“Take your outfit B to take you fly,” Martin jet flight package sale next year

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electric car single-wheel walking ushered in the spring, and by the authorities banned on the road, cloud network once trance the hunting “Martin jet pack” flight ever living space and development in China. Consider these, regardless of the professional edition first delivery next year, Martin listed surged in Australia this month 24, also let us see the light of the dream into reality.

Martin jet pack flight can be either vertical take-off and landing, also can fast forward. The jet pack 2.20 meters high, 2.14 meters wide, mission controllers stood 1.75 meters of space, and its weight is 120 kg. Is the arrangement of the power plant, the use of small volume V4 engine two-stroke engine, with a high power, high reliability, flat torsion torque curve characteristics, such as using the auto fuel and two-stroke engine oil, when filled with gasoline at an altitude of 1000 meters to 74 kilometers an hour 30 minutes of flight.

flying jet pack outside the framework made up of carbon fiber, the pilot sides have a joystick. Instead of using common propeller or the rotor, which is provided by double ducted fan lift, wide inlet duct, air outlet narrow, guided air high-speed through the blades are catheter encase, more security than exposed a propeller or rotor. And Martin jet flight package adopted with formula one racing cockpit, of the same type can be hit to protect the safety of the pilot, also equipped with a parachute ejection system, which ranks among the safest in the world today ultralight aircraft.

it is divided into two types, manned and unmanned, manned and divided into personal and professional editions. Professional version of the target customer is rapid response, rescue workers can like “iron man”, cross obstacle and difficulty and arrived at the scene. Personal edition is for personal leisure service. Unmanned version can be used for heavy transport, agriculture and aerial, etc. Martin company plans to fly in the first delivery next year pro jet pack to emergency department of customers, a single price is expected to more than $200000, no one version of the plan in the next year sale, sale personal version of the program in 2017.

the company brought together a number of technical and management elite, in addition to Glenn Martin, also include the chairman Jon mason and CEO Peter kirk and others. (mason was the chair of the New Zealand trade development council; Kirk was air force pilots). Product independence since the item has developed several prototypes, completed professional real flight test many times.

in contrast, the closest to the competitive products, I can only fly for 30 seconds, only a few kilograms weight. Martin jet flight bag is the disruptive technology, somewhat akin to just when the helicopter, but to helicopters and other vtol aircraft dust, small flying Martin jet pack to operate in narrow space, for example, in between buildings, or close to buildings and trees.

Martin, said Martin jet pack flight has gained New Zealand license of the civil aviation administration of manned and unmanned flight and aviation rules and New Zealand are similar in many countries, Martin jet flight package will make the necessary modification, to comply with the aviation rules, the development of the huge potential market. For further testing and display of the prototype is currently in the final design phase, the performance will be more reliable.

capital market also flight to Martin jet pack showed unexpected enthusiasm. Hunting cloud network understands, by the Hong Kong listed companies rev science holding New Zealand flying Martin jet pack light company this month 24, officially listed on the Australian stock exchange main board. Martin’s initial public offering (IPO) has raised a $27 million, to raise funds will be used in research and development, production and sales of flying Martin jet pack and the development of related products and services. The personage inside course of study points out, after entering the capital market, to speed up the ordinary consumers to enjoy the pace of this cutting-edge technology.

and consider the fear, the aircraft after the sale, also dare to use “take you take you fly B” this sentence, now may be freely, without any cost. Maybe by the end of next year will need you to spend more than one hundred ten thousand yuan of money buy ah, then can be more than just a kidney pain, all good.

this is Internet parody, coke jet aircraft. God is actually a net friend clip.

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