Six class angel large inventory: determine the investment money less than bill

cloud network hunting note: industry too impetuous, also is the same in all walks of life, the good and bad are intermingled, a listed company really do not brag can listed, is not really good investors rely on fool can target a good company, good company and good VC are all the same.

the author: Qin Xin

don’t know since when, in the circle of friends gradually degrees more as a friend: one is carrying a failed after commercial demonstration of creativity, suddenly broke for millions and millions of angel investment, at the same time with xx after label, niche, entrepreneurship, finance, see you climb up the peak of life, I have to sigh; that’s quite beyond me Another person is not the river’s lake old classical, access various celebrity club, not on the way is in a meeting, the meeting from time to time again hair a few words of “project now it’s hard to find, money is also a headache thing”, “morning again see N start-ups,” a lot of advice I gave a few entrepreneurs, such as poor ‘Lao tze have plenty of money, is to spend out’ sign, let a person fear, is people don’t three days when sit.

apprehension, flattered, accidentally met so many millionaires millionaires, see the somebody else, compared with myself, I’m just a helpless pain of entrepreneurs, for hollowing out even on the night side of striving for a heart can not help flush a inferiority, than everyone, as encouraged, continue to open desperately saburo mode.


later, slowly contact, and the causes of work met some insiders, in-depth exchanges, walks up behind events that usually see hear is not necessarily true, because see hear everything is covered with a layer of mysterious veil…

dream is a sugar, sweet to the sad

dream or want some, one thousand achieved? What’s more, it is a multidimensional era, who has not some of their own dreams, but to reach the other side of the dream is not so easy, dream, after all, need to return to reality, rice to a stuttering, way to go step by step, but many people believe that is a question of money, the aid of capital can move beyond the early hardships, and on the shortcut.

the novel s never short of people come, it is an open era, there is no can’t do only unexpected, open society provide too many opportunities and resources to show and performance. What show? Smart people, always know how to avoid their shortcomings, of course is to show their own distinctive personality, XX after feelings, dreams, since these tags cannot little, from time to time to make a chip poking fun at the society, the humanism to reveal their excellence; What performance? Now what the most popular show what ah, mobile Internet, O2O, about guns, subversion, innovation, etc., to generate buzz, media, Internet users click.

as a result, tide, aspiring entrepreneurs, like be in time for travelling to increase roadshow, again and again the program recording, hot topic, one network ensemble situation also makes people drunk. For these entrepreneurs, especially have a dream of entrepreneurs, fear, want to say that sentence is: the dream is very beautiful and very sweet, but must be combined with the actual, as the own ability can’t afford to hold their own dream, or sink down to beat the foundation good, otherwise the dream is a sugar, will only make people sweet to sad!

success, that is, investors; Failure, is also the angel

before the angels for me has always been a mysterious and remote, once I know anything and capital grafting, it is no longer a simple thing, but when suddenly surrounded by a bunch of angels, I slowly realized, angel investors have actually don’t is my heart of that kind of identity, before they went already had the so-called mysterious, and evolved into a career, a job, a tool to make a living, and I do planning is no different.

the angel not rich, the rich are not necessarily angel. As far as I know, the angel of the relationship is very complex, in cooperation with enterprises, also involves the party a, party c of the few involves the tripartite cooperation, but in angel investment circles, sometimes even to the complicated relationships between Z, and most of the market all the angels, basic it is d away:

the first category: the affiliated in the periphery of the investment institutions or fund under the angels, the kind of person actually sell earlier with the salesman do not have what distinction, they introduce the number of projects to generate income, to earn money by pull head point is directly;

the second category: intermediate class angel investors, such person may be in local tyrants nouveau riche, some extra money, and then through the mediation of packaging has become an angel investor, impatient for success of entrepreneurs, struggling to find an angel, want to or a local tyrants nouveau riche of investment, so to pay agency fees, there are piles of local tyrants, upstarts, coal boss, real estate tycoons, rich second generation, red…

the third class: the platform class angel investors, these people good at grasping the Internet trend trend, build a network platform, using the raise, distribution model of the process to raise money, they have a set of perfect, let you to its power and influence, and willing to do endorsement, the platform to endorsed with a platform to raise funds, raise pattern does not kill, kill), and platform play (draw a certain proportion to raise money as commission or fees).

4 categories: small and medium-sized enterprise support type of angel, such investors generally title is very loud, such as: XXX institutions subordinate units, xx fund cooperation unit, XXX chamber of commerce launched… They specifically for the various types of startup, provide convenience and support, and the content does not support, to pay the cost of how much money, they help you to perfect (or false) of various kinds of statements, procedures, rules and regulations, etc., and then to the public, you can for public to raise funds, to issue bonds, a bit not careful will be like the feeling of listed companies, ask which version listed? A: Q version (curious friend can check), good luck can raise money, bad luck that can only say that their nature was not enough. Companies can raise money is not important, important is the participation of enterprises is to prove that they work, make money and it is the record, lane is bad to can subsidies to its state subsidies.

the fifth class: the nature of the investment. In xx, clubs, etc, and all kinds of training and organize activities of various types of special performance, all the year round occasionally invite some such as Zhou Hongyi, lei jun, xiao-ping xu financial guru to reveal the pretend bility, these people to be present is to do a VIP or do an angel, it’s difficult to say. In the circle of strength, as long as you are willing to pour, big circle do endorsement, the organizer to initiate a homecoming alumni, what of, also can raise a lot of money, just maybe subsequent development gets into pot.

6 classes: real investment institutions or angel investors, really is valuable, they are willing to communicate with you, to give professional advice, and once on your team, they will be time for you to keep attention and remind your deficiencies, but also for the future are given a lot of guidance and help to the development of the road, they are willing to grow with you, so that the investor or angel, not in the scope of this article, once encountered only grateful, cherish.

no matter what kind of angel investors, most angel investors, like many aspiring entrepreneurs, also only in the business, the difference is they built their own dream on the dreams of others. Psychology, they know how entrepreneurs to invest them one by one is like a casino entertainer, a clear know first win after win is paper is money, so, too, for their investment investment is probably skip stone first, is only possible subsequent real capital into cash. Success and failure is investors, and the angels. So they do is one thing: do innings.

The dream like

the emperor new clothes show

a worry for the appreciation of the angels in order to better the hype, because no matter at any time in any industry, media capital is always chasing the smell. The other side try so hard to get the real project so that the angel himself or the identity of the investor.

both have the same view, find a financial firm to make a report, to a high valuation, signed a strategic investment agreement, open a news conference, invite some media, buy some large resources, and started a new round of bombing, variety shows all kinds of imparting follow: xx company for xx angel investment ten thousand yuan, the valuation of xx million; Xx company is into x round XXX (anyway how cow force how to write). Investment amount X3 announced, or simply change RMB to dollars announced outward investment, relative to this kind of dream of the emperor new clothes show, it is too weak.

of course, all the year round on hiring, gossip unceasingly is also essential, but it is all illusion, no money to the account, no angels, everything is just a bureau, behind the authorities expect is to cause the attention of the real gold master, waiting for the big fish bait flange, this way better gloves now.


industry too impetuous, this phenomenon is common but not long, also is the same in all walks of life, the good and bad are intermingled, a listed company really do not brag can listed, is not really good investors rely on fool can target a good company, good company and good VC are all the same.

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