Smart steady shot: core image stabilization function very useful, details could be more optimized

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phone configuration of escalating, rear 13 million pixels, or even 20.7 million pixels, large aperture optical zoom. In addition, the requirements of the photo angles, it has the popular hot shaft. Expensive cameras before subject to professional equipment and mobile phone spare equipment such as video quality is poor. Although with the upgrading of mobile phone configuration, video shooting quality had the very big enhancement, but the same as pictures. “Shake” eternal topic is a born.

as mobile phone battery is not enough, need the mobile power supply. According to “shake” this problem, the guangzhou nine technology co., LTD. Design and manufacture a kind of mobile phone peripheral products, steady beat.

as shown in the figure below, hunting cloud network to the stability of engineering machine as a whole is black, detail place to red, red circle design ornament, simple and not boring. Specifications for (114 mm X 75 mm X 262 mm), the total weight of 370 g. Holding the clamp up and down, all have prevent slippery cushion, in their clinging to the phone at the same time will not cause damage.

the handle used prevent slippery design. Steady shot battery reasonably arranged inside the handle, with 800 ma high-power lithium polymer rechargeable batteries. It is important to note the battery for battery, can be removed, but can’t replace. During operation, the internal chip and will continue to fine-tune, driving motor can be taken for about 2 hours. Patent quick charge technology, it can raise stability take 30 minutes to full health, and 120 minutes.

use for the first time, the need for a set, according to the steps to operate, with reference to the instruction set can finish soon. After that can be used directly, without secondary adjustment, is very convenient.

steady shot with intelligent two-axis stabilization technology, the built-in smart chip can automatically detect and adjust the Angle of the phone. Its handle and a point of adjusting button, press the positive and negative 180 degrees of rotation to achieve mobile phone for the taking, shoot and other special operations. It is this combination can make auxiliary phone steady shot, multi-angle, stability, provide stable, horizontal phone picture. In addition, also can use bluetooth phone control keys.

shoot in the running process, before and after the perspective of effective work lifted up over 360 degrees, the handle is in a state of stability, can handle the joystick control of shooting back leaning Angle. In addition to these common way of shooting, hunting cloud network think low shot was more suitable for parents and children playing on the ground, also do not need to bend over to talk to.

the hunting cloud network also found this question, steady shot is applicable to most smartphones. But for mobile phone screen size in 5.2 above, the firm also need to be optimized. Perhaps this phone peripherals launched apple 5 s reign, did not consider even apple also took to the road. To this, the stability of solution is to use apple 6 plus weight will be required to have an external link, although not tedious, but new product upgrades can be slightly adjusted, be in harmony are an organic whole.

in addition, while adding a telescopic rod can reduce image stabilization effect, but the cloud network hunting or want advice steady shot at the handle add a telescopic rod does not need too long. So, take and stabilization, photo and video recording requirements. Customers also think adding too many peripherals to phones, after all, is a kind of struggle.

a brief introduction of digital image stabilization and optical image stabilization. Digital image stabilization is on CCD/CMOS image were analyzed, and the edge image is used to compensate, after the post processing of the collected data, not essentially stabilization, and the image stabilization is damage to the quality to meet the visual effect, is a kind of “pseudo” image stabilization.

and optical image stabilization including lens, body image stabilization, is through the internal level sensing the deflection of the camera after told lens suspended (CCD/CMOS displacement) system to correct the position, in order to solve the problem of jitter. The stabilization of large movement range limit, only 1 ~ 2 mm vibrations, such as the mobile phone camera shake, so optical image stabilization is only applicable to mobile phone take figure, also to be used for moving video shooting.

the photo sharing market hot, video sharing and share with the rapid development of mobile Internet and open a new situation. The taps, WeChat a beat these presumably everyone not unfamiliar, so take aim at “shake” the pain points, the pain is demand, and then into the market. Intelligent wearable market continues to heat up, the phone “wearable” peripherals can be recognised by the market, let’s wait and see.