is the most terrible of the share, the high-quality goods.
Years I formed a team from scratch several times since the review is the excellent team, experience has taught me: to cultivate the couple is startups most should do, the key is to grasp the following several factors:
(1) choose the right talent.
(2) the training is not equal to handy, individual effort is proportional to and company culture, the teacher brought into the door, in personal practice, the individual will work harder.
(3) the company to provide the most important elements of personal growth: inspiration, direction and opportunity, criticism, timely and correct criticism is also very valuable.
(4) don’t always blame your new man when, the growth of the couple to give full of trust, offering challenging jobs and tasks to play, do also to keep up with the good treatment.
(5) don’t be a an fostered by poaching and discouraged and give up, the task of cultivating couple is continuous and systematism.
Startup company personnel proportion, I thought master 1:2: young master 1 right
High finger can independent thinking and singular;
Talent refers to a new graduate, foundation is good, has the short-term rapid growth expectations;
A master can work, but do not have superior qualifications, or unknown.

error 3 recruitment too difficult or recruiters, or instead of such small things to HR ok
This regard, I’ve some tried and dry:
The best hiring way:
Expert recommended by friends, talent and skilled people on their own in the recruitment web search, search most unreliable.
Recruitment is a daily uninterrupted things in Internet companies, we generally active search and browse resumes more than 100 copies a day, after the initial clean-up leaving about 10-20%, about the written test, more than 10 come a day when people written examination, the written out 80%, the interview out again around 60%, that is about 100-200 people admit a, the real one!
A main work is HR screening of resume, but the difficulty is how to guarantee attendance rate, which is about the written test success. Because most resumes are we find, not active delivery, this work is more important, need special training, establish standards of convincing a routine.
Note: how to make a phone call, how to introduce the company, how do you write emails, a lot of detail determines whether you want to come.
Founder certainly is to participate in the interview, but for the sake of efficiency also need team collaboration, startup spending on recruitment specialist, or at least half a man, still needs and deserves.
On headhunting in where? Maybe it is a market opportunity, to be innovative.