Social platform of micro chain: entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs at the right time, to find the right person


if the chain, I’d like to 12 floor, block B, a venture capitalist media), the founder chamber-of-commerce-style, LiuRongJun and Zhou Kanji when doing 12 floor, block B, found that entrepreneurs demand points on many aspects, including financing, hiring, exposure, learning, third-party services, and to join the circle, and so on, is the demand of the comprehensive, and individual demand of frequency is not high. Later they demand abstraction, boils down to “entrepreneurs is need at the right time, to find the right person”. Such as the need of financing, investors can be found, want to exposure, the media can be found. So three founders are going to be a social platform, the associated with business people gathered together, by the high frequency of social demand to meet the demand of low frequency time of entrepreneurship. Hopes to become an entrepreneur in the future, entrance for entrepreneurs to create a ecological system, helping entrepreneurs more smoothly, so this is the chain.

the current micro chain mainly has two functions, first is the business circle, the user can see the two friends circle dynamic, all kinds of share about entrepreneurship. co-founder LiuRongJun tell hunting cloud network: “at present, micro letter information circle of friends has overload, focus on business segment circle of friends is more valuable to the entrepreneurs; And two friends behind the logic is that most help people to entrepreneurship is weak relationship, because once a friend of resources development and utilization, had already been two friends of resources is most helpful for entrepreneurs, more vast resources, and can have friends help endorsement for a time.”

the second is found module, there are “investors” and “activity” two columns, the former has brought together hundreds of certified professional investors, and indicate the investment stage and lists the case, targeted to help entrepreneurs, the professional investors is increasing every day. “Activity” column has gathered around the high-quality entrepreneurial activity, such as the activities of IT orange, IDG, cloud network entrepreneurship courses hunting, etc., on-line has issued more than two hundred events, and keeps the Internet start-ups are tonal, entrepreneurs can be very convenient for registration. For a host of activities, due to the congregation effect of entrepreneurs, the chain is also a good platform, IDG activities in hangzhou, for example, nearly 200 people sign up almost took only a day of trouble. Currently published weekly in micro chain activities usually have dozens of games, and continues to grow. Micro chain with more activities, host of the 2015 cooperation, put good entrepreneurial activity in the chain of micro, micro the entrepreneurs to sign up on the chain, convenient to meet social entrepreneurs to offline learning and demands. ()

this group focused on entrepreneurs in the APP, and a partner, a pie, such products are lay particular stress on helping startups looking for partners or seek venture project, on the model and concept with micro chain still has certain difference, trying to solve the problem is also different. Micro chain started closed in November, January 20, is launched, the promotion from hangzhou circles, users daily average growth in 500, and in constant speed up. Company has complete seed round and angel rounds of financing, plans to launch A round of funding in 2015.

for the direction of the future, co-founder LiuRongJun tell hunting cloud network: “ in our social service at the same time, also will begin to build ecological. In addition to the investment and financing of docking is now doing and entrepreneurial activity, gradually involved in entrepreneurial team recruitment, media, community and third party service such as direction, gradually formed a one-stop service system, such as line “project” column, we meeting in March to help entrepreneurs transmission projects, to seek cooperation and financing more efficiently.”

now, this field becomes more and more important for social entrepreneurship, to red, it is the national efforts to support, the entrepreneurship to promote economic development, in view of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs can do to have a lot of things, and now some portal website has opened up the channel, the vertical sites platform is endless, micro chain, fine service partner also have begun to emerge, although it is still in the stage of development, but the momentum to be reckoned with, and now we are doing business media + hunting cloud network also investment and financing and docking, through a cloud network business investment and financing and docking platform, hunting maccha beauty makeup, very m routing, search radar, lala parks got a total of nearly 100 million financing. so the industry, “there is competition, there is opportunity, and soup is also, in the service of entrepreneurs everyone wins big entrepreneurs.”