Startups Silversheet raised $2.9 million to build digital platform medical certificate

recently, the development of medical business company Silversheet striking. It not only received $2.9 million in seed funding, saying that will use the money to build the platform, the realization of digital and medical records of medical records of automation, in order to save management time.

today’s medical the perfect degree of the IT market is not optimistic, especially in the aspect of medical records and relevant paper document there are still many problems. However Silversheet did not completely solve these problems. Hospital’s bloated establishment and the execution efficiency low idle for a long time, often leading to medical records in the drawer and misplaced and loss situation happen from time to tome, so these institutions into cloud services is a major feat, but also to the requirement of platform is higher, comprehensive, simplicity, and confidentiality of patient privacy.

so Silversheet will fax and filing cabinets as its main rival. But obviously its competitors are not limited to this, because there are other companies focus on the field, their services to deal with the problem of medical records may be more effective.

, for example, according to the HIPAA act (health insurance portability and accountability act), the Box company use their Healthcare program introduced medical data cloud storage services. And medical TrueVault startups are also designed according to HIPAA own cloud medical data storage service. Silversheet service mainly through to the digital service of the doctors and medical institutions to provide health certificate, to a certain extent to solve the problem of excessive the paper document. But Box, TrueVault or other platforms also provide the same or even more comprehensive services.

this Silversheet think digital medical documents of the company’s sole focus is reasonable, medical institutions will face a catastrophic problem. Silversheet co-founder Miles Beckett also unfortunate death last year, Joan Rivers (the famous comedian, mouth, is famous for its comments star gossip and clothing), for example, to support his point of view. Rivers last year in Yorkville Endoscopy clinics do vocal minimally invasive surgery of the accidental deaths, the clinic has been closed. The survey found that the cause of the tragedy is the clinic does not update the medical records.

Beckett said: “I think killing Joan, not dereliction of duty behavior, but the ills of medical institutions. What’s more, it is not the case.”

the incident, Melissa Rivers (the daughter of the dead) accused Yorkville Endoscopy medical mismanagement, irresponsible, does not respect patients, rude behavior. It is understood that the dead don’t have the qualification of the surgeon, and the other doctors inside the room there is no timely notice of the vital signs gradually weak.

in addition to the perpetrators of indignation, also some medical record update way to innovation are put forward. Paper document not only delay the execution efficiency of the hospital, and may delay the patient.

so Silversheet believes he has done for medical IT market is valuable. Beckett said: “Silversheet cut from management oversight to the right of doctors and patients.”

, according to Beckett Silversheet service platform has more than 50 medical institutions in the United States for testing. The $2.9 million in seed money will be used in the platform to further improve, thus its popularized in the more medical institutions. This round of financing by the Upfront Ventures, and Rincon Venture Partners, SV Angel, missile Ventures, BAM Ventures, Cyan & amp; Scott Banister and other companies have to vote.


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