Sister, please issued a white paper on women’s health, wood is to talk about the future development plan

on March 18th, joint Asian women’s health management software “sister” clinical research institute of Peking University health science 2015 Chinese female physiology health white paper, under the background of big data, on the basis of the continuous mobile client data to analyze samples of women’s health management research.

at the event, a great founder & amp; CEO sticks to share a great way of operation and future development plan.

as mobile Internet more subdivided and vertical, health class software is gradually rise, women’s health management class App main areas of focus in the menstrual cycle, pregnancy on maternal and infant, health information, health diet, etc. According to incomplete statistics, in the domestic each big application market of women’s health management class App total about two hundred balance, and a sister in several big market combined downloads over hundreds of millions of times, “sister”, there are more than 80 million registered users, 4.2 million active users.

wood, can be thought of APP business model is not only electricity and advertising, but lies in the user acceptance. At this point, a great first by female menstrual period prediction as an opportunity to analyze user record the change of the body, push the personalized health tips, so as to build the mobile community on women’s health.

wood told the media here, sister would have been taking health and life line, product development and commercialization, and continuous improvement to achieve target. For example in order to let users in the community is more convenient to find interest topics or related knowledge, sister will not only is the perfect community function, but the community into a tool, through community chat, information retrieval, information access to answer wait for means to solve women’s rigid demand.

in the future commercial building, wood, can be thought of a great depth has to be with other women’s health supplies manufacturers to achieve not only the exclusive cooperation, for electricity, accurate delivery, will also open women vertical electrical business model, and with the help of a great platform for data support. This from early march this year launched the “MISS optimization” electricity channel can tell a great “tool + electricity + community” in commercial road to development.

a great cooperate with my clinical research institute of Peking University health science, a series of professional induction, analysis was carried out on the big data, the results obtained will be and female physiology health advice to write into a “white paper”. The “white paper” on the female supplies, maternal and child, medicine, and from four aspects, such as user covered by the content is also very extensive.