Start-ups in Asia, business consulting has become a good business door

cloud network hunting note: how hard the road of entrepreneurship, we all feel a consultancy to give an idea that’s very good for you. Asian markets in such a situation, the vigorous development of science and technology industry for the consulting industry has opened up a road to development. Now it is both in the Asian market was hot!

start-ups has always been closely watched “star” in the technology industry. Everybody is no stranger to the plot of this movie or novel, at the beginning of an entrepreneur in a dilapidated cabins, founded his own company, after thousands of difficult and obstacles, he eventually was a great success through their own efforts. This story is popular, because it reflects the startup itself, rather than those who support their risk investment company. Compared to ma wonderful speech, which may be a lot of people feel ma financing experience less attractive; But the reality is not so, it is like jack ma, the man of the hour, if there is no help and support from various aspects, legal institutions, investors and consultants, agents, supporters, etc.), he is also a very difficult to succeed.

in the technology sector, start-up consulting company is not a new category. Science and technology itself is a kind of very complicated things, if the technology applied to real life, this complexity is more obvious. The presence of the consultant is to assist entrepreneurs to reduce this complexity and solve them in this area is a “idiot” problem. Now Asia’s technology industry is booming, and the development trend of attracted a large number of consultants into the Asian market.

the word “consulting” in our lives is a very common word, also widely used, to some extent it has lost its original meaning. As we all know, consultants are those that rely on their own professional knowledge to others to provide opinions and Suggestions, and charge a fee. There are many kinds of consultancy, like accenture (the world’s largest management consulting, information technology and business process outsourcing multinational companies) such as an international big enterprise service of global consulting company, also has the entrepreneur is the only one, a consultancy. Consultants involved in the job scope is quite widespread, some consultants is to provide strategic advice for customers, and other consultants to advise on not only accompany with customers “to the battlefield.

now, we are more attention in the field of Internet up-and-coming professional consultant, they in e-commerce, payment, product development and operations of the company are playing a role. Our consultants in the industry is becoming more and more confused, some consultants also provides agency services, while some agencies like the company in operation, and even some investors also start consultants this line, in a word, the boundaries between various industries is not so clear now.

not all consultants will be best for the customer, because, after all, people have different, each team will have a black sheep in every flock. Some consultants will lean on do harm the interests of the company, they didn’t give enterprise some constructive and even wrong advice; Some consultants would like the enterprise for the high cost. But this doesn’t affect the survival of the fittest theory in the consulting industry fully reflect: ability, high efficiency and reasonable price of consultants can receive more business; On the contrary, those without to Germany, will only lion big openings will be eliminated.

consulting guide

the technology industry’s success was due to the exchange of the talent and the circulation of knowledge. Some successful entrepreneurs and technical director, it is now investors or consultants. Behind these two career, tend to be entrepreneurs and executives looking for another job when excessive profession. An entrepreneur, during his tenure to achieve the company’s economic soft landing (economy gradually transition), the acquisition also completed tasks, so before he entered under a new company, it will be like a consultant work.

with entrepreneurial ambition and entrepreneurship, but for those who are not willing to bear the risks of entrepreneurship, become a consultant became their good choice. But they do have a certain spirit of adventure, otherwise they will not give up his stable job and good treatment for next may become a Facebook or Google such consultants of start-ups, in exchange for their early. Such as VentureBeat consulting company’s next target customer is it (by amazon’s two former employees founded in 2007, India’s biggest e-commerce retailer).

Venturebean was established in 2007, start-up consulting firm in bangalore, now Anjana Vivek is Venturebean managers. Vivek was a certified public accountant, and now she is in for some start-ups finance and management consulting services. The company would risk investment and financing strategy, investment conditions and market valuation of the knowledge of the respect, start-up companies to open class on a regular basis. In addition, they also offer some advice on the business strategy and execution for the enterprise.

Viek said in an interview: “we cooperate with start-up at different stage of development, some enterprises just budding, and some enterprises has gradually began to pursue growth, and have been looking to buy. We will provide services according to the type and the development degree of the enterprise to charge, sometimes we will also accept the equity of enterprises. For those enterprises in the early stage of development, we will only charge some basic and will provide them with some of the business plan. Many highly we help companies say it’s a pleasure working with us, we help them complete the strategy formulation and market planning work, also help them develop a detailed development plan.”

