Such as financing, financing evening news: beauty director paid 45 million $360 overweight, cool

On May 26,


the door massage O2O magic magic of angel financing was one million yuan, the investor YunZhi investment of hangzhou. Magic magic use non-standard mode, platform technicians each have different massage technique and guest unit price, with technology more good chiropractors can charge more expensive for the standard, aimed at platform with an open attitude to serve the demand diversification of technicians and users.

procurement service one-stop platform wanshang collect for millions of angel round. Wanshang send claims of the world’s first B2Q e-commerce site, its content is divided into two major parts. The first plate for the traditional procurement plate, offering traditional release product information, online purchase transaction services. Technical services, the second plate for engineers to provide employment service engineers and technical personnel.

for tens of millions of creative led shine A round of funding, led by the starting point of venture capital, h&q Asia Pacific venture-capital firms. Lead creative fine provide image recognition is a function of the mobile Internet technology company, its core is through the application of image recognition technology, make consumer photograph commodity or pictures, can obtain information about goods and promote instant purchase.

aestheticism will $5 million Pre – A round of funding, capital investors for racing. Aestheticism will O2O platform firm serving the B side (stores), launched the “beautiful clouds”, “beautiful people”, “service angel” series of products, through the “cloud” as the “people” to provide services, the combination of “person” and “cloud” to “will”, “will” is based on a beautiful, healthy, harmonious ecosystem.

luxury curiosa of electricity net for 60 million yuan A round of financing, the investor to match fast deer equity investment fund management co., LTD., Shanghai macro tidal center and gene capital investment. Treasure net to take six months to a year in the future mobile side entrance, occupation of the user in the intelligent terminal for the first choice to buy luxury goods.

door-to-door beauty O2O beauty director won A $15 million round of funding, this round of funding will be mainly used for the background technology system upgrade and expand the market and the expansion and training beautician team. Is a mobile Internet based beauty director provides door-to-door beauty services O2O platform, the platform beautician are full-time employees.

qihoo 360 paid $45 million for its cool

cool group, according to the announcement will sell qihoo 360 subsidiaries wave-tech Time Coolpad E – Commerce issued share capital of 4.5%, the transaction amount is $45 million. After the completion of the deal, Tech Time with Coolpad E – Commerce equity will be increased to 49.5% from 45%, cool group’s equity will be reduced from 55% to 55%.

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