“Superstitious” but not confused, domestic mobile phone manufacturers of the ineffable

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don’t know is intentionally or unintentionally, domestic mobile phone manufacturers in recent years to the day of the choice at a phone conference is more and more exquisite. Held a press conference, a comparison stuff, unexpectedly is more auspicious day. For to an appropriate ‘opening, trading, vouchers, hanging tablets, medallion, in’ you every day, usually the frontier science and technology company always walk in the era of progress, more of a scramble for.

it’s not, last week in May met in such a rare good day. One day, there will be set three companies, contracting the early, middle and late of the day. Three games event, and all show avatar, sprinkle gold, crosstalk, show a pick a muscle; It’s really a happy, busy batman, dead tired. And similarly, in April, such GanTang has happened, millet choose to April 8, the day open section rice noodles, huawei, meizu followed suit, launch a section section and bee pollen. Have to say, is more and more “MiXinHua” from domestic manufacturers.

these manufacturer GanTang like to one day, to abandon the influential MiXinHua coincidence “zodiac”. Have more credibility and scientific explanation is: appears to be superstitious, but it is not confused, various GanTang to, so that I can on this day sniper, containing the opponent’s topic discussion and communication; And a force, topic discussion and communication to promote their products.

however, someone may ask, what’s the use of a topic to discuss and communication, then the adjacent ZhangJun tells you that subject degree represents the heat of the product, topic discussion and communication, is attention and solid product sales. For chestnuts, topic, millet, the little prince from a less known brand to become the present domestic the most well-known brands, in the magnificent transformation, spread around the topic of its side has played a vital role. For another chestnut – Letv, released its latest super phone (paranormal, Letv April 14 days, dear friend, interested can go and see ourselves), before and after the conference, by various media and denounced many netizens for several days; Was controversial and its “without borders” design ID, discuss more intense, and mass rush drew the manufacturer. This spectacle to Letv is extremely high degree of topic and the propagation force. Everybody also saw, on May 5, le apparent open super phone booking, after the first booking volume up to 2.63 million people, Letv declared its gen flagship phone booking record of the industry.

here, discussion on the topic with a major role in transmission has been evident, while the topic of how to undercut rivals, reduce the propagation force of rival products, don’t let it occupy the subject headlines all day? Domestic approach is simple, rough, direct and effective – dispersive media and consumer attention, full force. An open conference, I also open conference; You release new products, I will release new products. You invite some media, I also invite some media; Media of the specifications of the invitation is same, can’t play favorites, have spread to the topic of a general average. With each other, a recruit work.

follow up within one day, a small difference in brand cases, topic was spread to spread, and the public doesn’t revolve around a brand said. What is more, will be the release of products a comparison at the same time, take a look at who “sincerity”. If a young not careful, maybe can get a big cheap, improve their product subject degree and the propagation force.

yet. This is such a crazy conversation topic quantity competition, the drawing of the attention economy, scarce short consumers refraction is the inner product of self have deeply disturbed.

took three times in a row last week for a conference, lei jun and money, old Zhou Yan crosstalk, zte show muscles. However, each have their respective unaccountable.

lei jun in January release Note top version with the concept of millet machine finally landed in May, for consumers to have the opportunity to join again for booking. And uphold the “feedback consumers, lower price of high-end products” of “great faith”, the emperor millet mouth the android machine also allows 300 piece, from the initial price of 3299 back to 2999. Most said millet for conscience. But compare the present domestic huawei P8 and behind the convening of the conference of zte Nubia Z9 prices. It is easy to come to a conclusion that millet in high-end still hard to be confident, its core competitiveness is cost-effective. this for millet urgently want to enter the high-end market, it is not a good news, lei jun also may be in my heart. So would in the millet appreciation on the meeting, said again and again of millet Note top-of-the-line version spent much effort millet, much change, how its materials, its components cost price is more high, the designer how to “like a work of art, it is in the beautiful”, even at the transition consumption, the scientific evaluation bosses.

