Tattoo, you want to say goodbye temporarily use Apple Watch

from: tencent technology

on May 2, Apple has confirmed that, when a user wrist tattoos, Apple Watch smart watches when use may appear problem. At present, apple has technical support for the function of heart rate tracking page was updated.

apple said, permanent or temporary change of skin, tattoos, for example, will affect the performance of the heart rate sensor. Tattoo ink and patterns of use may cause the sensor cannot be induced to the light, make the read information is reliable.

in Reddit and Twitter website, Apple users Watch released some conflicting reports, and video. Some of them show that even if there is a tattoo, heart rate tracking function can still normal use. But others suggest that heart rate tracking function can’t read the information, or read the wrong information.

this problem may be largely affected the darker the tattoo area, the area such as black and red design.

if the user is unable to read the heart rate information, and also want to use the Apple Watch to track exercise effect, then Apple’s technical support documents suggest that users use a separate chest strap to track the heart rate with bluetooth connection.

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