Stop the psychosexuality: 4 inch iPhone 6 c basic not possible!

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seems to have a year at this time, rumors about the next generation products will slowly come up to half a head. This year is no exception, recently, began to circulate online apple iPhone conference this autumn will launch three new products, in addition to the regular iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus upgrade, also can increase a plastic version of the iPhone and the iPhone 5 c – iPhone 6 c. And according to the information on the summary to see circulated on the Internet: the iPhone 6 c will still keep colorful body color, with 4 inches display screen, Touch the ID sensor, A8, gorilla glass and add NFC function. Mobile phone accessories distributor for the Future: Supplier also “inadvertently leaked out of the” two suspected the iPhone 6 c back cover images, and news from Taiwan in the supply chain is more clear, points out that the iPhone 6 c will be from Taiwan manufacturers Wistron (Wistron) OEM production, and the iPhone 6 c in the product price general pricing in the price between $400 and $500, making them more competitive.

time violently and to all sorts of rumors structure, the iPhone 6 c seems to have is assured. And some are using the iPhone 5 c friends have also asked me: “it is said that apple iPhone 6 c, you know? It is true? What do you think?” Here I think it is necessary to talk about my personal view of the rumors and at the same time as giving advice to my friends to a unified response and interpretation.

1. Apple can’t be in this year’s iPhone 6 c

for the following reasons:

a lot of people will launch for apple with the iPhone 5 s screen specification is consistent with the iPhone 6 c, the biggest reason is that the iPhone 5 s this a 4 inch screen size. They think that 4 inches is the best choice for the iPhone screen size. Because of 4 inches smaller screen with good one-handed operation experience and excellent easy portability (for a 5.5 -inch Plus), and the system running in more App design. When apple iPhone screen size of up to 4.7 or 5.5 inches, one-handed operation experience has ceased to exist, and because the apple’s iOS will return to the menu system of general design in the top left corner of the screen, this design let one-handed operation difficulty had trouble on the screen, screen, apparently, and the degree of the App design in poor. And according to the early, according to a survey data from MixPanel iPhone 6 sales ahead of the iPhone is Plus. This further proves the market enthusiasm for small screen products, many people also deduced if apple iPhone 4 inches of small screen 6 c, the conclusion of the demand is strong.

I don’t deny the about “small screen mobile phone iPhone has excellent one-handed operation experience, excellent portability and more harmonious system running in” is real. But does it can sustain if apple in the fall launch of the iPhone release 4 inches of the iPhone 6 c will succeed in the market hypothesis? I think that is not to be, there is is the demand of the small screen, but the demand is not the mainstream, already destined to be a thing of the past, the mainstream of the phone’s screen size requirements towards bigger already. And evolution in the direction of bigger faster and faster, with a 4.5 -inch screen now has been a small screen size, 5 inches has become mainstream, moreover has transcended the 6 inch screen straight to the plate boundary. Operation on one hand is the best size change again and again, from the era of Steve jobs 3.5 inches to the subsequent cook 4 inches that now 4.7-5 inches, visible one-handed operation this idea more just manufacturers in order to sell their products to defend yourself, it doesn’t matter its weight already. The user is more concerned on the screen can obtain a better visual experience, can get more information.

and several research data also showed that the development of the domestic mobile phone charm, according to IDC forecasts released in September 2014 showed that resemble supersized 2015 smartphone shipments will exceed 318 million, and according to consumer research center, according to data from the Internet as early as 2014, more than 4.5 inches of smartphones has occupied 80% of the market, and on consumer purchase intention of domestic mobile phone is also more love.

these results indicate that the mobile phone screen is the trend of The Times, is not reversible “. So even if apple, also can’t break it smartphone bigger trend, otherwise to apple’s current influence, also don’t have to be launched in 2014, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches of the iPhone. So, from this perspective, small screen smartphone recession is very serious, and the living space is very narrow. Apple to is in a serious recession and very narrow market to roll out a 4 inch iPhone 6 c? Obviously not.

2. The low price competition in the market?

to remove the above 4 inches small screen needs, many people think that apple will launch the iPhone in the autumn of the 6 c is another big reason for the iPhone in 6 c launch will help apple to compete for the market, to win more market share, dissolve the apple’s future growth concerns, I also worked in the apple “prosperous time crisis” : the pretty blind now, difficult to Ann’s future, “the article said:” with the 2015 in the first quarter earnings this record results, we see the iPhone sales to a record 74.468 million units, and up 70% of apple’s revenue. Needless to say, the importance of the iPhone But must want to challenge is apple as the industry into the bottleneck of innovation, the innovation of the apple on the iPhone is becoming more and more cannot satisfy the consumer expectations on him, and after repeated expectations, the south sky pillar of this kind of apple, and apple can continue to support this skyscraper in this round of domestic demand have huge continue standing after release. “

and the emergence of the iPhone 6 c, just let the market worries about the the iPhone follow-on sales growth to a certain extent the release of the iPhone 6 c for iPhone product line began to move to the mid-market, built for apple in the mid-market sales banner. And iPhone 6 c this autumn will pursuit (many users on iPhone5c used for apple, welcomes the colorful color, but the said with rumours of cheap price, this asymmetry caused iPhone5c this product does not succeed), in the inheritance iPhone5c colorful live wave beautiful airframe design change the iPhone 5 c will be the basis of pricing strategy, take the price between $400 and $500 in the end of the populist pricing.
In apple’s current market appeal, plus the such pricing, open a little imagination. Don’t say win in the end of the market, get more market share, it is clear the yu, include four sides also seems to have no what can’t be, it seems reasonable. But apple do so at this stage? Need to do this? I don’t think apple is at present stage can also do not need to do so.

