Strangers voice chatting, introduced social distance, emptiness is a big business

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in the lonely, can not to describe, a person is alone, a group of people is also lonely. So many social products are not filled with a strong social demand of the user’s heart.

micro letter gradually became professional social work van, devoted to devoted to gradually become unfamiliar social high LengFan, social product life cycle and rising power from the old users, it look younger users. So after when a product becomes popular, user bottleneck breakthrough will be a long time. But this is the right social product development rule.

recently, the voice of strangers nearby social products, the number of users is far from being enough. New functional groups after launch, team, said: now the daily maintain 100000 users of new growth.

Liu Jinlong tell hunting cloud network, now near cannot define themselves is the tide of social products, because the sound social new entrants are many, accompany me, orange hotline, cat call, Hello all have distinguishing feature each, etc. But we are proud that we have been constantly improving the system of recommendation algorithm. The correlation between higher people together. Including the analysis of user information, key words, state, etc. Match the people might be interested in. so social products eventually won’t be tokenistic gesture, if a solid no two brushes, alive to the explosive products, is a difficult one to cross the stage .

at present, the distance from the morphology of the products has been stabilized. User growth is the weight of the future. At the same time they improved in the new minor details. After the designer to add friends to each other through. This pattern of two-way friends did help to chain of precipitation, but actually practice found: new social product is not necessary to let the user relationship transition precipitation, because it is difficult to acquire the user’s freshness two strangers will be a stranger on the social product development for two acquaintances . If the relationship between the development of acquaintances precipitation carrier will be QQ, micro letter.

so more cases, new social products between the two social it is difficult to reach the level of social acquaintances, keep at arm’s length strange state is the best social status between friends . So strange product precipitation relationship chain preliminary need not too complex. Can focus on the he is a social connection. The new neighbors to add friends instead of the “attention” function. It’s more like a collection function. Want to contact at any time can be found at any time.

Liu Jinlong tell hunting cloud network, at present, next month to cover monthly for 1.06 million people, the monthly calls for more than ten million minutes. Than neighborhood, 24 years old the following users close to 6, 25 to 30 users more than 2.

so, even now, call social younger users still dare to accept things. Older users, download distance is seeking more, accept, more is unloaded. But there is no denying the fact that emptiness still is a big business, voice social products there will be a focus of financing a rush.

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