Sleepace deep sleep and the desire by RestOn open era “+”

(text/Wang Saiying)

according to a report by the Chinese sleep research showed that for 38.2% of Chinese adults have a sleep disorder, among them, Beijing, guangzhou and other big cities have a sleep disorder is accounted for more than sixty percent; World health data also showed that 27% of people with sleep problems, about 50% of adults in the crowd had sleep bad experiences, professional women in up to 80% of people suffer from poor sleep.

“it is well known that sleep occupy one-third of the time in life, and that a third of the physiological data of life affects the other two-thirds of the state of life, from time to space above, this is undoubtedly a huge business opportunities. “Sleepace founder Huang Jinfeng convective cloud network said.

there are specializing in, “reflect human” design intelligent sleep monitor

RestOn CES exhibition in 2015, the United States Las Vegas on up-and-coming Chinese products, and won the “ultimate science and technology innovation award” and the world nearly 200 countries users and media attention. And Huang Jinfeng also said, all honor comes from conforms to the design of human nature, also comes from Sleeepace team for sleep intelligent hardware products in the field of concentration, the focus to harvest the accumulation of user feedback, the accumulation of continuous trial and error, and innovation, not blindly follow suit, when the streets are bracelet from another Angle to find real needs of users.

near the platform, such as search “sleep”, see a lot of bracelets products, these bracelets main measurement data, sleep monitoring is only auxiliary, or is in the mobile market in search of sleep monitoring App also abound; Specially do sleep monitoring hardware, basic belong to product of in medical applications in the scene.

with the wearable devices of this kind of “the human” sleep monitoring products, RestOn is wearable intelligent sleep monitoring products, a soft belt, using the pressure sensor principle, dynamic monitoring to the heart, breathing, body, sleep time, sleep and depth data.

the author personally experience the product, first opened the magnetic cover, the mattress with good RestOn position (chest), cover sheet, then cover the magnetic cover and boot, boot, namely on the magnetic cover face and vice is turned off, switch machine is simple to understand for users, it is worth mentioning that product life time in a month or more, without frequent charging, the completion of the operation of the above, only need to install Sleepace in mobile phone App (support android 4.3 above, the IOS version 7 above), simply open the bluetooth search and sign up to binding, can complete operations, for the first time at this point, lying on the bed open the App, click the start button to complete sleep.

most intelligent hardware itself is not power, but was consumed with the matching cell phone. And RestOn sensor to data after the mobile phone can launch the App and close bluetooth, so the author found that mobile phone after the trial of negligible power consumption, open the App, click sleep again after waking up after can see sleep diaries, according to the diary form data intuitive icon shows the indicators, and put forward reasonable improvement suggestion according to sleep. Huang Jinfeng said that in the future, Sleepace launch remote control products,

RestOn product retail price of 1099, jingdong starting price of 999 yuan, Huang Jinfeng expressed, the products are mainly target users for 30-45, white-collar crowd with over 50 years old man, the two groups were all lower sleep quality and have a certain spending power of the crowd. Sleepace and iresearch and senor jointly issued the “2015 China sleep health report”. Report and the astonishing thing is that the use of intelligent equipment update more than bedding, the proportion of people willing to put into the cost of more than 2000 yuan to improve sleep quality. This profile reflects in the second-tier cities, people of new products to open state of mind.

“+” sleep: sleep and the chemical reaction of the Internet

based on the concept of “Internet +”, has also followed the boom Sleepace puts forward the concept of “+”.

“Sleepace CEO Huang Jinfeng said in an interview with hunting cloud network,” + “is included in a specific branch of” Internet + “, is a traditional sleep health market on the Internet, the Internet of things, and big data under the wave form a new form of healthy life. When the “+” into the new element – people, people and things, and things, can be a big chemical reaction, forming new application scenarios and business models.

at the same time, Huang Jinfeng “+” as the core, health care, household market, throws connection pension industry, hotel service, finance, insurance, social service and the new business form. To sleep, he thought, release the health of the signal, is one of the other industries rapid reaction tuyere.

the Sleepace team was founded in 2011, the current team 32 people, since its establishment has been focusing on the field of sleep, in July last year completed A round of funding from the gobi venture capital is 20 million yuan RMB.