Spirit’s why blue note2 straight down 200 yuan, meizu hawking day cat magic box sneaked away ali this legs


before being influenced by blue note2 because demanding details, may miss the meizu technology of launch on June 2, hunting cloud network for meizu fuck broken heart. Until today to see “spirit blue note2” new smartphones, again heard price 799 yuan, only to find that is misplaced, harms the meizu saved surprise waiting for you. Just mess into cat magic box “day” to hunt cloud network has a kind of illusion of through alibaba conference, even claims to be the meizu page, also always feel abrupt, on second thought, isn’t that what the cause of the spirit’s blue note2 straight down 200, completely is for “spirit” to “in”.

straight down 200 yuan, the quality will be a eighty percent discount?

the meizu technology “li bai” combination on the stage, detailing the spirit’s blue note2. Hunting cloud network decided to reverse the order, first of all, as the most concerned about the price of the problem: public version/mobile customised version/unicom customised version, version have 16 gb/32 gb capacity, price respectively is 799 yuan per 999 yuan; Telecom version with 16 gb version, sells for 799 yuan. Single card slot double Nano – SIM screens, main screens also reusable compatible microSD memory card.


change is larger to incarnate the blue note2 adopt new waist round button design language mBack physical Home button, periphery reinforcing ring wrapped in metal grey color aluminum alloy buttons, but also for mBack design a new interactive: light touch namely return, press the back to the Home screen. As for how, after receiving the testing machine, such as hunting cloud network report it in detail. In addition it is consistent with the iPhone 5 c polycarbonate material, integration of forming the fuselage, magnesium aluminum alloy frame, have white, blue, grey and pink 4 kinds of color.


Full HD 1080 p

5.5 inch screen, the GFF laminating technology, the main or samsung 13 million pixels CMOS camera flash, 5 million pixels front-facing camera, double color temperature, tie-in new upgrade FotoNation intelligent algorithm, beautiful skin lightening performed by the system automatically.

the charm note2 is a new generation of 64 – bit processors MT6753 (slightly weaker than the former generation of mediatek MT6752), eight core A53 architecture, main frequency up to 1.3 GHz, and can be used according to actual scene intelligent flexible deployment. Graphics processor as the three core 64 Mali T720, supplemented by 2 gb memory allows more rapid data processing, video playback screen smooth and fluent.


spirit’s blue note2 adopt new Flyme 4.5 system, combined with a new generation of 64 – bit processors to maximize the release of the Android 5.0 kernel of outstanding features, with more advanced memory control mechanism and the battery (3100 mah) range control.


contrast incarnate the blue note, prices decreased 200 yuan, one hundred yuan more than the spirit’s blue only money, but the configuration is influenced by blue note is have no drop. Will cause the price of one thousand yuan of machine market further shuffling aside, hunting cloud network have a doubt, his six months ago some products will squeeze on this issue, at least now see introduced all kinds of promotion, sales and purchasing power relations to smartphone shipments in the entire industry’s big background, the situation is not optimistic. At the same time, from another perspective, spirit’s blue note2 listed capacity early may, as always, nervous, meiyou at this time of the spirit’s blue note, presumably also is right choice, and spot package mail oh, kiss.

the icing on the cake or the day of the gild the lily cat magic box meizu page

to make a brief introduction of the first Tmall magic box meizu’s page, it USES the SABIC polycarbonate material, all black spray grind arenaceous processing, carrying mediatek MT8685 quad-core CPU, Mali – 450 MP4 dual-core GPU, processing performance, video decoding you know. Cooperate with 1 gb of memory, 4 gb flash memory, high-speed, comparing what is certain is high definition video, big game, a small case. Ali entertainment empire tall figure, so content richness also need not worry about it.

in addition, Tmall magic box meizu page has access to the meizu Lifekit suite, mobile phone can complete all operations. Ali investment meizu, everyone knows by heart, deep said that building ecological intelligent hardware, in simple terms is the TV screen and can be a small mobile phone screen each other. In the future, Flyme video will be connected with day cat box resources, seamless experience you know. From this point, for both sides is the icing on the cake.

day cat magic box meizu page sells for 199 yuan, is listed on June 12. Buy with meizu phone can reduce 100 yuan, 99 yuan.

spirit’s blue note2 this website officially opened online shops, jingdong mall, is also on June 12. More booking information accessible:; .

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