Smile with tears: chengdu venture cost is low but resources are rarely

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when the coastal city of web startups bubbles expand relentlessly, when the north connect entrepreneurs for office rent, employee wages, homogeneity competition, chengdu Internet entrepreneurs one time, to the coastal city of half the cost of chasing the same wonderful dreams a reality.

a long time, sichuan is China’s labor export big province, the output is engaged in the service of blue-collar and migrant workers, the processing industry. As the pace of the Internet wave coming, wang xiaochuan , more and more productions such as ms Chen entrepreneurs, sichuan chengdu local startup also appear like mushrooms in the inland city.

a native of chengdu are power. On May 27, Sichuan Xun You Network Technology Co., ltd. gem officially listed in shenzhen stock exchange, opening at 44. 55 yuan, immediately after opening up 44%, reached on its upper limit. On May 8, chengdu mobile game company, BiLu technology (Tap4fun) formal prospectus publicly, to log in the Shanghai stock exchange, its 2014 annual income of about 500 million yuan. The software splash the phone movement recently won the third round of a total of $thirty million investment, their goal is: on the market.

entrepreneurial atmosphere has gradually thick, chengdu tianfu software park only a incubator business field has accumulated more than 630 projects have, more than 160 projects in the hatch. Business field for entrepreneurial team lead a investment of 100 million yuan a year, every year to help enterprises successful entrepreneurial field innovation fund of 5 million yuan. The chengdu high-tech zone for entrepreneurship in the field of mobile Internet set up 80 million angel investment funds.

well-known enterprises at home and abroad also follow. IBM, EMC, Dell, tencent, alibaba, huawei, etc are in chengdu. And just recently, sichuan provincial people’s government in chengdu with tencent company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, agreed to “Internet +” deep cooperation in an all-round way. The history is quite difficult to attack the city would be on the importance of the Internet giants.

what are the typical features of chengdu’s entrepreneurial? Why in recent years, the agitation of the sichuan people home business? What the future development of the bottleneck?

low startup costs

“back to chengdu went to this step.” Served as a wireless GSM r&d, President of huawei li wei told tencent technology. Two years ago, he abandoned the huawei’s millions of annual salary, and started back to chengdu TestBird hand swim test company.

in addition to the parents in chengdu, li wei admitted that half of the chengdu start-up cost is 3. He with his company as an example, based in chengdu, and wangjing representative offices outside Beijing sihuan points. He said: “Beijing’s rent is chengdu 8-10 times.”

two years, the company brought from the original li wei several technical backbone to expand to 88. Thought it is difficult to find a technical talents in chengdu but li wei electronic science and technology university in chengdu, sichuan found a number of right-hand man. “The same engineers, in Beijing, it is not the price.”

indeed, inland areas has been outsourcing, materials processing and other labor-intensive industries. Thanks to a few years ago the big companies in tide, as well as the local colleges and universities, chengdu talent quality is gradually improved. This is li wei home before starting a business did not expect.

“we most of the staff is the sichuan people, people always think chengdu is a leisure place, but it doesn’t really lazy people, our company to work overtime to 12 o ‘clock at night is very normal things. People just at rest play more hi.” Li wei was added. He speaks with legs, show very proud smile: “new three board is expected the first quarter of next year, we are going to impact.”

like li wei out for trapping and chose to chengdu business for many years. Trapping and graduated from sichuan university, after working in is located in the CBD of Beijing wanda, successful move to the same blue Cartier, engaged in the development of real estate, land investment as a marketing vice President. Trapping in tianfu software park, bubble laundry in early July 2014, at the end of July was Mr. CAI the angel investing hundreds of millions of RMB.

in her eyes, chengdu entrepreneurs is very unity. She told the tencent technology, they have a micro letter group of less than 50 people, also will not organize regular activities, some rice. “Not as big as Beijing, chengdu people can gather up half an hour or so.” At the party, entrepreneurs will share their “pit”. “Coastal city of startups is too much, they will scramble for resources, we did not.”

in TestBird li wei to 8 yuan per square meter price in wangjing rent of news every day, trapping and slightly appear: “lee rent expensive, my office in CBD guomao rent a cheaper than he is.” But then, trapping look dim again: “Beijing rent is to I’m heartache ah.”

a startup costs low is the consensus of many entrepreneurs in chengdu.

