Tencent college lecturer: who is the next flying pigs?

note: the author is tencent instant communications business, deputy director, a lecturer of college of tencent WeChat public number: small Q tease you play. The above views of the individual opinion, not on behalf of the company’s position.

Small Q

the tomb-sweeping day holiday to go running, the Olympic forest park and found a very interesting phenomenon: before are all in the five-star hotel lobby coffee shop to discuss topics, has spread to the whole city of coffee shop, and now even the park has been compromised. What the topic is so hot? The answer is a series of keywords – entrepreneurship, angel investors, APP, O2O, Internet +… These key words merged into one common is – tuyere!

this two years the biggest tuyere is what? Small Q feeling is we have invested in drops a taxi, public comments, hungry yao, 58 city, with net, jingdong mall, E jie cheng, E bag wash, love fresh bee startups, such as their common features are rooted in O2O industry. Mencius said, timing is inferior to the right place, and more important. O2O “day” has come, the capital heavily bet; China region is extremely unbalanced development status also have produced obvious “right”, from the first-tier cities, to do ground subsidence; Mobile Internet is to “and” ready to fully behavior habit education.

so how O2O tuyere will blow up of the pig? Small Q contact with dozens of O2O start-up, found that can eventually get users favor and capital is mainly a type of pig, lazy pig. As long as it is to let a person become more and more lazy pig, usually win after 80, 80 after the cheers, still can make capital of restlessness, rushed to generously. By these “lazy pig” after transforming the present, IT is a live scene: you too lazy to go to the crowded subway, to get up early to read the first any good software with taxi with subsidies, today is a 30% price cut uber bargain or one hundred yuan coupon is really easy to use, or to micro letter scouring drops car vouchers, fashionable white-collar workers are more likely to experience of 51 1 yuan sit BMW car, the beauty of IT media can free experience everyday car ride, be elite lines can also go directly to PP car rental or directly on driving car rental car on others treasure their own class, if these are lame, IT can only be opened honestly subsidies devoid of drops a taxi or fast taxi; To the unit, you are too lazy to line up to buy breakfast, directly on the WeChat let Huang Taiji or breakfast preferred direct send breakfast to your location; After breakfast, the most important and the most happy work is to collect Courier package, now you are looking too lazy to go to the supermarket, and thronged ceaselessly by Boyle ‘checkout again. Express delivery parcel is full of O2O battlefield, folic acid in the parcel with her hk LiangTing coupon service, put the oil package Po Pai overhead door maintenance experience voucher; Package is tired, a little hungry, too lazy to go out for lunch, open the restaurant near his hungry? Call delicious to the station; Full, too lazy to walk, in micro the letter open point to massage, massage technician called near for you to relax; Afternoon tea time, you are too lazy to go to nail salons, the beaver manicurist about to companies directly to the coffee shop downstairs, so you can comfortably while nail art taste the aromatic coffee; End of a day’s work, you are too lazy to go home to cook supper, so called love in WeChat master chef’s the door to do for your family hotel scale meal, and you also too lazy to go to vegetable market to buy food, then you let the teacher help buy directly; After dinner, what do you think home is a little small, but you don’t, then open the E home clean directly to aunt near the door cleaning, open E bag again let the cleaner’s master take clothes washing. Watching TV you find no snacks and too lazy to go downstairs to buy grocery stories and unlock fresh bee love, let the boss downstairs distorting mirror duck neck urgent delivery. This is by O2O penetrating the lazy life.

this life sounds so beautiful, let a person yearning, but there is a magical industry and O2O lazy pig economic thunder stole the intelligent hardware. Various smart watches, smart bracelet, smart and intelligent blood pressure meter, intelligent scale glucose meter to let more and more lazy more and more at the same time, it was found that the quality of life of the body indexes also will increase. As a result, the O2O lazy pig economy began with the turning of the tuyere, gradually a new O2O economic model to the public.

