Softbank’s rich sheep east: entrepreneurship follow PPRM model, financing have this a few action skills

note: hunting cloud softbank sheep saif partners recently in east to screening project how to communicate with investors and entrepreneurs to share their point of view, and among them, he put forward PPRM models, better products to meet demand at the same time, there lived a kind of expansion can be steady to the model.

sheep east introduction: tsinghua alumni TMT tsinghua association director, level 1990 computer science department, the incumbent saif partner investment funds. Mainly responsible for greater China telecom and IT related to areas of investment. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering degree from computer science and technology department, tsinghua university, financial accounting master’s degree at the university of southern California, chartered financial analyst (CFA); Now than the antenna, only on the information technology, blog China, Ming million, sunco real estate companies such as directors, also is the rich China growth fund manager.

the following for sharing content:

the luckiest a group of people who experience a, China business opportunities

I was in Hong Kong for three years after the investment Banks began to do investment, since the 1980 s, I give you talk about some of the entrepreneurial opportunities.

the first stage (85-88 approval;

the second stage (89-92 computer, each net income of 5000-10000 yuan.

the third stage (93-95 but paging centers are mobile;

the fourth stage (95-00 years comes as the first wave of Internet make Internet blocks listed in the us;

phase 5:00-03 years in real estate investment, a lot of people buy houses sold the stock;

stage 6:4-7 years investment domestic Internet, such as ctrip, grand, reached the climax of investment in ’07, the whole atmosphere impetuous;

7 stages: 08-09 during the financial crisis, bottom the U.S. financial crisis, also known as an investment opportunity;

8 stages: 10-14 years to invest in China electricity, such as jingdong, beauty, etc. Now perhaps 020 is a better investment theme, but to spend more.

a man can’t hold all entrepreneurial opportunities, but as long as it can hold one of the opportunity, will have a lot of returns.

2, PPRM model

this part is the most important part of today. This is a thinking framework for everyone, and I was watching a program when thinking of a way, makes the evaluation more efficient for a project. Whether business or investment, the model can help, investment is a process to persuade each other, and this model can make communication more convenient between investors and entrepreneurs. The model is as follows:

Product (Product) : to solve the real demand. Products and the demand is always on all patterns and entrepreneurial path.

the Model (Model) : the first cosmic velocity. Good startup project need a mode expansion can be steady to live. On the premise of products to meet the needs of real, investors in the investment of time don’t know if this project in the competitive market is unique, whether in the same type project is the most worthy of investment. This time investors will need to see the business model of the project, whether can produce low cost, high efficiency, this model is sustainable returns.

Road (path) : p=& gt; M, that is, how to go to your own patterns. Sometimes pattern is very good, for example, my model is to let the computer has a large capacity quickly, but how to achieve, how to transcend the existing big company? Model and the path is in the process of entrepreneurship need deep thinking.

People (talent) : deep, persistent and flexible. When it comes to investment, many of them are in person. There should be a dialectical quality good entrepreneurs. First of all, his understanding of the users have to very deep (sina); Next he needs a rigid and flexible, this has no specific standards, on the one hand able to insist on his own path, on the other hand also need to be flexible, it is a very dialectical.

three, all starting from product

tsinghua has a minute creative competition, there is a classmate of project is a machine to wash the glasses, technically effect is very good, but the price to 2000 yuan. You’re welcome, this is a far-fetched. Such as videophone, but in fact many people on the phone does not want to let people see, so this is a bogus demand. As an entrepreneur must find a real good requirements. Students entrepreneurship is a bad place is his understanding of the demand is not so much, because they experience are relatively few. Business requires an in-depth exploration of the life, in life to observe more, around the design of the product why will attract people to buy, through such observation, find a you understand the real needs of or pain points.

small strong demand is superior to the weak demand of the masses. When demand must find a strong demand. General business is looking for small strong demand, because the public’s strong demand has been largely developed. At the same time, small strong demand may also become the public’s strong demand, such as FACEBOOK.

the third, after find demand must use the lowest cost produce the Minimum Viable Product, do a simple Product or platform, verify the demand then get investment improve their products. Want to get a lot of direct investment to build a good platform, it is not realistic.

in the end, entrepreneurs should use the fastest speed to support the company. Considering products, platform, perfect at the same time, entrepreneurs should also pay attention to the profits of the company, in the shortest possible time to obtain profits.

