Team accounting tool books “circle”, to solve the real between acquaintances

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circle fun germination technology co., LTD belongs to Beijing, the company was founded in 2014 in December, after founding a sprout “boring”, “boring germination” is a children’s programmes will O2O platform, now project suspend operation, the team will focus on the books “circle”.

a team at the same time operating two projects or more demanding,, but after the team members after careful consideration, determine the focus of the work soon.

circle books function characteristics:

1, AA charge, solve the problem of real

network books, a solution to my colleagues for dinner, traveling, roommates, reunion scenarios, such as frequent repetition of reckoning, bookkeeping, transfer book application of such trouble. If simple speak AA charge to an account, the same kind of products intelligent AA account, WeChat/alipay AA credit, etc.

2, more collaborative tools of charge to an account

the introduction of the concept of circle, anyone can charge to an account of the same circle. The user can through WeChat invited friends together to charge to an account, please. Circle book lies in its the biggest advantage of “a circle anyone can” function, make a circle within each member can become the main body, the record books.

circles books users locate mainly in young people aged 18-35, who are more specific point is the college students, white-collar workers, factory workers. This part of the National People’s Congress have some collective activity, usually impossible until someone treat, so clear calculation is just need to be. Circle books 4.29 day won AppStore recommend an iPhone online, so the user is growing rapidly, there are thousands of users.

Guo Jie books also disclosed to hunt cloud network circle the development direction of the next Internet finance, because the circle zhang is related to money, hunting cloud network finance news, previously reported as personal account products have obtain financing, have proved that there is great potential for such projects. Next, circle books will complete the checkout closed loop, a balance for each user, finally complete the user real the circulation of money, and on specific technical level, team is still in exploration.

circle books main founding members have five people, Guo Jie for founding Meituan hotel product manager, tencent product manager; Li Shuaiceng for IOS Meituan senior technical experts, a little light blogging IOS technology and renren, head of the IOS engineer. Zhou has been applauded for diandian, senior architect, renren Java engineer. Guo Jie tell hunting cloud network, network books haven’t contact with the investors, the next is the financing demand, hope was raised for the 300-5 million.

the author mentioned before the accounting product there are a lot of room to grow, more and more similar products with market, the author thinks that, circle ledger’s advantage is its concise, interface and function, can give a good user experience. Guo Jie tell hunting cloud network, network books will continuously enrich function bring convenience to users, the author hope circles’ books in the abundant functions both concise and at the same time.

in addition, cloud network hunting after a reported similar projects, such as designed for personal financial management App customized college and designed for small enterprises.