a new wave of O2O model would like to thank the great apple, because of its health module, a growing number of app and intelligent hardware into step function, have the WeChat exercise, QQ games with a list of social operation mode, makes more and more white-collar workers begin to pay close attention to their health, and action. At that time many fitness O2O business companies have emerged, such as excellent coach, at the beginning of practice, practice, hot fitness, cooking, and so on, the whole city and capital of very bullish on this direction, have all project investment, including hot fitness also in the absence of product launch two rounds of a total of $3 million in investment, the optimal body coach also won two rounds of investment, the investor or tencent founding patriarch; Ocean also grow out of a magical fitness platform Classpass – just $99 a month can be in 30 cities more than 2000 different studios and high-end gym in infinite exercise classes, in December 2014 completed a $40 million B round of funding. Classpass model for small Q is not strange, 10 years ago in zhongguancun has experienced similar fitness O2O services – cool gym membership. At that time also no mobile Internet, the online part of the so-called is a physical card, with this universal gym memberships, small Q can roam in all kinds of high pretend bility of the gym, you can even walk into high-end clubs, with dozens of yuan price to enjoy thousands of yuan membership to premium service. For a lazy person, the best is don’t have to do the gym not cost-effective year, completely can according to my schedule according to time, by the month fitness, typical Shared economic model. At that time, the touch of the deep impression to me is, cool, the company is proactive, in the concept that haven’t Fried hot big data era, was very concerned about every chance to get the user data, in each gym has exclusive POS machine, each user charge into the shop, in physical fitness card. So that each user which go to the gym at ordinary times, when to go, a few people to, how long will it take to a personalized data capture all, under the analysis of the data, then finally to and gym negotiate lower discount and to develop new decision rhythm. Such a low-key Internet startup company, integrate resources, silently patience is rare, as it has moved from zhongguancun office, small Q also gradually forget the existence of it, but when fitness O2O tuyere comes, it’s a moat intrigued fitness O2O entrepreneurs, the accumulation of 10 years, more than 1000 high-end home gym partner, ultra-low discount barriers, prepaid cash flow support, are the core competitiveness of the company.

but most attractive is the traditional mobile Internet, as long as there is a strong executive ability and the team of imagination, to attract the capital power, strong moat can be overcome. Drops a taxi is a classic example, believe that fitness O2O rising star will take capital of ammunition quickly burn up the subsidy wars, motivate users with all kinds of coupons to break the door to the gym. Think it is not easy to realize and the routine small Q counter attack, are likely to be a flash in the pan, like O2O car wash service, itself to the car wash to wash the car owners, the boss took the qr code, said to sweep a penny of washing the car, so to users is valuable? The gym has a characteristic is high concentration, Matthew effect obviously, for example, China bally (zhongguancun shop) is a small Q often go to the gym (prick silk man certainly did not do the membership card, with elegant and cool gym memberships can be disorderly), an investment of more than 5 million of the gym, can cover around 3-5 kilometers of customers, more than 3000 yuan in the membership card can attract high-end white-collar workers in the whole of zhongguancun, it caused the existence of zhongguancun and three gym every day can only arrange guest trainer distributing leaflets at each intersection. To cooperate with this radiation ability bigger gym, besides need accumulated many years of cooperation, but also a lot of money in advance, and absorbing bally 11 stores in Beijing, take up the cost of capital. This is millions of dollars of financing startups is difficult to the highs of partners, so only to small and medium-sized gym and studio, and even direct the personal training cooperation. Said to the small and medium-sized gym and studio user experience, capacity and time distribution is a ceiling, small Q have experienced once a fitness gym activity of app, walked into the store on Friday night, entered the family is a sense in the air is full of sweat, various instruments and treadmills are occupied, only the dumbbell area is a little space, and doesn’t even have a beautiful sister, sigh. At present, the market competition barriers it is hard to simply rely on subsidies and small and medium-sized gym with small cardiac big counter attack. Small Q think fitness O2O rivalry or heavy the acceleration of capital competition, in the field of industry leading companies to get more capital, more control over the upstream resources, form a passenger flow closed loop and word of mouth, finally to obtain large market share, as if with cheng blockade logic network in the field of tickets.

when economic because of lazy lazy pig fat, at the time of the tuyere is unable to fly higher, fitness economy might be the wind, after all, the same wind, blowing up should be a thin pig.