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at present, the increasing popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices, mobile Internet and Internet seamless docking, became the latest traffic. As the important point of the mobile Internet terminals, wi-fi entrance operating hot, many large firms are also aimed at traffic entrance, with wi-fi operators reached a cooperation. “Little entertainment wi-fi” at the beginning of its establishment in the target market, positioning themselves based on cloud services to wi-fi entry operator, wi-fi portal to provide a full range of operation, management and value-added services.

small entertainment products & amp; Service: a small entertainment cloud platform — little entertainment smart devices – the client

in order to meet customer requirements under different scenarios, small entertainment cloud platform includes the following three product lines:

cloud billing – based on nearly two hundred million users, the payment and value-added service of head operation mode of services, such as factory dormitory, blue-collar apartment, house, etc;

cloud management, combined with the application scenario, wi-fi entrance and user account system, free wi-fi hotspots in management in the public service and scenario based on O2O value-added business services, such as merchants wi-fi, wi-fi Internet cafes, driving wi-fi, etc.;

cloud appreciation – based on wi-fi inlet flow, combined with the application scenario, provide accurate user marketing and value-added services.

hardware products, small entertainment wi-fi has own brand of intelligent equipment, including authentication gateway, billing gateway router and intelligence. As well as third-party wi-fi operator service function.

on the client side, small entertainment wi-fi provide service for construction, engines and output capacity. At the same time, the user experience is wi-fi online operation is important one annulus, at present, the small entertainment wi-fi products and services have been launched, in addition, small entertainment wi-fi as micro letter even wi-fi the first operators to reach a deep cooperation with micro letter.

combined with the current operating situation, small entertainment wi-fi COO wang lei to hunt cloud network, said: “began in 2013, the little entertainment wi-fi cloud services and solutions and network architecture, chengdu covered foxconn industrial zone, suzhou industrial park, shenzhen huangpu factory dormitories and other 13 cities and regions and rental housing; Chengdu best guest from home, mushroom apartment in Shanghai, hangzhou five famous white-collar apartment brands such as humble abode; Distributed in the six cities of more than 2800 Internet cafes; And chengdu, chongqing and other places more than 80 driving school. For more than 300000 users and corporate institutions to provide fast wi-fi operations of the safe, stable and reliable service. In August 2014 after launch small entertainment cloud value-added services, small entertainment traffic operation DAU users began to rapid growth and income. In November 2014 to launch a small entertainment cloud management service, wi-fi operating users began to rapid growth and income.”

in the industry earlier thering is no lack of wi-fi market competitors, regarding this, wang lei to hunt cloud network expressed his view that although wi-fi is doing, but our wi-fi is not the same, such as mai di, the key is to grab traffic, so it only take the traffic operation of advertising, grasped the strong wi-fi entrance, but the user commercial value is low, in addition to mai di just offline business model, exclusive buyout, the cooperation will cost pressure; Again, for example, brand influence is bigger in the ceng web APP “wi-fi master key”, it is the light of the Internet model, get the user’s speed, but with the large-scale development of wi-fi entry certification, ceng network mode user scale began to shrink. Compared with the two small entertainment wi-fi is rare in the domestic market of wi-fi and diverse commercial income cash mode has ability of the company, partners through a small entertainment wi-fi for flow operation, user operations, value-added operations, and through the payment system, help partners to create value.

wang lei convective cloud network said: next, “little entertainment wi-fi” will continue to promote commercial ability, create win-win partner ecosystem “is their strategic idea. Small entertainment team think O2O service development is the basis of the specific scenario, based on the Internet the entrance to the wi-fi scenarios will help more partners to create depth O2O commercial mode, the second, the Internet market is just need traffic demand, small entertainment alliance by integrating many segments of traffic entrance, via the Internet marketing services for partners to provide abundant value-added services and products and commercial cashability provides flow liquid, achieve win-win situation.

small entertainment wi-fi founders in the Internet industry for many years, founder and CEO Yu Xiaohui has started looking online, and a former shanda games, chief investment officer and Microsoft XBOX game, head of the incubator; PangJianFei co-founder and chief executive officer, is a serial entrepreneur, former founder of canned and amusement game.

it is understood that “little entertainment wi-fi” has won A round of financing, 30 million B are actively promote the financing plan.

project: a small entertainment wi-fi
Company: chengdu from dynamic infinite network technology co., LTD.

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