Smart hardware + App, flowers assistant to make flowers artifact?

(text/Wang Saiying)

the flowers this niche, only a few products abroad and not for the Chinese market, such as parrot in France, the United States edyn koubachi, Switzerland, etc. In the flower products in the domestic market are also mostly is based on the knowledge sharing type products, and the combination of software and hardware product is rarely appeared in the users view, now belongs to a piece of blue ocean. In recent days, the hunters cloud network focus on such a flower product assistant – working in the garden.

what is the most important flowers? Most people will answer: watering. Young people generally like flowers, but most don’t water the flowers, forget to water the flowers, watering the flowers too much, this is one of the young man working in the big pain points. On the spot, flowers assistant arises at the historic moment, this product is the main target consumers of the young family, aims to provide a fun, the family that has grade with intelligent software and hardware products, and through the corresponding communication technology, sensor measurement technology, hardware, interactive technology, flowers humidity synchronous transmission, watering the flowers remind, flowers process records, plant growth, timeline, and other functions.

as intelligent flowers hardware, flowers assistant Golf is initiative in China; In addition, more than thousands of plant humidity database and a large number of trials, let flower assistants not only stay in the “fun” level, but flowers upgraded to science.

hunting cloud network understand the flowers assistant ShenLiPeng has many years experience in the field of mobile Internet, this project began at the end of August in 2014 project, the team had five members, founder ShenLiPeng serial entrepreneurs, the other four members were technical staff. At present, the flowers assistant this product at present is still in its testing phase, not mass production. Is not yet a user, ShenLiPeng said, the first batch of users will be in the extended some other intelligent software and hardware products, such as the healthy sleep, etc. Flowers assistant is reportedly ready to angel round.

ShenLiPeng said in an interview with hunting cloud network, the products will be the next from the mobile APP began to gradually improve, improve the user experience and use function; And hardware will also be increased from the current bluetooth connection to the bluetooth, wifi connection, realize the remote record remind. Besides humidity measurement will also increase the temperature, illumination monitoring function; In software and hardware update iteration itself, will also increase the plant family intelligence solution service, including the north and the family which is suitable for growing plants, according to the different square meter balcony and sitting room, for example, provide plant package solution, for the user to select and purchase.

flowers assistant that smart watering the flowers products, while seemingly simple, but if not only can realize quantity of postpartum transverse yan of the intelligence to fertilization, intelligent lighting, and other areas of the intensification of plant breeding, more can be used as intelligent hardware market from the original “interest, personalized” to “valued, practical”. Although the watering the flowers products main young gens, but ignored the love flowers and idle empty-nesters, in this regard, flowers assistant should continue on the hard and soft side continue to high-value, optimize the user experience, make its can not only to the taste of young people, and can let age big consumers feel the operation is simple.

and hunting cloud network will continue to follow up the product report.