Southeast Asia’s most popular children’s portal application KidsWorld acquisition, tencent has investment

cloud network hunting note: from samsung employees to Bluepin boss, Jung Soo Kim writing their own myth. Bluepin KidsWorld occupied Asian mobile application market, become the application portal of children’s education, and now Jung Soo Kim have to do is let KidsWorld rush out Asia, towards the United States, to the world.

how can you develop applications with east Asia sales of samsung Galaxy in each series of mobile phone? The answer is simple, is the first thing you have to work on a samsung ten years.

maybe this answer sounds a bit ridiculous, but for Bluepin founder and chief executive of Jung Soo Kim, indeed. Kim said in an interview: “as an employee, it can establish the internal relationship with the company is really very lucky. I know samsung, operation procedure, but also have a good friendship with many of the company’s key figures, and it is these resources let me benefit during startup, because for a new entrepreneurs, with these resources is beyond imagination.”

Bluepin KidsWorld flagship application as a portal application related to children’s education, there is not only suitable for children to read e-books, and riddle let children guess. The application has more than 12000 unique content of the project, the content is provided by more than 100 providers, between the provider has also established a profit sharing model. Some of the content of the project is provided by his own provider, mostly related to its culture; Content except from South Korea, Japan and China is also the content of the project main source.

as we all know, apply a pre-installed in the mobile phone has been virtually help expand the market share of the application, such as KidsWorld, it has the world’s largest mobile phone market, the mobile phone market in east Asia for his backing! Kim said in an interview: “samsung has 9000 stores in China, including 5000 phones have KidsWorld in-store promotion products.” Bluepin contact samsung also is such, not only Bluepin also manages all samsung electronic learning related services.

the first ten years working in samsung, Kim thought of a good idea, but given that a big companies such as samsung will not fit the idea into reality, he is at great risk of investment in 2009 set up his own company, namely Bluepin.

“just start a business, there are many small publishers may be my potential competitors, but later along with market competition intensifying, the company’s marketing budget is limited, we were forced to set up a partnership.” Kim said in an interview. But at that time, their creative content is still very competitive; Kim first established its own application portal model, namely the model will they gathered together; In other words, they were attracted KidsWorld platform.

according to Kim, an interactive audio books cost to children as much as $30000. “We have developed a product, it can greatly reduce development costs, reduce transaction time, and the content of the product inside can interact through the mobile platform using” Kim said in an interview, “as far as we know, there is no other company in this field this kind of technical ability.”

now, every month has 3 million active users on KidsWorld platform, it is the largest provider of Google Play and AppleStore Asian area. Bluepin income is $3 million a year, half of KidsWorld alone creates the wealth, the other half is through the application of the branded third-party application developers earned.

in 2011, tencent noticed Bluepin. As at that time, China’s biggest Internet company (one of), tencent company to Bluepin invested $3 million, since then have the Chinese version of KidsWorld. China’s version of KidsWorld downloads to 12 million times a year, of course this includes the amount of pre-loaded on your phone.

last December, Bluepin STIC private equity investment company from South Korea and raised $4 million. “So far, we have not spent too much money, so now there are about 10 million dollars can be used to market expansion.” Kim said in an interview.

the company is now looking for partners can help them to enter the U.S. market. Kim will officially start this month with the matter, he hopes that his company can be cooperation overseas acquisitions, especially by large user base, has a professional marketing skills acquisition. “We don’t rule out the possibility of ipos in Korea, but for the sake of the company’s long-term development, we still hope to be able to implement corporate mergers and acquisitions. Choose the right merger partners, to help us achieve the goal of leading global market similar products; If the offering is at home, will be greatly restricted the development of the company.” Kim, in an interview said. Of course in return, Blueplin can help its partners quickly reached east Asia market.

Bluepin also plans to broaden its field of industry, extend to adult education. And, of course, its user base in Asia.

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