Start-up companies how to avoid the bureaucrats wind, look at the reality experience

Mike Curtis’s entire career has been allowed corporate bureaucracy. He owns in AltaVista, AOL, Yahoo and Facebook in the silicon valley giants such as rich work experience, now, in reality he served as vice President of engineering, become the most professional team in the high growth of pilot. With the technology giant enterprise in nearly 20 years of management experience, Curtis become a veteran in the fight against bureaucracy.

in fact, Curtis on a simple principle to build an effective team: the best way to fight inefficient bureaucracy is classic – the classic way to understand it, recruit to people, to create efficient working conditions. Through the practice of this truth, Curtis ride the world first-class team of engineers, team spending report and site, the stability of the company very satisfaction. To achieve these results, Curtis by reducing rules and not to make the rules.

with the conventional concept of bureaucracy is slightly different, Curtis gave bureaucracy of startup definition is as follows:

1: that impedes your business. 2: hindering your engineers who are broken.

for an organization, strange sometimes happens that, when to hire more people, and no corresponding rise in output. “As the growth of the size and complexity of an organization, individual work efficiency in reducing missing,” Curtis said. As the growth of the number of red tape and geometric level increasing.

why will appear this kind of circumstance? Curtis said: “I think this is our itself the way to deal with problems.” We born to approach with any questions – whether the server is down or in a social situation rude – is first ensure that doesn’t make the second time the same problem. In the process of management, more or less we will issued new regulations to avoid employees make mistakes. “When you were issued a new regulation? Obviously, this is the regulations must not be inconsistent with the current regulations.” With this in order to prevent the problem of net continued to expand. Soon, people are bound by various rules, lead to low efficiency.

to from the beginning of the company business tend to eliminate the bureaucracy, Curtis believe should take two practical strategies:

“first, you should have a good sense of team, because you need to trust them. After you pass a strong principle to make your team with good judgment.”

recruiting the right people to enrich team

is the premise of reducing rules, you must build a in the case of lack of rules can still make the right judgment of the team. Because, hiring the right people is very important.

in the hiring process, remember that the question, “this man will not as he faced the unknown inspired?”

no company can realize perfect, never. So when things started to go bad, you need to those who fell more yong – the one who is, won’t stop to complain, but to set out to solve the problem. Even if the selection and interview process is very difficult, can examine whether candidates into the company culture is very important.

a lot of enterprises and engineer team leaders are willing to find technological Daniel and sacrifices in other ways. Don’t do that. Curtis suggest they spent at least 45 minutes to the interviewer during the interview of culture and personality. The diversity of cultural background and ideas is the most important point in the process of growing company recruitment, so “culture adaptation” is to find people with professional ethics and agree with the company mission. If a man does not believe that the company will be successful, he certainly is not the right person.

in the reality, Curtis found according to the following four to do to reach the most effective information from the interview.

let them comfortable. 15 minutes before the interview, let the candidate to describe a they proud of project. The purpose of this part is the answer to motivate their factors – is a technical challenge, or with the communication between team members? Curtis said: “try to find the source of the vitality”

then, make them uncomfortable. it is important to the other side of the coin, you need to know your candidates to make what kind of reaction when they were not so excited. Ask them about the experiences of difficult moments or out of control. Curtis has used to cut into the questions: “describe a time you do not agree with the situation of the management, very what happened?” And “recall a time when you cut corners in order to catch delivery before the deadline and experience, how did you handle this?” The question is purely used to observe the reaction by the interviewer. Whether candidates began to blame others and then said, “that’s why I can’t finish my work, or that is why there is no future for the company?” Or they will start to talk about yourself is to understand other people’s point of view, how the problem is ultimately resolved through cooperation.”

standardized your results. to determine whether a candidate has the ability to solve a programming problems is one thing, to determine when a group of people is much more complicated. This is a more difficult job, but we can still apply some tips on it. Curtis said: “we pull all the candidates in one room and let them start to check a few packets at the same time, it can be objectively compared.” The most basic principle is, for candidates to determine objectively as possible.

note whether received interview training. if a candidate to the company’s internal language surprisingly familiar, they are likely to be trained before the interview. Either they or their first check a lot of information, communication and work in the company of someone, “Curtis said. This does not mean that one ticket veto, but said that you have to pay attention to not let yourself to do this.

