Startup subsidies need to be vigilant: see “firm” how money pit Uber

note: hunting cloud taxi application wars a key catalyst is crazy subsidies, but some drivers is eyeing idea try to show the subsidies, and a “firm”, nurse, division of labor. Following are reproduced WeChat public, “too” an article, detailed reveal the arbitrage.

author: JiaoLiSha

at 7 o ‘clock in the morning, Uber driver Zhang Jiekai his Honda accord to leave Beijing sixmilebridge home, “a needle” was tied to ChaoYangMenWai street. Uber knows, used car called the location of the page is a nail, can drag to change start, hence the name “pills”.

this is not a normal order, and help her, “view” circles call a nurse, which is professional brush single. “Sixmilebridge list is very less, not to live will plunge into a needle, when to call the car began to pick up a single high density area. Want to go home to plunge into a needle.” Said zhang jie, a view it is very common in the limousine driver.

in May, in the car market was criticized for soil and water disaffected Uber Uber use people to drops quickly launched a fierce counterattack. This week on May 4, 70 single driver, can income 7000 yuan. Just one week time, people’s Uber added more than three thousand private cars. Second week, subsidies strength declined, can connect full 80 single income 7000 yuan. But the highest peak in the morning and evening subsidies still is 3.5 times, other time twice as subsidies.

small guest choke refers to a calculate, a day after 11 ErChan to get high subsidies. And two or three times the subsidies are tempting. Brush list can rapidly increase the order quantity and can get high profits, Uber drivers have their own plan.

Uber order is the principle of single fastest the latest drivers, “the nurse” by dragging the pin to the driver’s side, increasing rob single successful probability, once other drivers take it doesn’t matter, to cancel the order again. This pair of black industry chain, the drivers, passengers and huge amounts of brush single mobile phone number.

“join Uber this more than ten days, I not idle all day.” Earning writes easily, zhang jie a face of meet. By living in a neighborhood neighbour, zhang jie met her “nurse”. Big strong charges $35 a needle on the driver, and roughly calculate an account to the reporter: morning rush from suburb to about 50 yuan international trade Uber fare (without the traffic), calculated according to three times as much as subsidies, driver revenue was 150 yuan, excluding pills for several fee cost 35 yuan and driver netted 100 yuan.

more oddly, some drivers basic don’t go out can also make money. Zhang jie said, “my neighbor is now almost not how to survive, they have a small group, several elder brothers in the wukesong zhuo exhibition set at 7 o ‘clock every morning, brush list and pull a small live with each other, this morning at eleven o ‘clock would collect home, netted more than three hundred yuan a day.”

before joining Uber, zhang jie is a car and a express, the driver is (still). At first, she step-by-step order of living, 8900 dollars per day water, deduct 20% gas and car service platform, netted five centuries. Zhang jie is not satisfied. Pull live when a chance encounter, zhang jie to know a express, “senior nurses” wang Ming. In fact, the encounter, has been arranged wang Ming “push”.

one afternoon, zhang jie in the ancient philosophers bay near the subway station received a “big”, destination suburb north subway station. Girl is on the way and zhang jie chatted all the way, is about to get off the bus, the girl caring asked zhang jie, return to the city, whether the is likely to put the empty. That’s what zhang jie to worry about. Girls try to recommend business, said a friend help “needle”. The girl’s mouth’s friend is her behind-the-scenes boss wang Ming.

the “view” is zhang jie’s early experience. In the next few days, zhang jie to test. But she found a express, payment days is too long. At that moment, hadn’t commission, the people of the high subsidies, monthly invoicing Uber, let her decision to abandon a express.

“the nurse,” wang Ming knew exactly what to expect in a express, subsidy policy, a view technology is quite skilled.

in order to prevent the people best step, drops quickly launched a express, and drops the express. Uber reward policy and the people, reward the highest peak in the morning and evening and night 3.5 times the fare, other times award twice. “As long as you tell me where is the starting point, want where to go.” Wang Ming can do it, the driver brush as much as they want to brush. His charge standard is that a single 45 yuan, 50 yuan a minimum order drivers can earn 50 yuan.

of course, the drops quickly for brush and resolute, warning, points, titles is not child’s play. Wang Ming has a very strong “anti reconnaissance capability”. Wang Ming, told reporters that his brush single use cell phone number, and equipment are disposable, that is only used once each ID. So far, he has hundreds of partners are all arrested. Is also benefited from the taxi software to new users crazy subsidies and vouchers, let wang Ming profits soared.

“view” is just wang Ming one of the means of profit. More scary is that wang Ming has a set of complete system of personnel, in this paper, we take a taxi to do on promotion is to push his personnel, wang Ming as a level agents, the task of developing secondary agent.

when the reporter wanted to end the conversation, wang Ming ask a reporter, “the agent you want to do?” The reporter’s curiosity was aroused, “how?” “Give me 18000 dollars, I teach you the system, not to receive money, you will never learn to learn how can I take a bus ride is what you want.” See a reporter a face of doubt, wang Ming said, “you can use to make money, nets more than one thousand dollars a day to play. You can take a taxi, brush single person, China auto control by you.” Let wang Ming’s proud of the brush list system, still can brush carpooling software, in short, as long as it is the first single has a favorable call software, can brush.

however, in the face of the reporter’s questions, wang Ming, stick to become after the agent can reveal more, wang Ming in Beijing currently has developed four or five “agent”. Answer to the reporter’s “hundred thousand whys”, wang Ming said impatiently, “why don’t you just don’t agent, after taking a taxi can look for me. I help you to save money.”

so arrogant brush behind single industry chain, is the loopholes of various software, although the taxi software company various ingenious methods, such as Uber back-end data detection, a express, using technology to realize the driver within one to two weeks almost impossible to connect the same passengers and so on. But while the priest climbs a post, the feet while the priest climbs a post, the devil.

actually wang Ming pills career was not all plain sailing, before that, he cost for 1 car users is profiteering, immediately into a 600 – yuan, 240 yuan charge into account but as the number one car version update, holes have been repaired. Wang Ming is very annoyed, less a “way”.