Star hui: can walk while brush vertical fan community

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

star link is a vertical fan community, the polymerization of the entertainment industry’s latest product information, including: news, weibo, MV, star star shop, as well as the content such as hd gallery, fans can be released at the star summit of all stripes or discuss their favorite star’s latest information, to say the star hui is a fan. At present, the “star hui” mobile and PC products have been launched, after a year of operation, the accumulation of about 3 million users, live in 150000, the product is still in constant iteration.

as the founder and CEO, have fun doing it told hunting cloud network originated from our star remit to fans economy of digging, fan group has a very strong consumer demand and potential, compared to Japan and South Korea in the entertainment industry for fans of economic good handle and on the depth of fans of the value of mining, at present, China’s market value of fans are not fully reflected, as the maturity and development of the adjustment of the rhythm of the entertainment circle forms, this value will show up. Our partner has the depth of the entertainment industry background, at the same time, we expect to be able to change the way of entertainment industry simplification income and low income, promote the industry a new profit growth point, so we start in advance, the stars send this product.

on the user to control and have fun doing it to the hunting cloud network expounds their analysis: at present, our target users for the fans, the fans just should be mainly embodied in the following three aspects, the first is the content, the star centered acquired or provide all the content to others, such as entertainment and celebrity gossip, in order to ensure the content of the operation, we established a comprehensive star database. Followed by social, that is, based on common idol fans developed to the point of interest relationship, as a communication platform with tool attribute, star products core is to build mobile hui fan community, to make it suitable for the use of fragmentation. Finally is who, actions for fundamental purpose is to promote the star like play list, or fans economy based on public welfare undertakings, recently our organization to exo birthday for the purpose of public welfare activities, and got the positive response of exo fans.

have fun doing it convective cloud network said: “star hui” is defined as the fan community, in addition to this, hope it can be a professional fan management tool, is the brokerage firm between fans and management tools. After contact with the brokerage firm, we know that the brokerage firm and entertainers for fans and guide the management function is lacking, it is clear that star link provides a need for them, but lack of management tools. At present, “” star fans as a management tool, has been working with lee min-ho team to achieve.

have fun doing it that star remit subdivide the depth of the vertical and let it form differentiation with the similar products in the industry, such as star post bar, is neglected, the lack of operation, no content, directly led to the post bar no sentiment and fans lack of growth mechanism; Or micro star to the officer, and lack of top-down propaganda on management, insufficient and rich in content, and rice balls, love beans, etc., in fact, each mode is not perfect, no standard in the industry and community applications also need to operate and precipitation, some communities have very strong tool properties, like bean fruit food, big aunt, hot mama help, instrumental is at present we need to break through.

on the business model, star hui will introduce electric business model: circle of rice resources selling the currency system will be formed, from inside the star peripheral products and application the selling of the individualized product also can profit, at the same time, some have the creation to (such as video, painting, arts and crafts, etc.) of fans will be able to become a fan electricity; Will also introduce the advertising model: a personal butler can cover the contents of advertisements to each user, the application will also be laid flow within the larger advertising; Business cooperation is also an important part of: star hui will work with third party media or brokerage activities and the fans and the raise, recently, star remit is organizing collective fans to visit South Korea performing arts company, is one of cooperation way; Paid member function and the function will open in succession, including continue to need to pay to use whistles, and functionality of the members of the privilege mechanism, “” star, according to data has paid the will of the user accounts for about 55%.

it is reported, “” star angel round is complete, A round of funding are actively in the coming negotiation, at present, many entrepreneurial teams are more inclined to for project resources investment, growth of the” star hui “is no exception.