Spray spray: atypical chat social App, belongs to the communication after 90, 00

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communication tools has been in constant innovation, development history can be simply summed up as the envelope – cables – phone – mobile phone text messages – micro letter – Snapchat several stages. It shows that social software information transmission speed and the use of more and more fast; Content consists of text – image – voice, video and other forms, more and more natural; Show form focus on the words and expressions express express and scene, more and more interesting.

and it is based on the characteristics of the new type of IM extension. Spray spray is an atypical chat social App, target population after 90, 00, breakthrough products answer list, chat, the message flow, the traditional IM element such as input box, the user experience is simple, rapid and rough, can chat barrage, spray, shake shake, but also can’t chat records, screenshots, more wayward is not typing can also chat very happy.

founder spray spray Xu Qingmu hunting cloud network interview said that “jet spray in the form of communication efficiency, chat and information privacy has carried on the innovation, based on the geographic location of the topic, you can will review the forms of communication, real-time communication directly into discussion groups.”

from the author’s experience, spray spray IM design simple and comfortable, the first characteristic is information faster. Chat is not restricted by the friends list, information and user sentiment synchronization, a little hair, language expression will no longer be tedious operation of resistance; Second, spray spray show enough privacy information. Spray after burn, no chat, users will be able to speak freely, don’t have to worry about privacy by others see; There are a few interesting as form. In spray spray can realize social mood, topic group chat, willful destruction and free expression, allows users to chat with reading, user interaction is more interesting.

now, spray spray only stay in the aspect of communication tools, make innovations in different social forms. Chat App is similar to that of the jet spray, of course, a lot, such as domestic Blink, bju international, a second, foreign Snapchat, yukio okamoto, and Taptalk. Compared with general IM (e.g., micro letter, QQ), spray jet carrying less new information, information transmission speed, more privacy, for foreign emerging IM (e.g., Snapchat, Taptalk, Blink), products lack enough localization by other expression means. Spray and spray with quick, easy, fun and free expression, form a daily chat, private talks, congregated poking fun at social scene, forming a chain of social relations after 90, 00.

but there is no denying the fact that the whole social App homogeneity serious environment, social market is nearly monopolized by micro letter, QQ, coupled with rising star devoted to stranger, secret, no secret, etc., under the social market situation, how can spray spray stand out, and how to grab the first user?

the Xu Qingmu convective cloud network explains, “spray spray target users locate people after 90, 00. Because this part of the group were not existing IM APP/WeChat (QQ) locked; Spend more time social, chat; The pursuit of novelty, cool and free.” Spray on the promotion strategy, spray on the offline promotion, in the form of recruitment campus ambassador, online with 00, 90 commonly used media network after promotion. Xu Qingmu believe that stranger stranger also rise under the QQ, micro letter, through the social form of innovation to form a new force, he also is full of confidence about the future of the jet spray.

founder Xu Qingmu, deep research and development of convincing executives, 10 years, no. 31 employees (existing) more than 2000 people, set up business for 13 years. The spray spray IOS version has been launched, the android version will be launched in the near future, team is seeking angel round. Xu Qingmu last mentioned that “at present, spray spray is just a communication tool, the next step will be to chat object extension (random stranger, more subject group); Chat content extension (GIF, expression, heart rate, temperature); Information and IM (introduce the content, provide barrage way to communicate) three direction extension, eventually form a social ecological system.”