Television loses, the Internet is becoming the dominant of the advertising industry

the emergence of a large number of new programs from Netflix and Amazon definitely confirmed a few more good TV programs are being made into the Internet form, the income of TV industry is suffering from shock. PwC issued today about five years of entertainment media predictions have been told that the growth rate of the advertising and television will drop. Last year, PwC had predicted the advertising industry in the future five years will be growing at 5.5% a year. Now PwC claimed to advertising industry annual growth rate will fall to 4% in 2019.

this is just the global data. In the United States, television advertising only slightly higher than the growth rate of 3% growth a year. From 2013 to 2014, television advertising spending rose by 5%, this is in recent years, PwC few forecast data of success.

what to explain this phenomenon? That is to blame for video streaming media services such as the Netlix and Amazon, luring the TV audience far those who rely on advertising to survive.

PwC will merge into these video streaming service category, and call it “family income” video, these services are developing rapidly in the United States: is expected over the next five years, the rate of about 15% per year growth to 2019 will reach $16.5 billion. “The growth rate of part from the cost of television advertising market,” said Matthew Lieberman, head of PwC. “Soon people will be more willing to put money spend on video streaming service (watching TV and movies on the Internet), rather than go to the cinema,” Lieberman said.

even so, although the growth rate in the fall, but the cost of television advertising is still as ever: PwC predicting the advertisers in 2019 will invest $2019 on advertising.

this year PwC forecast is based on the observation of the media itself variability. The following is about the volatility of some of the most compelling force that:

almost all forms of entertainment media will expand over the next five years.

mobile advertising and social games will be a double-digit rate steady growth. Other media, such as the global music market and distribution sector, annual growth rate will be lower than 1%. Newspaper is the only media industry advertising rates decline, to decline in the rate of close to 3% a year in 2019.

people are more willing to in the form of personal gathered

in the United States, to 2019, and in a live concert tickets spending will exceed 2.9% of total consumer spending.

soon, mobile Internet advertising advertising will be more than traditional Display (Display Ads)

in the United States in 2014, mobile Internet advertising far exceeds the traditional Internet advertising; Next year, it will replace the paid search, become a leading advertising category. Is expected in the next five years will be rising at a rate of 25% per year, and will be in five years beyond the Internet advertising advertising. That is to say, five years will differentiate between mobile advertising and Internet advertising, until the end of the year the difference will be intensified.)

less and less people are willing to pay for cable TV, but also not to say that none.

in 2012, 80% of americans would pay extra for television subscriptions; By 2016, the data will be reduced by 3%, to 76.9%. Subscription rate decreased, but is also not in the expected slashing. (in Kenya, Indonesia or Thailand, privileged symbol of cable TV is the emerging middle class, you will find in these countries over the next five years cable TV subscription rates will double-digit growth rate.)

we prefer songs instead of downloading music online

enterprise more willing to let consumers to download music rather than listening to music online, but this kind of hoping to be changed. By 2017, the digital flow of revenue to more than income data download, and digital flow of income per year to grow by about 11%.

PwC also reported in the field of digital flow head are also restricting free music on the way to feel more pressure, especially when the number of music companies have started to question whether support advertising services too much. Consumer is when should be ready to pay.


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