if apple iPhone 6 c, can indeed make iPhone cover wider. But as is an expansion of product lines, which does not accord with the apple is used to route. Can be seen from the apple iPhone products throughout the ages, apple take a rather than rivals such as samsung to high-end models drive the low-end models sales, with a wave of products, complete coverage of a step-wise pricing model to capture market share and profit machine sea strategy opposite way; Apple is take the high-quality goods, and the price strategy of a single product line. Apple is high return, high profits, rather than market share. The truth proved that apple products high price strategy is very effective, a year with only one or two iPhone to grab the whole industry’s highest profit, let earn rich apple, and stand at the peak of the industry.

but from another perspective, it is apple item high-quality goods strategy, apple has created a brilliant today, set a high-end brand image for apple and cultivate the high brand loyalty by the user. Apple item high-quality goods strategy, update products a year. That apple can concentrate do great things, doing a fine job, make it have enough time and force to solve the problems existing in the new product research and development, have more available for allocation of resources and the integration of all these make their products compared to competing goods. And the rhythm of products a year update, make long-term focus on new products, strongly held the attention of the user, the user attention and not be dazzling take low-end products, and products are single, also reduces the consumer choice difficulty. All the above built today apple this brand high-end rocks, and make it to a certain extent, have a class, identity positioning of symbolism. And assuming that apple products that day really pricing populist, passing it the signal reaches the consumer terminal is apple populist or the brand washed-up, fall? Whether consumers and will like today the flock? Apple apple product prices low, will no doubt make high-end brand value decurrent, I’m afraid that is not the result of apple would like to see.

maybe you will say to me: the “Internet” thinking, everyone to earn money by hardware out of fashion, popular long tail. By big share and subsequent services provided to make a profit. But I want to say is, no matter what kind of thinking, the essences of its products will eventually return to profitability to the above, although now very popular “Internet thinking” the long tail. But so far, the long tail is still find more, see a few. Shout the most fierce domestic Internet thinking that a few, who are not rely on hardware to make money?

and on making money, hardware is a means of apple to make money, and in terms of the performance of the current iPhone, in high-end is clearly a coppi, say, will naturally earn more, also can obtain better profit margins, and assume that apple now has to develop a relatively low-end line, to a certain extent will no doubt be the officialdom. So, even if there is potential for future growth, from apple consistent product line strategy, brand attributes, and the capability of products make money comprehensive considerations, apple at this stage there is no need to launch the iPhone in the autumn 6 c this production lines.

3. Why talk so much?

the analysis above, a vague lists I personally think that apple does not launch the iPhone 6 c this product in the autumn of reason. And there is a lot of friend for a bit and asked me, you said these I also understand, actually must have a lot of people also know that, but seems to have so much on a board nailing rumors I had to believe he has three points really ah. Indeed, rumors lies in the power of the three into a tiger.

the rumours abound, I think this is the reason about information publicity, has been to get attention. Leader in the industry, any clues, trouble that will cause extensive discussions and communication in the industry and top product is topic constantly. Industry is focused on the future trend of the iPhone, which from another aspect expresses the hope apple can have greater aspirations, to squeeze the android dominated the mid-market, to a more populist price let consumers into the iOS ecosystem, but on the other hand also express the consumer worries about the future the iPhone to long-term foothold in the high-end. And this anxiety is one of the essential requirements of information transmission, universal attention, like the iPhone products, any move caused quite a commotion, and unrest is user traffic and traffic. What’s more, the rumors have a certain possibility, one thousand the rumours in the finally came true. Then is brought about by the first hairnet station position in the industry status of Dally over the rise. So, everyone don’t want to miss any time, even if some of these reports is wrong rumor is no exception. Our principle is to traffic, tube he, spell! Of course, I, this article also for visitors. (face)


the place on put together is narrated, the rumors of 4 inches cheap version of the iPhone 6 c, whether some consumers did not give up good one-handed operation experience dimension or so-called cheap version drive iPhone sales, to occupy more market share. From the present stage of market feedback, are established for apple, apple, although there is a future sales of concern, but in the current, apple still a fledgling in high-end market, have absolute power; And apple has forced (niao) (xing), it will not to the small number of reverse the trend towards people, and the struggle to launch a small screen on the iPhone 6 c (is not only an apple, any one company won’t do it); Don’t blindly to give up its pursuit of market share and high profit margins, let low-end products from officialdom, cannot give up support for market share more apple today high-end all properties of rocks. So at least at this stage, I don’t think apple will go this move. If apple really want to rely on this move to maintain its move on, then perhaps apple become a thing of the past time is not far away. Can really push apple continue to move forward in the future, only innovation, subversion. Where the seemingly board nailing various rumors, outside is the repetition of hype and dissemination of information, in order to gain attention.

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