Speed and WiFi: create a “L2O” model with WiFi on the store’s cool

Wen/xiao-wei Yang

speed with WIFI is a for businesses and individuals to provide free WIFI service, store WIFI set up, and merchants alliance promotion tools application, originally called contact WIFI, active and changed its name to speed and WIFI.

speed plus WiFi is chengdu higgs network technology company’s products, the company is the main direction of the do outsourcing project for large enterprise customers, but the first two years hit of the outsourcing market, at the same time, the team aware of the value of the WiFi market, in 2014 began to transition, making their products – speed and WiFi.

Li Yongyin tell hunting cloud network founder and WiFi, WiFi is a large market and domestic WiFi products mainly have three business model, the first is through the broadband router will computer into a WiFi hotspot, the second is to be carrier networks, the operator network realized, and the third is the user of a contact, is like a master key that can unlock password, let the user without password to connect WiFi C end products.

in this case, the speed and WiFi how out of a innovation road? Speed and WiFi puts forward the concept of “L2O”, namely, the location to online, the local merchants information, through the platform of speed and WiFi to online.

for merchants, they can by fast WiFi SaaS end, free of charge in the platform, open a WiFi shops of their own. Pay the corresponding cost, can be able to promote their own stores on the platform advertising. At the same time, the WiFi owner can undertake around cross integrated marketing, for a fee, will promote the rival shops near to own WiFi shop, can not only promote the information, also can make money. This is the speed and WiFi merchants alliance promotion concept is put forward.

for individual users, how to quickly and stably free WiFi connection safety is their main demand. All open stores on speed and WiFi merchants are through strict authentication, guarantee the security of wi-fi, users can quickly add WiFi phone APP directly connected to WiFi, acceleration and get WiFi support.

founder Li Yongyin thinks, walking speed and WiFi is a never someone pass road, pattern innovation, enough on the WiFi market at present is not the same pattern of competitors. Whether for businesses or individuals, the speed and WiFi simple and convenient operation and use, the function is all ready, merchants can choose directly by SaaS end want, within their own WiFi shops in game options, such as to improve the user experience.

cloud network hunting, speed and WiFi products have been officially launched in early may, there are nearly thousand merchants cooperation and more than three thousand individual users, currently has launched an angel round financing plan.