Smell him: UGC community website + tool APP share delicious timing relay


he is a delicious taste of the UGC sharing community interaction, can provide recipes to create, share, and to do, I have to eat as the theme such as interactive community service. Product form has two kinds of web and APP, the APP based on the functionality of the site, in view of the standardization of western food, baking recipes do the function of “timer”, only to make cooking easier.

he told hunting cloud network founder vivianlulu, the early stage of the team from food and clothing live line, do a more ground gas products. After investigating the fundamental niche market situation, the team decided to choose the family kitchen as a product, do food creating and sharing platform. There are two main reasons why, one is the family kitchen to imagine consumption scenarios, the second is in about what to eat, in the domestic market concerns are take-out and group, etc., the family kitchen market competition pressure is relatively small, development prospect is more clear.

taste his site mainly to provide users with the menu to create, share, and to do evaluation to eat as the theme of community service. Dynamic content, the website via the menu PK, scheduling, and other functions designed to highlight the pros and cons of similar recipe and the difference on the operability, and to encourage a few users in both production and BBS recipes as opinion leaders. Website has a integral system, integral accumulation amount convertible, integral can also act as offline activities involved in or launching conditions. Integral system are screening high quality website users and content of the main tools, analysis the important basis of user behavior.

in the process of practical recipes, users have success and failure, the community is a fun, communication and learning. Community is mainly divided into hodgepodge, laboratory and seek the truth the three sectors, hodgepodge is mainly for users to ridicule and irrigation area, the main content of the laboratory innovation recipe for users to share, to practice innovation available to more users. The truth is the rumor, exchange zone to ask a question. It seems that satisfied the user community in the process of recipes to create and practice a certain interactive requirements.

taste his APP on the basis of the function of the UGC website interactive community, added an important function “timer”, more outstanding properties tools. For standardization of western food, baking recipes, users share the recipe as long as the label with a timer, recipes of the various steps have been standardized, each step takes a few minutes is clearly marked, the user can set the timer to remind to do process, each user can standard finish cooking steps, let the user with the help of the APP to make more good food.

in terms of competing goods, vivianlulu main put vision in the kitchen. The main kitchen team come from douban, product style also favour the pure and fresh and practical. The style of literature and art in a certain extent determines the kitchen for user groups is relatively young girl, in vivianlulu view, young girls prefer to appreciate, they are not the masters of the kitchen. Taste for primary users is real he will into the kitchen and dominate the family kitchen, cooking taste he hope can really help in the kitchen to the user, make cooking easier. Hunting cloud network that taste his APP in comparison with the kitchen, he is not only a share exchange platform and its tools attribute is stronger, more close to the life of the masses.

currently online and offline activities to integrate them are his main promotion means. Every Sunday, taste his team will organize chengdu food lovers hold offline activities, most of the large number of food group from chengdu food lovers. In the activity, the user can use the smell he provide the venue and ingredient for food production and sharing. Food production process also needs a certain amount of precipitation, compared with before more fragmentation circle of friends to share, taste he offers a relatively concentrated exchange and sharing platform.

taste his APP since its launch in March 2015, APP users under the condition of the zero cost promotion has reached about 8000 people, after the initial funding for promotion recently, active number has reached about 600 people, user growth quantity in about 1000 people a week, and higher customer loyalty.

at present, the smell of the main profit of his website and APP for advertising revenue, late in the integration of the online activities will be added after the private kitchen function, will cooperate with merchants selling kitchen utensils, and health food, etc.

vivianlulu founder, graduated from southwest jiaotong university, after graduation in the bubble nets are involved in the operation promotion activities, 05 years worked in infant car home, after a listed company in chengdu do project process control is in charge of eight years, from the start to 14 years in business. Now his team a total of 12 people, continues to expand.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, taste his angel rounds of financing, investment more than one hundred jointly by founding team, the team has officially launched the next round of funding plan.