Struggle against “ripped off” : how do I overcome patent trolls

cloud network hunting note: do you know the well-known Patent Troll? You may say, it is not in “ice” the goblin Troll in natural and lovely. But, I want to say Patent Troll is referring to the notorious and deeds “Patent Troll”. Many enterprises of Patent Troll guts, but also can. Want to know how to break? And see how the author is zhi dou “patent troll”. In this paper, the author is Chris rob hulse (Chris Hulls), is a home network and communications services company – Life360 chief executive.

in my opinion, when I just graduated from elementary school, began to don’t like the troll bullying. I am the kind of person who disposition gentle but was a late bloomer, it was also because of this character let me in the process of growth is easy to be targeted, thus become the kneading “soft persimmon”. But everything there is a bottom line, I finally began to fight back, then no one dared ignore me, and, of course, now also is such.
As a founder of technology companies, but I met a new bullying his deeds – patent troll patent (patent trolls or cockroaches, patent troll, patent pirate, etc.). They are greedy and unscrupulous parasites, abuse of the legal system, actively launch a patent infringement lawsuit to take compensation, thus robbing others’ achievements, but never in the production of the patented product individual or company.

like a troll, most people consider patent trolls behavior is a serious problem, but they seldom people will fight, because compared to engage in a lawsuit, spend money to solve the problem of cost tend to be small.
In may last year, my company Life360 (a based on LBS location, locate a family that track each other via smartphones startup) financing $50 million, but in the same week, we have received a patent trolls attack.

it gave me the feeling like someone in the payday practical jokes with me, although we have encountered this kind of event before, but I decided that I would never do nothing. I realized that if you are their weakness, they repeatedly insult from you; You dare not face to face with patent trolls, means for them to put a dollar sign, you have been turned their “cash cow”.

in this case, we have received from the Advanced Ground Information Systems (hereinafter referred to as “AGIS”), the reason is that patent infringement – although they do not is a complete patent trolls company, but the behavior is very similar. When I was a thorough investigation into the company, and didn’t find much information about them. They in LinkedIn and no staff information online, but his company’s headquarters is located in Florida seaside mansion.
AGIS of patent is the answer: any company, as long as can display the location on the map symbol, or will be able to pass on a smartphone share positioning function connects a group of people, all possible infringement behavior.
As a result, they request to us is “payment or shut down,” and I replied:

dear “shit”,

now, we are discussing and look into the matter. So, before you give a deadline on Friday was unable to respond. With special legal research after the incident, we will reply in a timely manner.

I pray all pay attention to a karma tonight, and you are worth it.

although the words are very aggressive, but I mean have expression is clear enough. As expected, both of us soon appeared in the federal court. They proposed reconciliation, but I told them plainly, even I will not give a penny. So they had to spell out the patent portfolio are licensed to other startup companies use, otherwise, we will fight back, nullify their entire intellectual property portfolio.

in their opinion, I’m just talk big. But they are wrong. Just last week, the jury returned a verdict of all of us don’t have infringement lawsuit request. It is conceivable that they plot to patent trolls and failed.

in the process of struggle with patent trolls, I did three things beyond the traditional, but from my point of view, any a company suffered from patent trolls action can and should do so.

although I can’t make sure that you will win, but you must show your position: you are not interested in the settlement, and as far as possible let you patent trolls company, let them know that you are not fish lose your life.

“Nuclear” battle

The law firm like the troll hate most is being public disclosure of their nature. They think in order to make them hurry to leave, you will listen to the lawyer’s advice, silent darling pay cash. However, in the lawsuit, we didn’t let AGIS and their lawyers mark han NPC and Thomas makin, succeed. In the whole process of negotiations with them, we have been through the influential celebrities and the media to expose their role in the case, and this is actually received unexpected results.

share information and resources

in order to help other threatened AGIS company, we are even open source in the technology industry had won all of the prior art, and even to the other company is negotiating with AGIS provide free legal aid of nearly $25 million. We do this purpose, in order to attract the attention of people in this kind of thing, attaches great importance to the patent trolls no reasonable claim against us. At the same time we also sending a strong signal: if you initiate prosecution to us, we will not only maintain their own interests, still can let you more difficult to prosecute someone else.

follow, persist

it is a matter of right and wrong, if solved the problem, you can sleep. Always remember that you are in order to fight beliefs and principles, although it sounds a bit tacky, but when things a dilemma, this is especially important. I some advisors in the hope to reconciliation, so that you don’t have to in such a small cost idea, but I think they are short-sighted. If at first you are rejected, let patent trolls blood, so you can rest easy.

although win the head pay a high price, but the strong evidence to show that our toughness is extremely effective. Since AGIS filed lawsuit was accepted after we have received the notice of the other two compensation. However, when they saw that when we deal with AGIS extremely tough stance, after they were out of sight.

so above all, I want to warn me of partners, venture capitalists and other members of the tech industry, please you must not choose reconciliation. Please join the NewEgg li Cheng (Lee Cheng) and Findthebest Kevin O ‘connor (Kevin O ‘connor), patent trolls to loudly say “no”. As long as we work together to fight that plague our patent trolls, this problem will be solved easily.

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