use the first impression to judge

Under ideal state change

your cultural background will guarantee you hire to interview a group of diverse and can uphold the belief, you have a high professional ethics at the same time also can bring new ideas and perspectives of employees. Once they enter the door, and the second critical moment arrived, “newly hired engineers in the first week of work is the best window for you to establish expectations for them.” Curtis said. In the process of lead the engineer team, he found that in the career management process to do these things will bring huge returns in the future:

1. Remind the new members in their work with the best people. “I often talk of how many people have applied for their jobs, so they will know the road is full of competition, they are working with great people,” Curtis said. That in addition to the staff morale and excitement, a significant boost can also be effective let new employees have a sense of urgency, let them full of positive outlook for the future.

2. Emphasize the significance of the fast. in the reality, Curtis guidance for new engineers is to small prioritize. For those who used to do huge system engineering, this is a new world, but what is undeniable is that the staff has developed a kind of everything important concepts of perfectionism. Curtis for new employees say this: “to fix some simple code, make clear how the thing is, before he can do the big one.”

3. Let the perfect be a resource and not burdensome. let all people all know from the beginning of your target: some people would never certainty of absorbing energy. “I’ll tell them, the fact is that successful people are often see not perfect and power from the people.” Curtis said. At the same time, can’t ignore the pure cynicism and complaining won’t get positive response.

4. Restate your team values. these principles can be anything you think is right. Such as “action” or “point of strength, liberal mentality.” No matter what you think.

5. Welcome new members to join recruitment team. those who passed the interview team members to join you soon a new member in the process of the interview to interview. So make sure you know involved in recruiting new members of the team is also a vital part in their work. “You want them to like to write code recruitment seriously.”

6. Establish clear communication mechanism. open and transparent communication mechanism is the most powerful of bureaucracy, a nothing better than to tell your team they can communicate directly with the top is more important. Curtis said, “when some people think all the communication beyond the team needs to be done by their superior part, when you tell them they can directly find more senior managers, they know that the whole company communication is open and transparent.”

7. In the early days to complete a series of assessment and confirmation work. good habit always need early, so don’t was whether they entered the new engineer. Curtis found in one month and three months is the best opportunity to formal examination. “This is ultra-lightweight action. What we do is from the new engineer to collect some feedback on the people around you.”

your questions to the team members can be very direct, Curtis suggests: “how do they cope with unfamiliar code library?” Or, “what are the problems they encounter? How did they response?”

in text mode to share the feedback information. These will be the new engineers invaluable resources at the troubles. If you hear any voices of doubt, to respond immediately, find a chance to interview with the new members, tell him your expectations.

you want management team

relative to a job for more than a year, the new results of people tend to be more resilient.

managers recruitment and induction management, however, is another factor to consider. These people have positive every day the shape of your corporate culture. In reality, in order to ensure that the managers make good decision and raises a not common rules:

we have the conviction that every manager needs to begin at the bottom of their work. We believe that if a manager does not spend enough time in code library, can they won’t understand what the engineers become more efficient, and any obstacles in their work, Curtis.

it is no surprise that it is more difficult to let the managers of hiring, but Curtis invented a looking for the long term is most suited to lead the engineer team for the company of four step process.

set a forecast. halfway up recruitment process to tell the candidate they won’t get a ready-made team is simply a waste of everyone’s time. Curtis: “my first one and the same has a lot of the management experience and are willing to cooperate with us, when managers meet I bluntly told him he needs to start from the bottom.”

a programming interview. struggle for many years in the management of the managers tend to interview some surprise on the basis of this algorithm. Curtis commented, “those who already can not adapt to information engineering discipline of managers tend to be eliminated in this round, but it also means the last left are those who can make real contributions to the code library at the same time also can understand their engineer.”

try pairing. for programming the interview to be cut on the actual forecast. “If a person didn’t touch the code for five years, so they will surely very unfamiliar, certainly than just graduated college students,” Curtis said. Pairing can play a big help. “If their technology is not very good, and you believe they will become a good manager, then make a pair.” Cooperation through the candidate and the staff has a chance to show themselves, it will make them show the previous potential has not been found, let you can experience them displayed when programming with other engineers.

give the interviewer enough time. programming interview goal is to make managers have plenty of time to interact with code base, so don’t be impatient for success – in the company at the grass-roots level to do six months nearly enough. “Is the significance of the matter before participate in the management to give them a chance to make a real contribution.”