Sohu video PGC auto media ecological pattern

checking 2015 Shanghai international auto show, although the media coverage on the auto show, you can find different is the rise of video platform, the show report of which, PGC (professional content generation) on the auto show all the professional, innovative, become a change the power of the media and the pattern of user attention.

in fact, such a large scale in video PGC producer reports show, in the industry is the first time. In the auto show, sohu video and 56 network as an example, the combined total of more than 20 PGC producers, including 25 ans Xu Qun editor-in-chief, illustrated the car executive editor Liu Hongcang, and other well-known automobile industry media, professional vertical website, aimed at the auto show diversity makes a large number of video programs. Sohu video PGC producer from the show agent pavilion preheating, motor show, new reports, technical analysis, high-end interviews, talent to see the auto show, auto show tidbits of auto show for dimensions such as the entire report.

sohu video 2015 Shanghai international auto show project integrating the video at the same time, a netizen and Shanghai auto show venue map information. Video content by the high degree of professional auto media, and entertainment content of professional film and television company show sitcoms constitute the whole content PGC. From the point of platform coverage, but the content of PGC in sohu video, sohu news client, sohu video mobile terminal platform for universal coverage, more let more audience show field is obtained by way of video scene information.

from the point of program content production and broadcast effect, users of video content of PGC enthusiasm and love not inferior to traditional media. Show total output video more than 200, more than 20 columns, including five exclusive columns, including high quality producer of: forty thousand see the auto show of “I am your eyes” “royal elder sister!” the cart to see the auto show “quantum channel 2015 auto show special”, the total number of more than 30 million, during the auto show content streaming data is usually car run an average of three times the amount of content category, evidence that the content of professionals in the field of professional production, gradually become widespread public attention and acceptance of new media. Surrounding the topic can promote vertical category content output, its content will get more attention and play.

sohu video product technology center, senior director, 56, said general manager Ma Yi PGC grow rapidly and become the new focus of media content, there are two reasons: on the one hand, thanks to the media environment has taken place great changes, traditional auto media content homogeneity phenomenon is serious, the same story is very easy to let readers aesthetic fatigue, in the present already cannot satisfy the diversified tastes. And video from different media and the traditional mode, with its interactive, interesting features, make the content more vivid and diverse, the user’s choice of content free also improved significantly.

on the other hand, in order to better cultivate creative force, which broke out in more high quality content, sohu video is now a flat PGC since the media strategy. Car video PGC requires the threshold of the video production and car professional knowledge, more demanding than simple text creation. But with video production of professional and technical requirements more and more low, and sohu video and com PGC specialized distribution channels to the producer vigorously support, professional car video since the media has become the trend of The Times.

each big brand behind the would-be, is also a medium to promote the power of the game. Can be seen from the auto show, video since the media has become a part of the auto media ecology, began to become the new media for auto makers favor positions. But the project is based solely on PGC model content integration, and implements the sohu video PGC brand commercial ice platform, means that for the first time, the mainstream automakers video real recognition from the media. Jaguar and sohu video PGC cooperation review program depth resolution products, exclusive car to tour consumers into the focus on product kernel level, show a online namely rising search engine keyword search page page, successful break through 2015 Shanghai auto show brand marketing war, increased the sohu video PGC influence on potential customers, sohu video PGC rewrite auto media ecological pattern for the first time.

now, sohu video since the media platform based on big data, divided into high, clearing fast, strong fan interactive features and the advantages of the exclusive service 1 to 1. Sohu video media coverage since currently contains music, game, life, education, funny and other categories, daily watch tens of millions, a day to high of PGC from media people into, is to encourage original productivity and produce high quality content.