Star how all love to do “smartphones” dream recently?

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this week, crazy English head on weibo said: crazy phone endorsement by itself is available in the country. The news, on a large number of comments and speculation. And before that, the stars to do mobile phone is not new. We can’t help but want to ask, why do so many stars all want to be your mobile phone?

each star phone dream

in 2012, the godfather of rock, cui jian, announced that it will launch have their own custom “bones” blue cell phone. And the only conference held to 13 years. It costs 3988 yuan of the mobile phone is a high price. Mobile phone with Android 4.0 system, 4.7 -inch Gao Qingbing, 2500 mah battery, carry 8 million camera. On the phone itself is highlighted the cui jian’s personal style, also the built-in cui jian App, including cui jian music, cui jian albums and cui jian video, etc. But due to reach a fairly small, mobile phone sales.

blue bones

in 2013, jay Chou investment, a custom called “uGate” mobile phone. UGate U1 price 2999 yuan, has a 6.5 -inch FHD full hd IPS screen, carrying quad-core processors, running the Android 4.2 operating system. On the back of the bottom is equipped with Micro – USB interface, speakers and a stylus. The 3.5 mm audio output hole set on the top of the phone. With a built-in series of jay Chou’s wallpaper, songs, and themes. But poor sales, have withdrawn from the business circle.


in November 2013, heptyl phone conference, han geng also released its own customized mobile phones. Heptyl phone picked up five inches 1080 Gao Qingbing and 13 million rear camera, as well as 5 million front-facing camera, equipped with mediatek MT6589T quad-core faster 1.5 GHz processor. Heptyl phone built-in han geng four big exclusive APP software, the system has also carried on the optimization of han geng custom roms. This phone costs 2780 yuan, amazon was snapped up. But then slowly fade out the line of sight of people, too.

heptyl phone

similarly, sister lotus also start their phones. This kind of mobile phone models for GO N1, equipped with 5 inch full 1080 p hd screens, with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processors, built-in PowerVR SGX544MP GPU, with 2 gb of memory and 32 gb of storage space. In addition it also provides a rear 13 million pixels and 8 million pixels front-facing camera, the battery capacity is 2500 mah, run Android 4.2 system. This green orange custom phone costs 1949 yuan, but in the end is.


in 2014, comedian on weibo also claims to mobile phone business has had the substantive progress.

and recent li Yang’s crazy. Said li Yang, the mobile phone “crazy” is expected to soon be listed, priced at 699 yuan, unlike other smart phones can be installed App, this kind of mobile phone are the selling points of English learning and 4 months longer standby time. But the message is drew one out.

the same example, there are a lot of shui mu nian hua, Mr Wang, and so on.

what moving star phone?

from hardware point of view, star phone hardware configuration belongs to in the end, with price also belong to medium pricing strategy. And samsung Android flagship device does not have configuration advantages. Stars are on the phone’s hardware, however, in the “pictures”, “screen” both reached the level of “flagship” (parameters) at least. On the appearance and material, the accumulation of star phone also because there is no big players, basic is somewhere between “between pass and fail”. In a nutshell, star phone on hardware index, no outstanding competitive advantages.

in the aspect of software, star phone choose to pick up the latest Android customization system. Star phone system customization, however, is more “extreme”, in addition to the built-in star exclusive application, has also made special optimization, some star phone mainly for fans to make track for a star in the heart. Especially the han geng’s mobile phone brand, launched a more app, can directly understand the star’s current dynamic.

in propaganda, star phone based on star personal popularity, on weibo or directly open conference to promote their own mobile phone to become their main propaganda means. What’s interesting is, the farther then, star manner of cell phone is more and more big, even by netizens and hype spirit seems to be inherited the former “guns”.

and in the mode of production, the most selection and second-rate star mobile phone manufacturers to join their own custom or just stick a card machine directly. Star personal participation is not high, in addition to cui jian blue bones, later star phones are basically “hang a name”.

why each star have trip to a trip to the muddy water?

