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note: cloud hunting job seekers can put your own personal data and once completed projects (usually in the open source platform lot code base) associated with Gradberry, then Gradberry will share the candidate write code quality pass, and recommend to the employer, which makes clear to evaluate the effect. Gradberry currently obtained YC incubators and other well-known venture capital firms, and a group of angels.

silicon valley really, really want to become an elite. Although enterprises and venture capital companies said many times, they have been hoping to recruit the best talent, or give the best choice for investment, has nothing to do with other factors. But due to the lack of diversity of science and technology industry, and “other factors” tend to play a role. According to Reuters, according to a recent analysis shows that those who receive a well-known venture-backed startups, found that in the technology industry for the success of people usually have “homogeneous background”.

so, what are these so-called “homogeneous background”? If use one word to sum up, it’s “spectrum” (said pop some relationship). According to Reuters, the founder of the vast majority of start-ups or worked as a high position in the big technology companies, or in circles have very good connections, or ever had a successful entrepreneurial experience, either from the top three universities (Massachusetts institute of technology, harvard and Stanford). Although say good ideas can overcome everything, but in fact, connections is still a very important factor, which mentioned “other factors”.

however, Iba Masood boldly, said he was not recognized in silicon valley circle of the “spectrum”, she is chief executive and co-founder of Gradberry company, the company has the backing of Y Combinator. In order to solve the problem of the elite in silicon valley, today they unveiled a artificial intelligence for science and technology employees recruitment product — — — — — – TARA (Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation: automated for the recruitment). TARA can help enterprises to recruit skilled staff of science and technology, then, is how to judge the applicant have any skills? This product has a very interesting assessment method, that is to analyze the applicant code written in the past.

“in the field of different people can very well — — — — — – in fact, this and the background has nothing to do, heroes do not ask the source,” said Masood.

Automation recruitment

in fact, there are a lot of job intermediary company, they all hope to be able to connect technology employees and employers, such as HackerRank, Hired, and LearnUp. Beansprock, the latter have spanned Media Lab at the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT Media Lab), also want to use artificial intelligence technology to simplify the tedious job experience.

job seekers can put your own personal data and once completed projects (usually in the open source platform lot code base) associated with Gradberry, then Gradberry will share the candidate write code quality pass. They will be syntax checking, ensure the error code is not running, at the same time also will check whether the code is stolen from other places. Gradberry will also see a candidate’s code for open source community (such as making) how much contribution, as well as their code in other open source community recognition.

in this process, Masood says Gradberry can filter out candidates of quality is very high. She cited an example, a 20-year-old programmers on the making of background information to her and her team are very impressive. “In his own field, the programmer can row to the top ten, he is Java, especially in the” Masood recalls, “but he has no experience.” TARA will pick out the programmer, and recommend to the game company Kamcord, soon to apply for a success.

in assessing a candidate’s code, Gradberry will give them advice, teach them how to make your resume looks better. Finally, Masood says, they will help improve their programming ability. At present, the Gradberry can according to the actual needs of the employer, tell them what kind of programming language of users now more fire, are helpful to find a job more.

for employers, they will receive a tailored to its list of candidates, the candidates have professional skills are what they need. Once the employer decided to hire some of these people, you can send Gradberry feedback, tell them entrants has the characteristics of what is, it will “training” Gradberry system to find a better job seekers next time. Once the candidates to succeed, then Gradberry will charge 5% of their first year salary for commission.

Measure success

through a series of measures to Masood and her company gradually began to grow. Gradberry recently received a seed round of investment, investors including YC incubators and other well-known venture capital firms, and a group of angels. On Masood recruitment platform has already in 255 companies, 379 open position, more than 3000 engineers on this site to find a job. If everything goes well, Masood says Gradberry will expand the business to other industries, such as sales and business development. As the company’s chief executive, Masood’s long-term vision is to build a mature applicant tracking system and provide service for employers.

but Masood and Gradberry company’s success is not achieved overnight, few people know Gradberry a struggle in recruitment field for three years, as a start-up company, this is not a short time. Moreover, before the formal launch TARA products, their products have experienced numerous versions of optimization.

for employers, their human resources staff a day often has to review hundreds of resumes, Masood says, she realized that technology can be used to change the traditional recruitment system in the technology industry. And in some ways, TARA this product has been proved that it is not a “guanxi” recruitment system, because of the above many engineers are not from the United States, nor even from an ivy league school.

Masood says, she was able to tell those who are not sincere applicants from universities, they can become very good. “Want to find a good job, you must have a good work motivation,” she said. Maybe it is for this purpose, she developed an artificial intelligence system to prove his point.

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