@ Team: enterprise social + office controls, online collaboration “@”

(text/Yang Sihui)

“@ Team” is China synergy innovation network owned by a cloud based service enterprise collaborative office products, 2 since the end of this year, more than 1000 companies have registered to use, product adaptation Web, IOS, Android, etc all kinds of terminal.

“in the process of dealing with enterprise for many years, we found that the vast majority of enterprise collaborative communication management is still working, only on the IM (instant messaging), E-mail (electronic mail), OA (office automation system), and other traditional tools. Valuable project data, process, solutions to problems such as content scattered email, chat records; Fine work tasks of project process can’t do it for tracking and management; OA process, daily, weekly, monthly reports, are dealing with, no one from the heart are willing to use… “Co-founder Song Jianfeng convective cloud network said,” @ Team for enterprises encounter these problems and research and development at present.”

@ Team core function is the following: first, the user can on the platform release their ideas, questions, file sharing information and share links and other content, communication coordination; Second, the project principal or participant can create tasks, assign tasks, task manager, project management, task tracking; Three, user to enterprises “organizational structure” as the center set up “online department or team, also able to” interests “spontaneously create group, form a” social enterprise “, the spontaneous active learning and innovation; Four, @ Team help users intelligent integration project, Team and personal documents, data, retain knowledge assets. At the same time, advanced enterprise user has administrative authority of the space, by department and staff management background, dynamic, information, links and so on management.

Song Jianfeng told hunting cloud network: “do @ the purpose of the Team is also on demand Team itself, which had been in our company internal use.” @ Team class weibo “hair share, hair, hair activities task”, “social” way of dynamic reading social open communication software and office software controls, allows users to use and general social software. At present, @ Team has been do polishing products based on user feedback, iterative update, close to the user. Under 10 people entrepreneurial teams can be registered in the website to create free space, demand is higher, if the enterprise can use more advanced space.

now do teamwork market Worktile, Slack, Teambition, judgment, the first enterprise faith and other schools of thought contend. Song Jianfeng thinks, although many enterprise market competitors, but none of the products achieve the “dominance”, the player will represent more than business markets are more easy to accelerate change; In addition, the service and can not keep up with is good long-term development important factor of the product. “In fact, everyone is facing the same problem: the user use traditional tools such as QQ, E-mail. @ Team can do for this is that, and constantly improve product user experience, let the user feel cloud advantage than traditional office office software, allows users to get used to using our products.” Song Jianfeng said.

in the future, Song Jianfeng told hunting cloud network: “@ Team will be in to constantly improve and upgrade the Team cooperation; At the same time, China’s collaborative innovation network also has @ Public service electric business platform, @ two product Info search engine, for entrepreneurs to provide office services, resources, information and search tools. We can hope to eventually get through each other, for entrepreneurial innovation enterprises provide one-stop service, set up ecosystem. More users and business model will naturally have a lot of imagination.”

according to hunt cloud network, China synergy innovation network is an Internet based the gen space, provide entrepreneurial innovation information, resources, services, founded in 2010, @ Team r&d Team and project funds are from website.