just got angel investment xue song is tencent is entrepreneurs in chengdu, he started the game company echo technology has come in chengdu tianfu software park business field. Here, he, enjoy preferential treatment in the first year is free. BiLu, product of fruit also described above are hatched entrepreneurship field project.

when a startup project at least one year old, they will enter the accelerator, enjoy is far lower than the market price of the rent, year-end would also get extremely powerful subsidies. Shanxi people chang came to chengdu business has nothing to do with “hometown complex”, as the CEO of vertical technology co., LTD., chang told tencent technology: “here we are, the cost of the rent and property costs a year is 140000 yuan.” This is equivalent to a year in wangjing rent the price of 3.5 desk (wangjing soho single rent desk: $800 per week).

and, in the eyes of Camera360 Gu Rui chief operating officer, is the most valuable interior personnel is very stable, “side of the people do not have so impetuous, there are a lot of more than 5 years old in our company employees.”

capital and marketing is pain points

although many entrepreneurs in chengdu charting about your start-up costs, but they also admitted to tencent technology problem to be solved in chengdu business.

the first, the capital.

heavyweight in the north to guangzhou, almost all the venture capital, private. Bubble wash CEO trapping, chengdu local money like fast into fast out on long-term planning and strategic direction and there are still certain gaps when compared with the coastal, and chengdu no FA (Financial Advisor and Financial consultant).

financing first and then the echo of the registered company, the founder of science and technology Xue Songshui: “actually should have registered company, pull the structure into a suitable investment. Investors of equity structure requires each are not identical, this have no experience.” He also considered before determine the financing of chengdu local investors, but because of the financing speed and time, ultimately chose a vc from coastal cities.

but as plump movement CEO shen bo said, now good funds across the country to chengdu as one of the key cities, roadshow, the project a lot every day. Tianfu software park began to courses in a variety of venture enterprises in the park, from how to first investment to taught you how to log in new three board, entrepreneurs because of the “don’t understand” fall into the “pit” in less and less.

second, business and marketing.

even has a “hand tour city” reputation of chengdu, chengdu but many tour companies to tencent technology, said hand hand swim the advantage of research and development in chengdu, publishers have, but the basic not distributors. “Business or want to do in Beijing. Echoed xue song also said that science and technology, chengdu exhibition is relatively less, conditions permitting, will set up an office in Beijing.

this situation also make breakthrough in reversed transmission enterprises in chengdu. Than lu launch mobile game, “the galactic empire”, has more than “angry birds” paid to apple’s iOS American zone list first, and than lu is on self-built channels.

chengdu of mobile game companies face the same problem in the business expand, they took on a regular basis to 3 on a business trip, intensive way to visit.

Camera360 Gu Rui told tencent technology, in chengdu, media channel is a narrow, can radiation portal sites across the country in Beijing. Camera360 communicate regularly sent in the past, is also preparing to recruitment in Beijing responsible for media public relations staff.

at tencent technology to tianfu software park on the day of the interview, plump movement CEO shen bo flew to Beijing, perhaps through frequent business travel can make up for the geographic distance.

third, cutting-edge talent.

although chengdu talent is enough, but to be fair, for the most cutting-edge talent demand is relatively large. Gu Rui admitted to tecent science and technology, at present the industry competition is fierce, but the new culture period is too long. Startups don’t like big companies, a newcomer to the, requires that he quickly familiar with the business. And usually, a couple even if it’s very hard to of about half a year’s time to acquire it. “One of the most outstanding people, must be taken by the big companies, big companies had three began to dig people!”

however, may be affected by shu culture, the influence of “sincerity” for chengdu entrepreneurs is helping them get more sophisticated talent.

founder TestBird Li Weiceng to please people, ran to the “candidates” stay at home. Gu Rui have borrow investors office in Beijing.

but focus on intelligent projection TV m technology CEO Zhong Bo argues that the tip of the chengdu talent problem will soon be solved. Because the pressure to 3 for the control of the floating population, the sense of belonging, as a result of extraordinary rise in house prices, account threshold gap problem, have a lot of the strength of talent is considering to the capital city of higher cost performance, life and the development of the capital city also gradually to cutting-edge talent.

as the saying goes “no less to sichuan. Now, it seems, it’s time to change the old saying.

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