Star: “to move the car parking lot”, triggered by the owner social platform


the worst case, it is not stuck on the road, but is stuck in the parking lot, this sentence should be able to poke, a large number of people having a heart of the owner will leave a little car phone, but if after meet on loan company sweep the street people will receive all sorts of harassing phone calls, so Noah car phone is risky, and leave and cherish it. “Car star” entrepreneurial inspiration will come from this (may be stuck nu), the owner can be found through the license plate number corresponding owner, inform him to move the car fast, then, the car of founder Liu Yi found that human social demand than notice to move car to more strong, so the car of the car as a social attribute, social platform between building owners and owners .

so, the car of the characteristics of the core is owner only need to install the APP, and with their own license plate number binding, certification of registration, so that it can pass the license plate number to contact the owner. And star people near you can also search by car owners, add friends, also can create or join a group, group activities between owners. In addition, car star and overhead charge to an account of the extension and the violation of tool. but Liu Yi told cloud network, hunting car star people to move the original not be canceled, the future will be more based on the geographical position of social .

star car APP is hangzhou flute fo software co., LTD., its products, the company was established in 2005, the founder of Liu Yi. Company existing staff more than 100, the company main business for electronic commerce ERP – “shop steward,” star people are a company car in the direction of the mobile Internet to explore a new product, the current online nearly half a year’s time.

the current focus in the field of social practice of car products, the only known car star people, Plus two, both similarities, is in its infancy, maintain direct competitors or to the future cooperation are unknown . Another is car into social section, such as the home vertical apparently had no such products.

now car star has launched the member system, gradually opening up business model, and become a member, it will have some social privileges. Liu Yi tell hunting cloud network: later we will according to product development, expand the membership privileges, for example, when 020 automobile service market, vehicle star members enjoy free car washing, waxing such services free of charge.