Taiwan independent news website critical comments won the million dollar level. A round of funding

on May 27, hunting cloud network

based in Taiwan independent News website critical comments (The News Lens, China can’t access) has received A round of funding. Specific financing amount has not been revealed, but the company told TechCrunch, raising between $1 million to $2 million.

this round of financing investors including North Base Media, 500 Startups, and Lionrock Capital, founder and chief executive harry Kumar (Hari Kumar), venture capitalists Herbert often (Herbert Chang) and angel investor Jim Wu (Jim Wu). North Base Media by the Washington post and the Wall Street journal editor Marcus cloth in the lodge (Marcus Brauchli) and Media Development Loan Fund founder sasha, wu xin Nick (Sasa Vucinic) founded a company, aims to support the Development of independent Media in emerging markets.

the funds will be used in the website version of iOS and android version of the application development, and develop overseas market. Critical reviews online, in 2013 to provide independent news analysis. In addition, the critical comment on web part in Hong Kong and southeast Asian countries also have business. Current site monthly unique users reached 5 million, nearly 1 million of them come from outside of Taiwan

key reviews published its own news and analysis report, both with the Wall Street journal, GQ magazine and Malaysia, and other media agencies, Malaysiakini publishing company signed content sharing agreement. Critical reviews mainly on mainland China Hong Kong branch of the original reports.

key reviews co-founder Joey Chung (Joey Chung), said the key comments network plans to launch the bilingual edition, hoping to eventually become one of the most global Chinese readership by news websites. Critical reviews of multimedia and mobile strategy is an important part of achieving this goal. In order to promote the brand influence and coverage, and the critical reviews shortly after its launch starts to make original video content, and a series of cooperation agreements, in Hong Kong and Taiwan’s shopping malls, taxis, buses, and convenience stores play video clips on the screen.

key review web site has been optimized specifically for mobile end, but the company also hopes to attract more readers with a new application. In addition, key reviews for some specific audience to tailor content, such as the second generation of immigrants like me, speak mandarin ability than the Chinese reading ability. The content includes its own video content, and many of its content audio narration.

joey chung said: “we don’t want to be a only focus on the Asia news site, but want to be a company that influence global coverage. At least before the end of the year, every time we will only take one small step forward, but if there is one platform from Asia, and can go global, so we want to be the platform.”


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