Such as financing, financing evening news: help maintain Snapchat financing for $650 million

On June 1,


awarded $4 million to help maintain a angel round, led by the onion fund, Infinity Venture Partners to vote. Hope that through the Internet to help maintain a + way to access to the industry, the car subsidy, cost is high to break the bottleneck, the formation of a virtuous cycle of the new situation.

theme making platform drive China 5 million yuan angel round, controlled by auditions pitch. “China” zijia, committed to making a product release and trade, introducing O2O mode travel network platform. Through the qualification licensing and function of the group of the Internet, can open “individual subject line” on the platform, as a “leader” to launch the original theme activities, such as photography, food, etc.

80 chamber of mobile game for angel rounds of financing, more than 10 million yuan by lenovo “fund”. The team four months to complete the final: sinners to escape “, became the first China signed with SONY’s gaming platform mobile games team.

Technology effort

$10 m financing, by jingdong and lenovo group, at the same time also with baidu, iQIYI, haier and other Internet giants and home appliance giant reached a depth of bundling and strategic cooperation. 2014 effort to lenovo and baidu science and technology, developed a smart technology products newifi new road.

community O2O platform “circle C” $16 million for A round of funding, capital investors for the blue lake. “Circle C” is based on LBS platform for the local life service, the user can through the mobile terminal or PC to locate all the nearest supermarket, now can provide fresh, business super heavy goods, etc. More than thirty thousand kinds of category.

image embedded advertising company picture $26 million C round of financing, make by Morgan Stanley, collar, NEA, Upfront Ventures such as ginseng. Picture was founded in 2007, through intelligent recognition image content, add for the picture corresponding to the suspension of advertising information. Recently, the picture is for video introduced screen embedded advertisement.

rent O2O “green guest apartment” $180 million B round and round led by saif Asia, such as new venture capital letter to vote. Green guest apartment rent the apartment is a face white-collar O2O platform, was founded in 2012, its model is online after the fine decoration of the “housing hosting + fashion + rent service life”.

social picture In company $300 million B round and led jointly by partners China and well-known investors Lin Lijun, thousands of joint ventures and the management the original jia and, cyberworks’ investment to vote. Is a focus on women’s images In social platform, through individual stickers, top fashion labels, filters, interest subject and rich functions such as the people around to help users to share and record the life intravenous drip.

Truweight focused by VC injection weight loss market

Truweight, from India, A focus on the cause of weight loss company, announced that from Kalaari Capital raised an undisclosed amount of A round of funding. Truweight based on each user’s bodily form, way of life, health problems and tend to get fat, provide customized nutrition program.

China stake in “micro”

China stake to RMB ($82.53 million) through the establishment of a limited partnership investment optimal shed 30% stake in science and technology, best give up science and technology is the mobile phone application software “sell” the only operating entity. “Sell” is based on the entire network of mobile social media electric business platform.

donkey mother back to jinjiang international group strategic investment 500 million yuan

the ass mother parent JingYu HongQingHua internally today announced that the company chairman get jin jiang international strategic investment of $500 million. In addition, it also revealed that in the next ten years, JingYu group will become a collection of resources control, channel and ground comprehensive service ability in the integration of O + O + O enterprise ecosystem.

preach Snapchat is raising $650 million

Snapchat is a highly popular with American teenagers users burn after reading social tools, on the commercial road made many effective attempt, so popular with investors. , according to CNBC, quoting insiders Snapchat is undergoing a $650 million in equity financing, valuation of $16 billion.