“Technology + sports” entrepreneurial opportunity has come, the wind investment gold approach speed

cloud network hunting note: sports in your opinion is just idle to nothing pastime, and in the house of vc eyes really huge market potential. Last year, the sports science and technology of the vc to 10 $, so good momentum also attracted a lot of athletes to participate in the investment. The only fly in the ointment is that the scene participation in didn’t get the attention it deserves and investment.

from wearable activity tracking devices to e-sports, science and technology is gradually changing the way athletes training, as well as fans and the way they support team interaction.

in this case, the vc home undoubtedly hit a home run. Last year, investors investing in start-up companies in sports more than $1 billion, everyone wants to share in this area.

last week, the Los Angeles Dodgers and R/GA (an international advertising agency) cooperation issued for a period of 12 weeks Dodgers Accelerator (dodge incubator) project, will begin this summer. They are looking for “collection of sports, science and technology, entertainment, which integrates” start-up, R/GA, managing partner of Stephen Plumlee said, this is a blurred concept.

“it contains the choice from the fans to participate in, to all aspects of the game, the youth sports, also includes the content of the virtual reality and electronic ticket, and so on.” Plumlee said.

dodge the technology used is not from silicon valley technology revolution. So far, it is the only notable, in science and technology is installed in the dodgers stadium MLB (MLB) one of the largest in the history of wi-fi systems.

now, they want to pass this incubator projects put yourself in the forefront of sports science and technology innovation. Dodge the CFO Tucker Kain said club notice that this area into a large amount of capital activities, decided to publish this project.

statistical data to support his claim. Sports technology start-up venture reached an all-time high of $927 million in 2014, the annual growth of almost 30% since 2012. In April the first few weeks, investors have to sports technology company invested $151 million, more than half a quarter investment of $299 million last year.

total investment growth has also attracted athletes to invest. Carmelo Anthony and Steve Nash (hunting cloud network note: both for NBA star) operates its own vc funds, it is said that A relatively low-key MLB also earlier in the week to participate in the venture capital department Shots (Justin Bieber investment take applications) of A round of funding.

“every professional athletes make full use of the tools of their own, and according to the analysis of the data changing the mode of training, now they realized that he is in the forefront of sports science and technology changes with each passing day.” Miles of Accel Clements says.

to match ticket in Accel startup which two rounds of investment, we see the professional athletes Peyton, Eli Manning, Shane Battier and Mike Dunleavy, Jr. To invest. Not long ago, Clements led the Accel to video training platform Hudl $73 million series A investment.

“Hudl can let a small team recorded in tablets at very low cost sharing, video game and in the equipment before the motion analysis is only a professional can do.” Clements says.

Clements Hudl will youth sports market method and Lynda.com change education democratization and Etsy (hunting cloud network note: a online sales of handmade crafts) in the United States change retail methods are compared, but youth sports is only a small part of the large sports market.

“sports technology contains so much, do you think sports is a kind of pastime, but in fact sports consumption can have $145 billion a year.” Clements says.

“it is a huge group, many famous sports brands have realized that they need and customers in the digital world.” He said.

to be hypoallergenic (hunting cloud network note: American sports brand), for example, in January when it purchased for $560 million MyFitnessPal and Endomondo (hunting cloud network note: both for fitness applications).

“never seems to be filled in people’s appetite to sports, on radio and television network, the money spent on sports TV program is three times in the past, 60% of the data traffic on twitter and sports.” Atlas Ryan said.

the Atlas has a team of sports science, members of sports game company DraftKings, similar to lego toys manufacturers OYO Sportstoys, sports fans Fancred social networks and mobile video Ubersense analysis application.

Moore said his special experience in the process of the hope to improve the game.

“has had so much investment to benefit the audience on the sofa, but it may be a bit put the cart before the horse, we have a big problem: in the aspect of participation to the site to participate in the general fans have much, the attention to these teams can now create more immersive experience.” Moore said.

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