it is true that there is no denying the fact that millet Note can be said to be an evolutionary millet, its design from its praise highly “no design is the design of the best, is the design of the people is the best design” evolved to independent design a new stage of design is a good heart, for the consumer has brought the most beautiful a millet mobile phone. Its materials is enough, is rulin bin is summarized as “qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 plus LPDDR4 4 gb memory and 64 gb storage, fuselage 2 k sun screen, 3090 mah rechargeable batteries, pre – 4 million big rear camera SONY camera” 13 million. However, the development of the review of the present various flagship, the design is a great progress, Note is not more than millet, and the configuration is almost close color, and the others have more technical reserves. This for millet, the pressure is quite big. So, 2999, the refraction is lei jun millet in high-end still hard to be confident, its core competitiveness is cost-effective.

with millet, talk about zte, a former first of “the cool couplet” zte, over the years has a “great music sound, elephant invisible. The current of the cool, only huawei and lenovo, which can be repeatedly mentioned and zte, another friend had disappeared in the crowd.

zte is not without its efforts over the years, is not without thought, but ended in failure and the way of doing things, it create a brand of high-end smartphones Nubia (Nubian), has been taking pictures as a selling point, but it is important to note: Nubian on the photo is not the pursuit of ordinary sense of the word make a figure best scenery; But like to go to the film stars, star track, the Milky Way is tall. Result in Nubia phone slogan is “mobile phone” can shoot stars. But as an ordinary consumer, in the face of such a stunt sexual function, is happy to buy buy buy or ha ha a smile? Zte don’t know think no. Dislocation of zte, way of doing propaganda, let the consumer a famished.

and get rid of the above, the way of doing propaganda, zte has had to face a fact is: zte at this stage no one can let consumers look up to, or to remember the leader; Whereas its rival, huawei ren zhengfei, yu; Lenovo has Mr Liu, Mr Yang; Millet with lei jun, meizu have jack, misia. These people are known to everyone, but zte? Ordinary consumers is difficult to in time to list the names of their leaders, perhaps with zte “hidden” over the years, but the “hidden” obviously does not conform to the public taste.

back to zte Z9 released on May 6, the product, although its flagship “without borders” is still playing on the buy some video game, is not really a no borders. But the overall strength of Z9 is commendable, particularly Z9 honour enjoy, a number of science and technology, and each are bright patent technology. Zte’s show each muscle also highlights the established companies patent bottom of deep and transformation efficiency of the application. But Nubia Z9 whether as huawei Mate7 for zte set up high-end market popularity, lead the zte into high-end area, at present there are still unknown.

I have at the beginning of a summary article said: zte taps the stars, the Milky Way, promotional photos very cow force, but in fact is to use a lot of than the phone itself did not know how many times you do auxiliary will succeed. Stunt to stunt, whether it is in the context? Its the sense that gives a person is efforts always seem to be overblown, no down-to-earth do products. We do not deny that the Nubian on the photo has a certain originality. But more can’t criticize its context. Hope Nubian don’t mope about the film stars, after all, now the fog haze days too much. “

so zte now more should be done further completes the basic experience, strong patent, how to make similar products Z9, need to launch several more can let a person remember to lead the development of zte’s topic. For the film stars, film stars rail and even the Milky Way the icing on the cake, so do we have to do is a little, don’t take it as the home page, it was picked out sesame lost watermelon.

as for Lao zhou, I have been in this “cool add plugging, Lao zhou do dream” the article said, would not be in here again. Friend are interested, welcome to read again.

epilogue: in speaking some superstitious days, everyone rush, value is not this day, but in vying for influence, attention, spread the days; Squeeze the learned is already scarce short consumer attention economy; Refraction is the heart of self product have deeply disturbed. On May 6, this out, millet, 360, zte, each have each the ineffable bitter, also all the considerations. The war who won? Maybe they have won, we lose. And in the future, so one day GanTang domestic conference, may be more, science and technology media reporters, the ready!

now as an aside: all about millet, zte, due to the space, there is no detailed written, just pick out some brief things to write, if have the time and need to follow-up, I will write a more detailed interpretation, put forward his opinion, of course, more welcome readers, for this tall building code! In addition, also welcome readers pay attention to my sina weibo @ adjacent chapter

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