Snow disc from life, to do online learning class taobao platform in the field of products

February 6, hunting cloud network news (word/jing-jing fan)

online education has been the capital and entrepreneurs of the more sought after areas, whether Internet giant segmentation cake, or the new entrepreneurs, for transfers-will the whole market is a piece of “prosperity”. But the current online learning platform belongs to the vertical, and much more is for student groups, and in view of the interest education training time become a gap in the market.

is a focus on the needs of users layered learning learning products electric business platform, to provide users with the induction phase in the field of interest in learning online experience lesson. User can find it very convenient to fit their demands for efficiency and experience learning products, by learning to improve their way of life and family, and relationships with others.

snow disc was established in September 2014 in hangzhou, the founder of Yi Xinyu for original alibaba senior manager, ali, ten years experience in B2B third-party service market, industrial market, ali cloud platform operation, and many other start-up projects, has accumulated rich experience platform operation and management experience. Snow disc including operation, BD and technology core team members are from alibaba, the existing size of 25 people, including technical staff ratio of 50% or more.

in simple terms, the snow disc different curriculum pattern, different service mode, different content model as a user of learning products; Electric business platform is the user and the seller, the user is interested in learning the user, the seller is education institutions. Snow disc for institutional structures, taobao shop model, the unifying agency service, make the service carries on to the platform. Founder Yi Xinyu said in an interview with cloud network hunting, snow disc adhere to the user as the guidance, do not do online education, but the Internet learning, insisted on solving the common in the learning path for users find, distrust and difficult to adhere to the problem.

as an Internet learning platform, professional training institutions and skilled individuals can become a lecturer of the snow disc platform. Users only need to recorded by planning course, course, upload, online interaction can be snow disc lecturer. In order to avoid the video quality is uneven, the snow is only for the local video in hangzhou, the nationwide personal trainer transmit video post-production. “Post-production is the original zhejiang TV team, users can only according to the recorded video tutorial guarantee clear resolution can be, at the same time, the video copyright in the individual.” Yi Xinyu tell hunting cloud network.

meanwhile, snow disc to provide learning and good social function. By free experience class based learning interest, and to provide advanced learning channels, at the same time solve learning through good social loneliness and the problem of application scenarios. Currently online has 16 categories, 500 courses, including sports, music, paternity, addiction, etc., will join late finance courses. Every class 3-10 section, a lesson not more than ten minutes.

from a concrete problem, hope that through learning process reengineering, snow disc to help users solve find, understanding, trust, decision-making, persistence, application problems. Also by business model at the same time, don’t sell traffic selling mode, in the process of cooperation with the lecturer and organization for training the businessman to solve difficult, difficult transformation, difficult management, difficult the problem of high value-added, difficult to expand and idle resources.

in terms of business model, snow disc does not plan drawn from the curriculum itself trading commissions, and more focus on training by helping businesses doing business model reconstruction, user learning application scenario extend to produce more value-added income.

in the long term, the snow disc hopes to become a user study first impression of the entrance. The snow disc only launched a free video lesson and acquaintances part of the social function. Will on the longitudinal joint training businesses to provide more hierarchical learning products, lateral on development from the aspects of good social acquaintances social to strangers. Also cut into the more learning application scenarios, to help users to apply. 2015 snow disc will develop their businesses in Beijing, Shanghai, is now in the stage of pre – A round of funding.

online and offline companies, their, from investment in online education projects to create proprietary products, as more business model of digging, the future of online education competition will still be radical changes. The author thinks that, compared with many online education platform on the market, snow disc has the advantage of perspective. True from the perspective of the user’s needs, and depth of training trade cooperation, to provide users with a layered learning products, this is the different concept, also made a lot of actual practice. If there is a high quality content, sufficient capital chain coupled with good operation, may be a snow disc.