Smart washing machine, use imagination to change life details

reported on June 4th (word/WenYuTong)

to know the product before you please imagine the following scenario:

a scene: wang2 xiao3 ming2 is a college student, xiao Ming have almost have some shortcomings, a college student is lazy. Lazy points a lot of kinds, but xiao Ming is to wash the socks and underwear, not usually a week of socks and underwear to a day to wash. Do you think xiao Ming really want to wash? Don’t, just don’t wash didn’t have to wear.

scene 2: no speaking, is a company white-collar job is busy, but very pay attention to the quality of life, beautiful dress is very tasteful. When making socks and underwear to clean at ordinary times, beautiful hope which can save time and can be washed very clean.

scenario three: zhang zhang is a housewife, pay attention to family health and hygiene very much, especially the baby. In underwear and socks when cleaning, zhang zhang at ordinary times after washing underwear disinfection treatment, but it is very waste of time, also let a hurry very distressed.

scenario 4: Yang Yang is a company of channel development commissioner, at ordinary times often out on a business trip. Every hotel very upset because the hotel provides washing equipment, many are not walk one day want to change a pair of socks are special trouble.

don’t know if the scenario above all problems have the stamp to your pain points? A lot of people don’t think, socks and underwear to clean the very small part in our life and brought us so many problems.

smile technology intelligent micro Ye Shuang tell hunting cloud network founder of the washing machine, the team developed a mini washing machine, it can only wash a pair of socks or a pair of shorts, throw, automatic rinsing and drying in addition to bacteria, bring their own water tank need not connect the faucet, because all need not himself. Cleaning dehydration only need 10 minutes or so, only in the summer of cleaning drying combined time 1 hour or so, winter long some, need four hours, take out that wear socks and underwear. The tiny washing machine priced at 300 yuan.

you might want to see here, the washing machine can wash a pair of socks or a pants, a lot of people usually save to wash again a lot of people buy the uneconomic, save socks are washed for several days. Ye Shuang said: a small washing machine, every day can have a clean socks, why should save up socks, everyone has their own habits and customs, we need to do is to use the product to guide the consumption habit of the user. Some people don’t like wash pants, some people don’t like to wash your socks, washing machine will start from details, changing the habits of people’s lives.

so what micro washing machine product characteristics? First washing machine is adopted for clothing nondestructive pressure washing technology patents, and compared the washing to dry sterilization integration; Secondly to retrieve can wear clothes from the washing machine; Finally is embarks from the product experience, the washing machine not installed, do not need to answer the shuikou, bring their own water tank, to a certain extent improve the user experience; Wash only 500 ml and water-saving power-saving, every time, the average is about 30 w power.

on the market at present is not to need to pay attention to individual cleaning and take up the space is very small items of washing equipment. What will you want to see here, a lot of home appliance brand developed mini washing machine, it can also be used to clean socks and underwear, washing machines, and mini washing machines and what’s the difference? Mini washing machine to a certain extent is a substitute for the large washing machine, adopts the traditional way of pulsator washing, about the damage. Mini washing machine at the same time can only dry cleaning, not dry, electricity, water, need to pick up the gate. Micro washing machine on the product idea has showed very different with mini washing machine, micro intelligent household positioning for washing machine is more suitable for the modern people’s life rhythm and habits.

Ye Shuang tell hunting cloud network, the current products are independent research and development, outsourcing production and pay attention to the Internet marketing mode of thinking. A development direction of future, Ye Shuang hope smiling face science and technology is not only confined to the washing machine, hope to be able to develop more creative smart home, there are a few products in research and development stage. Ye Shuang plan in June of 2015 or so to complete the first round of financing, complete product in mass production stages after debugging.

in July 14 years, smiling face team was formally established, the smiling face team a total of 10 people. Founder Ye Shuang graduated from shenyang university of aeronautics and astronautics, and have won many prizes in the mechanical innovation design competition in the university. Co-founder and her honey haired huang graduated from hohai university, entrepreneurial experience for several times during the university.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the smiling face of science and technology team has officially launched an angel round financing plan.