Small home in the United States: the door in the field of cosmetic O2O, our previous home is destined to be “slow company”


“group in fact is a concept of” take the guest to store “, it shows the top part of the industry value chain, and subject to the restrictions of service capacity, this will lead to the value of it is not enough, the net is big, can make up the missing value, in the future, group purchase will be only one or two dominant.” – little beauty home CEO lee myung-bak.

so, the door O2O is emerging, everyone began to focus on a particular field, the service refinement, standardization, systematization, make a better customer experience. Little beauty home is a door-to-door beauty O2O products, lee told cloud network hunting, for the beauty industry, costs only $20 products eventually to consumers may be thousands of yuan, plus all sorts of prepaid phone CARDS, combo purchase, a consumer of hundreds of thousands of too many, including the interests of the stupefying, consumers are difficult to experience the “pure” beauty services . Even so, true to the hairdresser profit or little hands, the beautician average monthly salary is WuLiuQian dollars, that is to say a lot of interest was dominated by beauty salon, dealers, agents such as the middle channel. in the end, the core of the originally hairdresser turned into a sales role, so the industry is very unhealthy .

small beautiful home for the specific scenario of pain points and door-to-door beauty industry, comb to encapsulate the beauty services, they have stringent requirements for beautician, beautician in addition to the required five years working experience, the massage therapist will need to be in a small beauty is more than three weeks of training, assessment and closes nevertheless unable to provide services , so the products are in order in the craft is guaranteed beautician. From the point of user experience, small beautician beauty got home from the moment that take the door has the standardization process, such as the door to overshoes, light aroma massage before, carry bed of breathable air hole, the whole process of no selling.

lee told hunting cloud network, from the point of the price, due to save the little beauty home door-to-door service mode of the intermediate links, costs only about thirty percent of the price of the. relative to the group purchase mode, the door is more consistent with the industry characteristics of O2O, also more insufficiency, as a result group-buying is experiential consumption more, many customers will not come again after a hairdressing, this type of customer is not beauty salon’s target customers, second order too many experiential consumption is bound to be normal service levels, lower beauty salon user experience good hard, so in low price, low bad experience, to promote the new vicious cycle . Therefore, little beauty home door-to-door beauty through patterns of the user long-term low consumption experience beauty, is more healthy and sustainable.

the little beauty home online in December last year, tens of millions of yuan angel investment was founded in July. In the case of not doing promotion already has nearly a single performance, founder of Mr. Lee from tencent.

lee told cloud network hunting, to start with we struggle is like a beaver’s home to do “craftsmen” platform, spend more money on push, expansion, self-built beauty team, or we have a cent to spend a portion of cultivating their beautician team as well. Finally, we chose the latter , not for other, actually, only beauty is a kind of fine service, there is no strict management, follow-up questions may be more. Confirmed the key, also decided to our early would be a “slow company” , because we want to put more effort is beautician team building and reframe of beauty services.