Small ten million yuan financing make love, sex toys “happy together flowers”

smart little love love interest equipment manufacturers announced A complete 10 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, among them, 8 million from the east brought the shots, the remaining 2 million near the stake in the raise. Previously, little love love won the Shanghai China international capital 3.3 million yuan seed round of investment, to raise the raise the clouds shenzhen maxillary pitch angel round investment of 4.7 million yuan, the financing is small love love of financing for the third time in five months.

Small make love

shenzhen technology co., LTD. Was established in August 2014, is a high-tech company specialized in research intelligent sex toys, founder has many years of experience in health product industry and electricity, co-founder and the team are in China, tencent and other companies. Team is currently more than 50 people, the core team consists of product research and development, design and production, etc. At the same time inherited many years research and development, production and sales of male and female physiological health, beauty products industry experience, combined with and integrated into today’s advanced industrial design, ergonomics and communication technology.

in March this year, and the hall announced an $80 million B round, broadcasting by lianchuang wing information co-win coalition led, capital and together, is by far the largest in the field of national interest supplies electricity pen financing. The little make love obtain ten million yuan financing, instantly fire lit summer, sex toys have to get rid of “vulgar” hat, heading toward the “spring”, let us look forward to happy together flowers in full bloom.

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