Small six wind: put on the intelligence of the head air purifier

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

small six head-mounted intelligent air purifier, wind is a young entrepreneurial teams by the mountain city of chongqing, according to founder Xu Zongyan, this product weighs 200 g, 2 w, can use continuously for 7 hours. No consumables products, don’t have to change the filter element, need to clean with clear water; No pull arc, almost do not produce ozone; One 5 of the wind resistance is low, only about HEPA. Was named “the wind small six” because team hope product can realize the air temperature, humidity, cleanliness, freshness, mute and six degrees are optimal purification rate.

the product shape is like a portable headset, but no headphones, and extends to the nostrils. Clean air is roughly: the process of the user after product wear well, outside air from the air inlet of the head, after internal processing, nostril is after purification of air inhaled. Wind small six this product can filter out 99.9% of PM2.5, the design of the outlet air PM2.5 weight value is almost zero, air volume is 3 m3/h, is approximately equal to twice the amount of normal breathing. In addition to purify the air, it USES bluetooth connected with numerical monitoring PM2.5 cloud platform, users can understand real-time atmospheric conditions at any time through the APP.

wind small six Xu Zongyan founder in 2006 after graduating from chongqing university thermal energy and power engineering, in the chongqing wisdom thermal done four years of technology development, four years later, in broad air conditioning do marketing non-electric air conditioning, eight years of working experience made him to the market, research and development are very familiar with, unlike most current making functional integration and marketing operation of wearable intelligent equipment company, he and his team wanted to “the core technology to do change, make real products, solve user spot is the sustainable vitality”. For now the vast majority of life under the smog of the Chinese people, the pain is pain in the absence of a professional portable air purification equipment to guarantee the fresh air, most people can only rely on frequent replacement masks to ease the problem.

hold that thought, in July 2014, he and his friends made a wind, small six teams have two experienced hardware engineer, a UI and an APP development. Research team took about 2 months out of the portable air detector prototype, contains the industrial level of PM2.5 CO2 formaldehyde VOC and temperature and humidity sensor. At that time, the team members think should immediately open mold production, and then open the market. But xu considering cost and volume are not ideal but rejected the idea: “a few people can use the product is not our goal! We want to make it cheaper, and further to do.”

xu insist on the concept of “products to meet user needs”, coupled with the efforts of the team practice finally got the results – soon, purification technology experiment a success, they will be the air detector and purification technology, carry out the aim of the convenient user, hence the wind small six this head-mounted products, this is also the world’s first wearable air purifier, the process, the wind small six team also “forced” himself to the research and development out of the smaller, cheaper, lower power consumption of PM2.5 sensors.

at present, the wind small six of the world starting wearable air purifier is not implemented, uncertain pricing. At the same time, the team also in research and development on air quality management as the core of smart home system, hoping to air purifier, routing, air conditioners, cell phones, fan connected, more convenient to consumers. In addition, as we have learned, the team is in angel rounds of financing.

as Xu Zongyan ask cloud network hunting a words: “because we are, what’s the difference in the world?” His team believe that “from 0 to 1” author Peter teal concept: innovation is not from 1 to N to replicate, but created from 0 to 1. In an age of haze China, small six wind will bring change for ordinary people, remains to be seen.