star interested in science and technology is not surprising, foreign ashton kutcher has become one of the stars of the silicon valley’s most successful investors; Domestic once “swallow” zhao wei, also has become an ali pictures, the second largest shareholder. Star enthusiasm for hardware is also very high, foreign many star launched custom headphones, etc. Products. In this regard, star text originally also understandable. But we still feel curious, why in the past two years, so many stars are on the phone the startup project.

from the surface, the stars do mobile phones, is also hoping to make money. These phones are priced at 2000-3000 yuan, belong to the smart phones, because most of them adopt OEM, stars in the word, should be able to easily. Take phone “g”, and millet 2 configuration, is more expensive than the latter more than 1000 pieces. The chance of making money peripheral manufacturers don’t want to let go. So, a seemingly can be a win-win situation is reached between the star and manufacturers.

however, deeper remember reason, but also in the stars want to preempt the smartphone the hottest mobile Internet portal, grow their own fans. Theory of smartphones entrance is needless to say. Due to the younger generation from the Internet to the mobile Internet gradually, from desktop to palm, star wants to cultivate his fans through the Internet media, and the corresponding to make the transfer. Create star mobile phone, it can be said that from the most fundamental way, firmly grasp their own fans.

is a abacus is played very well, and can be thought very plump, reality is very skinny. So far, star phones are basically a whimper, market is not so good.

the cause of the star mobile phones can’t become a star

now, before the stars of the mobile dream wasn’t basically. The reason has a lot of, to fly, also the prince hunting cloud network editor is being second-guessed, pick up the core point.

star phone or on a glance whether in configuration, basically the same with the big companies hand have no competitive advantage. It can make people full of fantasy, is the main enamoured of stars loyal fans. This is a niche market, we can’t and samsung or millet mobile phone at the same level. The star of the “planners” also know this. But if you can hold these fans to make the fans willing to pay to buy, also can bring good for star mobile phone sales.

however, with only a star that custom wallpaper and application, whether can impress fans? Facts have proven that basically there is no such possibility.

the custom application star phone or simple a few ming-xing zhang photo wallpaper, these are the conditions of “non-essential”. Han geng fans, may is brushed his weibo, and search for any gossip about him. Make track for a star has the purpose of through the Internet and other social media, why spend 2000 dollars, buy a mobile phone, to do it? Say simply, fans of star phone main economic, but did not provide critical fans an absolute purchase reason he can’t refuse.

hardware deep water, the stars, please carefully

hardware manufacturing and development of a software or application there is a huge difference. Both appearance design, and the coordination of supply chain relationship, is not easy to achieve. This, access to the phone “most feelings” title of the hammer should have experience greatly. Star mobile phones also, and the price is not cheap, so it must be guaranteed in quality. And star OEM mobile phone a large part of the adopted (and what is not big), can see whether can move pays attention to individuation, the younger generation of the fashion.

as the domestic intelligence market saturation, star phone want with thin fans economy to realize the dream of “make a ticket”, more and more difficult to achieve. In short, a not carefully considered selling price, capacity, channels, innovative mobile phone in the high pressure in the mobile phone market is very difficult to survive.

in fact, with persistent staring at the phone, not as good as those star custom application split from the mobile phone, on the app store, for the fans to download. I think, even if is to allow the user to take a few dollars to buy, they are willing to get on the application of jay’s photo wallpaper. Although not killer app, but in the minds of fans to “make track for a star and cost balance”.

in the end, said li Yang’s crazy again. It is said that the cargo price 699 yuan, unlike other smartphone can be installed App, this kind of mobile phone are the selling points of English learning and 4 months longer standby time. Maybe immortalized the critical incident in the home, still can to li Yang “infatuation does not change,” but it takes a red rice (and a lot of play in android One introduction) of the price to buy a “learning English”, it was enough to have feelings. Might Mr Li Yang and gree Dong Dajie are all the same, thinking still stay in the ninety s, think on the cell phone to take photos, can play snake, can even hit the walnut, can attract young people.

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