Sleep: hi, rocket alarm clock many creative suite you

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

get the needy tend to suffer from “off the alarm clock continue sleeping” irresistible instinct, rocket alarm clock hope through fun and creative way of alarm clock close to challenge this instinct, the millions not to be able to wake up in the morning of the “mei” high up.

the rocket alarm clock can attract the beautiful people belong to the kind of small pure and fresh and application, it has now been launched five clock suite, it is like to mathematical problem solving, lung capacity test, shake, take together, the design of multiple alarm clock suite respectively corresponding to the calculator alarm clock, blow away the UFO, shaking the rocket launch, astronauts smiling face recognition. User if feel self-conscious enough, can choose ordinary alarm clock – check it will automatically shut down; Get up the above several versions of the alarm clock is held by the needy suite, similar to the game task in a way that you wake up and finish it would have been ringing, until you wake up.

“rocket alarm clock was born is accidentally, ya-wen Yang and Yang Hong yu did the independent application conveniently, have never thought it gradually heating up, probably in January 2014, we decided to focus on the application.” Rocket’s alarm clock time line of the company’s head of guizhou Huang Shaokui convective cloud network said, “from the university of San Francisco financial professional Liang Kui in to join the team at this moment, be in charge of marketing and promotion of the core members of our team.”

Huang Shaokui argues that although alarm clock user retention time is not long, but used as every day or even every day of the first to use tools, it has excellent advantage of entry. Such as rocket alarm clock will dig more creative possibility, including: let users share, manufacturing, creative alarm clock, the user’s own original ring tones, and designers of cross-border cooperation design more beautiful wallpaper; Another example will open more in the future “to TA set the alarm clock”, “get up records and rank” and other community function; In addition, will also consider and smart watches, track record of sleep, more easily to set the alarm clock.

according to the rocket team alarm clock, in the absence of promotion and operation work, rocket alarm clock iOS version in November 2013 in the App Store shelves until now has 230000 users. Team plans in early June this year launched new iOS version, online Android version in late June. The new version will advocate “to TA set the alarm clock function, and add two new way of the alarm clock off. July will fully support social network, complete the various tasks, get achievement, unlock the original ring and reward.

because the alarm clock application is the use of time is short, the user is relatively independent dispersion characteristics of rocket alarm clock business model will explore paths from timely proper advertising: service records such as advertising, get up in the rankings and alarm advice describes the content of some of the advertisers. According to the rocket alarm product owner Huang Shaokui introduction, they will be in 2.0 the new version launched this month, after a formal angel rounds of financing.

the author thinks that, the alarm clock application ready to become a good entry into People’s Daily life, doing well carelessly is easy to become a zombie App even being unloaded. How to increase the user’s retained and active degrees, the rockets after the alarm clock may need to be in the direction of community and intelligent hardware, have done fine products, improve the user viscosity, and will not be abandoned because freshness light but.