Solo Liu Chunhe: from sell melon young to silicon valley hackers journey

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as the entrepreneurs after 85, nobody Liu Chunhe, founder of the city seems to be lucky than other people, the first real Internet start-ups Solo in overseas has accumulated a large number of loyal users and also in steadily expanding, more than $100 million valuation, showed good growth momentum. February 19 day, Solo joint power yahoo mobile search, shining first, yahoo’s worldwide developers conference in silicon valley to blow a Solo “cyclone”. Solo has become a grassroots group rapid growth for the world’s dark horse project example. As a representative of the “self-made” entrepreneurship, they also are invited to visit the famous incubator has been born Pinterest “hacker” dojo. There, Solo team to find bosom friend “hackers”.

behind all this, however, he also has a different life and entrepreneurial journey. On February 7 hold hunting cloud of entrepreneurial public class, Liu Chunhe openly share their life experiences from high school until now. At the same time, he proposed the “content is the highest, the desktop will die” bold expression, shelling the domestic Internet industry “the law of the jungle”, brings the audience a very grounding summary of entrepreneurship dry gas.

business independent thinking and Solo of

Liu Chunhe have been lived in a poor village on the edge of the Yellow River in shandong, so exercise the self-reliance and toughness in the childhood disposition. Right out of high school went to stare tricycle selling watermelons, have accumulated for him the most original business acumen, including how to deal with competitors, such as how to sell.

still studying in Beijing university in 2009, he began to form a naked city team, but the first item is not a Solo, but a face behind the second – and third-tier county high school students for art exam training, then give up after a try, let him study the failure experience to the nature of the business. Students entrepreneurship is idealism, to later found that the society is very cruel and realistic world.

this also made him more independent thinking. Since nobody involved in technical training team to return to Beijing city, in the process to find a direction is to do overseas, create new products independently, let the user mobile phone use, better after part try to Solo the Launcher.

the undergraduate course graduate students electronic learning communication Liu Chunhe thinks that the concept of “entropy” can well reflect the spirit of freedom of the Internet, “entropy represents a degree of chaos system, the greater the entropy of the disorder”. He thought that the Internet has made information can arrive unobstructed, between Internet spirit is free, simple and people, the Internet allows a mediocre person do something to change the world, this is also a meaning of the Solo. Liu Chunhe said the naked city internal basic no rules, only the system of the late in the morning to do push-ups. He hopes to bring to the company an atmosphere, hope the company become a special group of freedom.

Liu Chunhe think now a lot of the Launcher products are did to the entrance, traffic, and the media calling desktop entry theory will kill a large number of entrepreneurs.

Solo the Launcher of the first product release in May 2013. At the beginning of the development, Solo the Launcher is a highly customized can support users do, and insist on free desktop, mainly focus on the overseas markets. The team around 30 people, at the beginning of 2014 won $2 million in angel investment, investors have the plum blossom angel vc of the wu chunhe ming-ming huang Ming potential capital.

after more than a year of development, Solo from previous gradually evolved into a Solo desktop systems, desktop as the core, with high frequency applications into the mouth (lock screen reminding, weather, news, etc.) for the peripheral product matrix. By December 2014, Solo system has more than 60 million total users. Liu Chunhe, Solo the Launcher products minimalist desktop is the first in the industry do, is a natural ranking on Google Play is the highest, but they almost never do pay promotion, traffic is very healthy, because he thought content of the product is the most important thing.

Solo from desktop to Solo system

Liu Chunhe when thinking about the direction of the business, continued the independent thinking, not constrained by what everyone is doing now. Liu Chunhe is analyzed in the process of the development of the Internet from PC many powerful tools products, such as obsession, thunderbolt,, etc., he is an extreme conclusion: tool is of little value. For two reasons: one is the growing their own mobile phone operating system function will be increasing, extrusion tools products of living space, especially the need to download the product; The second is the user in most of mobile phone application doesn’t move with, in fact, the application of mobile phone users the most commonly used is 10 or so, the most commonly used for Liu Chunhe 2 and 3.

specific to the desktop, Liu Chunhe think desktop will die. In his view, the desktop is a tool, the user mobile phone it won’t last long, and cell phone users are constantly changing. So the desktop is of little value, but also is not a strong demand.

and a number of mobile Internet products, Solo was also do flow entrance, circle of users, but already out of the original category, products do not call instead of desktop Solo system. Naked city team hope that the future users in the use of it, but it don’t need to download an App downloads, so has their structures, the HTML 5 engine, the future can go to gradually extend.

Solo the values and methodology of

Liu Chunhe simple also Shared a Solo at the scene, extreme, humble arrow speed iterative values and methodology.

simple refers to the very simple. His company has no rules, no leadership, no boss, no Title. There are two kinds of general corporate name, one is liu or mr.wong, one is the elder brother, elder brother. Liu Chunhe thinks, the first is easy to fall into bureaucracy, and the second in river’s lake browned off easily. As a result, a naked city learn alibaba, there will be a flower culture, named changjie Liu Chunhe.

the second word is extreme. Internet companies have a lot of people speak, perfection is the pursuit of the perfect state. And Liu Chunhe team is extreme, is not the same as extreme, extremely easy to make mistakes, he thinks that do one thing don’t consider the balance between A and B, either A or B. Not to be, or just do it. And if are two things they can do only one thing.

startup the biggest bonus is extreme, the wrong can again change, after changed after can be wrong again, always iteration. About extreme, Liu Chunhe admitted that he did not dare to come out before the people, the main reason is that he’s too fat. But from 3 months before he began to lose weight, now 40 catty, thin body weight loss is so extreme, how much more do products.

the third is humility. Sometimes, he thought, the ego is let a person growth momentum, but a lot of times people inevitably fall into a state of self, to avoid falling into such a state, we will emphasize a word is humility. Humility is not just for people, also refers to the right. We put out to sea and all other products are some very good cooperation. To be so, do product, too, must be humble, know to learn, to think. And all the partners, we all want to give each other the interests, achievements of others first, and then our own achievement.

in addition to the values, Liu Chunhe think the most important thing is the arrow speed iteration, a naked city do product speed is very fast. Many companies that work with a naked city, feel the response very fast. Because the team is not afraid to make mistakes, wrong will change, the formation of such a positive cycle system.

Liu Chunhe says he now has three goals, hope to make a first billion users of products; The second is the hope can give this billion users to transfer the value of a good and kind; The third is the hope to make a valuable company like Google, alibaba, tencent, bring value to the user.

the law of the jungle should not become the mainstream of industry

it is well known that the law of the jungle in the domestic Internet industry are common. Many people are also learning strategies, various wars, fair competition, dirt on each other, all black public relations, each other the poacher, even uninstall each other product. It is also a Solo in the development of core products for overseas customers.

Liu Chunhe hope these dark is happening at home, should not appear in overseas, do not want the law of the jungle to become the mainstream of the industry. A great company, but never rely on the achievements of the law of the jungle. Only with the accumulation of positive energy, it’s possible to pass good and good value.

in the end, Liu Chunhe think entrepreneurship start and no end. Is a start, “I don’t think our ten years is a start, and I don’t think 13 years before more don’t think is to start selling melons. I think may be from a born destined to entrepreneurship, I think entrepreneurship and ending at the same time, don’t know will last three years, five years or 20 years, the real entrepreneurs have been on the road. His struggling experience may be a long, long, until the end of your life.”