4, ability, the origin and the dialectical relations of tuyere

you must know the needs of the business when you choose is right for yourself to do, about whether they really understand. Now there is a trend in society is looking for looking for investment, but the mind is very good, you calm down and think about their brain, find themselves really want to do demand, rather than blindly seeking outlet will be more efficient. Return to the starting point of origin to find business, this is a startup higher returns.

the second is the ability to circle, it could be expanded, but not out of. We want to work in their power circle like company staff’s promotion, every man to his own incompetent position before stop, which can be more relaxed in their own state down to do a thing. As a young man, you expand your circle of power potential is very big, you can expand your circle of ability, but not beyond the ability, beyond their limits to the entrepreneurial process was very unhappy. If the tuyere is not ability within the circle, we will expand your circle of power, such as the wind to, great people are more likely to find the tuyere.

five, commercial mode decision height

what is business model, or our business purpose is for the sake of what? It is that entrepreneurship is you want to do one thing, and certainly don’t want to make it more do more hard work. A good business model must be I did it, it can more do more easily, to be able to do big, this is the criterion for a good business model. We through smart, hard work, good timing, good pattern, pushing the company to a certain height, the company can more easily to continue operating and profit. If a company after a fool 3-5 years of operation can still exist, it is a good business model. Tsinghua students entrepreneurship usually couldn’t find a good business model, so the tsinghua not out of the big company. Conversation of investors and entrepreneurs also attaches great importance to business enterprise business model.

6 cases, several business models

1. McDonald’s: control of supply chain. Is considered its business model, chain operation, but now many of the companies are chain management, but McDonald’s is the unique, this is because of its supply chain business model. Supply chain to ensure the quality of the low cost and stable, with a complete supply chain under the premise of doing it is not the most delicious hamburger, but it is in Hamburg, in the enterprises of the two m chain do the most good. McDonald’s can according to the count in the supply chain at the same time, the business model for every store has strong control.

2. Taobao: platform pattern, namely as buyers and sellers in the middle of the platform. A lot of companies are such business model, such as VISA, the more the cardholder, more businesses are willing to use this card; And more businesses are willing to use this card at the same time, there will be the more the cardholder.

3. Express: vanity, platform, deals with the credit. About vanity, express did it allows users to take out a piece of American express is considered very cattle; On credit, and express the user is supreme credit group, is the most wealthy groups, its have higher on credit guarantee.

7, some Suggestions to entrepreneurs

1. The business have a new product to go up at night. This requirement must be very rigid, it is a real demand.

2. Don’t cry because it is competitive, envy, also don’t go with now entrepreneurial fashion business.

3. I hope the students in the startup also don’t go for taobao market or WeChat market, or as a strong power to the product is king. Do a platform, hundreds of millions of daily flow, with large advertising profits, this pattern can make money, the competitiveness of the industry in a country the most important thing is to see the product.

4. The red and blue ocean can start a business. In the red sea, if you have a very good technology, you may occupy the market. Huawei is a good example.

eight, how to deal with investors

1. The investors to sow the seeds of the mind. Three minutes before dealing with investors is very important, want to let investors impressed his project. So should begin with part to attract investors, such as corporate profits last year, and what is the profit growth this year. At the same time to make investors feel that products and services. Sow the seeds for investors interested in after after before it can be convenient communication, such as business model.

2. Rhythm: two-step or three steps. We are in pursuit of melt in seeking investment to the most money transfer the least amount of shares. Financing to the least amount of money it is good to be able to get things done, raise more money will share sale too much is not good.

3. Handle: financing in the development, form competitive situation. Also is to talk about a few investors more, don’t talk about discharge his investment; At the same time not into passive, more can’t procrastinate, which cannot be investors slowly into investigation stage.

4. The characteristics of different stages of financing: angel, judge A book by ideal, A round of the product, B round to see data, C round the income, listed the profits.

9, students questions

1. McDonald’s business model and where is the difference between the starbucks business model?

suitable for joining McDonald’s mode, it can supply chain management, franchisees, it possible to control by controlling the supply chain stores. Starbucks, starbucks stores are proprietary. So why starbucks so cattle? Is It Is Not About starbucks Coffee, It ‘s About Identity. The 20 yuan every day with starbucks coffee, customers think they spent little money got a very good Identity. Luxury brands in the United States and Europe have differences, using the Mass Comsumer business model, but there is a paradox, there are a lot of people wear, people don’t want to spend so much money to buy the product. That the United States is how to resolve this paradox? The way they use multiple brands. When a brand has been selling too much will have different selling different products on the top of the brand.

2. How to see the business enterprise to company for resale behavior?

BAT last year purchase amount is equivalent to a Hong Kong investment last year, now the company to sell or transfer to the BAT is a very common practice.

3. How to determine a demand is mass or niche, is a strong demand still weak demand?

strong demand is the product, have strong demand for more easy to handle. And small strong demand although the percentage is small, but large population base, and is still a big market.

4. What do you think startup strategy of surrounding the cities from the countryside?

I think a social platform is the trend in the future. In some cases will collapse into some platforms.