Startups VarageSale seize loopholes replacing Craigslist second-hand trading authority

abstract: the network of second-hand trading is very the fire a topic in recent years. Craigslist, perhaps readers felt strange about the name, but it is America’s most popular second-hand trading site. Even if there is such a boss, or someone to bear; For various old defect of Craigslist, a start-up companies plan to head-on attack, challenge the authority of the bosses, its name is VarageSale.

every Sunday at four o ‘clock in the afternoon, about 300 vehicles on parking in Clearview mall in New Orleans. Owners is not the purpose of shopping, the move to swap second-hand clothing, furniture, and electronic products, they will use a named VarageSale application complete the transaction. “This activity is almost equivalent to my job now,” Hope Thibodeaux, a 32-year-old mother said so, and she is now with the identity of the volunteers helping organize a weekly meeting. Hope to use VarageSale constantly buy and sell baby clothes and other items, and she said trading income is enough to let her stay at home with his son.

VarageSale initially chose a very difficult business model, they are targeting the local electronic commerce, is determined to put the Craigslist down from the throne of e-commerce to drag. Craigslist, although only 30 employees, but the BBS has expanded to more than 700 cities of more than 70 countries, has a large number of goods a deal on the site. Most deals on Craigslist are free, and since the last century in the mid – ninety – s, Craig Newmark founded in San Francisco since the site, it seems nothing changed. It does not support sharing function of social networking sites, mobile version of the experience is very bad. Craigslist refused to respond to the question.

three years ago, at the beginning of the VarageSale founded, Tami Zuckerman’s Craigslist and Montreal local network market. At that time, Tami or a kindergarten teacher, her belly is pregnant with son Noah; To decorate the room for his son, she was busy at home. In this busy housework clearance, Tami accidental inspiration, let her make husband to help her develop a software application, so she used mobile phone sales in the home of sundry (security software maker Websense in 2009 acquired Tami husband anti-spam companies). “We just do for fun at first, never thought that the idea would later do big.” Tami also tells us that the name of the site is a virtual garage sale synthesis.

the application support Facebook account login, it also recruiting volunteer moderators to review new members. Members can be in any messages posted on the website, such as asking price, leave a message, bargaining or release purchasing information. VarageSale at that time was only a prototype, not buying online there is no online payment tool; So Mercier said that even if five hundred thousand users per month at least once a day to brush the page again, or only cash transactions in the parking lot. When my son was born a few months, the chaos caused by neonatal subsided; Mercier and his wife began to revaluation the value of the service, and then found the common growth trend of visitors. Mercier said: “when we realized that we set up a special project.”

in the past year, Mercier couples will this service has been generalized to all provinces in Canada and the 42 states of the United States. They move from Montreal to Toronto, because where there is a lot of software developers. In march, sequoia capital and the speed of light, throws the financing VarageSale totaled $34 million. Sequoia partner Bryan Schreier said. “very few people can think of this idea, even thought of before that no one has done, so it will be the network secondhand market in the world.”

there is a second-hand transaction application named OfferUp, style and VarageSale similar, but its main mobile terminal; At present, the Anderson horowitz fund has raised $60 million for it. Nextdoor founded in San Francisco is a neighborhood social applications, community residents use Nextdoor second-hand exchange discussion. Allegedly, website daily newly released 7 million second-hand trading post, 20% of the volume; Even the Facebook local groups have also been classified ads.

as long as Craigslist has remained free, also it is difficult to replace other similar VarageSale free applications. Mercier and Zuckerman said, they had to let the application method of making money, but is not the first. New Orleans Thibodeaux argues that, once VarageSale began to charge transaction fees, people will retreat from without. Thibodeaux value, more is the app can promote mutual trust between the neighborhood, the local market more prosperous. She also said that VarageSale more friendly than other sites, to use more at ease, so she won’t use again the Craigslist.