Venturebeat customer type is varied, such as clean technology companies, for low-priced smartphone development technology companies and some large investment department of education enterprise.

now, the Indian start-ups consultancy, foreground is very good. But Venturebean growth, the development of this kind of company is not plain sailing, in the beginning of Venyurebean was born, they encountered numerous difficulties. Vivek said in an interview: “once upon a time, a lot of people believe that only provide consulting services for large enterprises can get considerable profits, such as we do start-up companies, consulting firms, is just a fool.”

but this-time-is-different, now there are more and more consulting firm after the start-up. Some of the consulting company is very powerful, and they are quite understand start-ups; Of course, there are some companies just follow the trend, basically do not hand in this industry. Some companies are involved in other areas like a duck to water the ranks, even some itself in terms of entrepreneurship at the beginning of doing fine consultant is here. This situation let entrepreneurs can choose their favorite consultants follow one’s inclinationsly, and consultants can choose their favorite work partner. Thus, between technology companies and consultants have entered a virtuous circle.

ray of southeast Asia

the risk investment industry of southeast Asia is not as developed in China and India. But with the rise of mobile devices in the southeast Asia market and more and more capital into the market, risk investment industry development prospect is quite optimistic. Like CyberSource established consulting agency, of course, already provide consulting services for southeast Asia market for some time; In recent years, the development of southeast Asia electric dealer market momentum to be reckoned with. Like alibaba, ex and Rocket Internet these deep-pocketed electricity giant, have set up their own business in southeast Asia; As a result, the southeast Asia became the future electricity industry could develop a huge potential market. With the continuous development of science and technology industry, it is bound to encourage the development of southeast Asia, a consultancy.

why the development of electronic commerce will lead to the development of consulting industry? This is because the electricity industry is a technology industry, which includes web development, logistics, inventory, goods delivery, application development, digital marketing and payment, etc., and these are just the tip of the iceberg, the content of the electricity industry is far more than that. Now electric dealer market operations in Asia, there are many uncertain factors, it is consultancy, has the necessity of its existence, they can play their own value.

southeast Asia electric business enterprise’s development is facing great opportunities and challenges. Those who seize opportunities, wealthy big companies take into the market; And the endurance, support was not the company will have to quit, to providing advice to other companies entering the electric dealer market. But most of the enterprise itself is just coming into the electricity industry are not lost (?), and they don’t know how to big show fist on electric dealer market; So it is conceivable that experienced the competent consulting company in southeast Asia is so popular.

in such an environment, a Thai aCommerce e-commerce logistics service suppliers arises at the historic moment. It is not only a e-commerce company, is also a consultancy, the company with its proprietary technology to make the customer can control the whole running status in the field of electricity. Are the company’s founder Paul Srivorakul, he would have is electricity industry entrepreneurs; In 2008, he formed a group called Ensogo. Now, aCommerce has attracted like The Body Shop, HP, and Kiehl ‘s such a big customer’s attention.

another and aCommerce Stridec similar mixed enterprise is Singapore. The company was founded in 2001, it provides customers with e-commerce, digital marketing, and business processing services; To provide consulting services to start-ups, also help its operations.

in addition to providing advice for electricity industry start-ups outside consultants, for the opinions of other enterprises to provide consultancy, also welcomed the development of their age. Alpha7 such as Singapore and CxO, the former has just raised $370000 in seed money, its target customers are some of the small and medium enterprises; The latter’s target customers are small and medium-sized start-up; Anyway, their customers is no industry.

Alpha7 Salesforce is a former founder of Singapore financial operations and vice President of strategic Lynette Seah.

in order to attract the attention of others, Alpha7 companies claiming to be a company “chief operating officer, service”, this is the another named “software services company”. But the company’s technology composition is how many, also indeed is unclear. Seah in an interview, did not divulge too much information related to company business. He just said, they will provide a technical platform for the enterprise, help enterprise gain automation technology, improve their speed of execution.

although they are for some small and medium-sized enterprise service, but some startups are really can not afford a Alpha7 such company. Alpha7 starting price is $1481/month, while the CxO customers are external funding support of the company. Start-up companies, though the fact is such, but it is not necessary to think so much ah, because not all start-ups depends on consulting company and the products into the market to find the new world. Unless you want to get JFDI and founders Institute’s attention, they can make people learn while creating your own products, is the equivalent of a one-to-one consultant.

people may have found the Asian market is much more complicated than other markets around the world, for some Asian technology companies, their political environment is like a field, can occur at any time “mine”, is likely to destroy their expansion plans of the company.

with all sorts of regulations formulated, regional differences in the levels of infrastructure is larger; And different areas of consumer behavior, enterprise have different degree of maturity; These will lead to the complexity of the Asian market is growing. This is more urgent that enterprises want to succeed in the Asian market, will need to find a good guide to help them determine their target audience, and formulate the correct development strategy. In general, than in silicon valley provides consulting business, consulting agencies in Asia can play more of its own value.

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