“Sina entrepreneurship roadshow” will take you to go to nanjing with X take you fly!

cloud network hunting note: sina entrepreneurship roadshow team decide on April 10th afternoon 13:00-17:00 sunshine power no. 2 in nanjing airport hangar opened sina entrepreneurship roadshow, take part in the roadshow friend will not only get 500000 free promotion resources, also can close contact to the solar energy plane.

from: sina science and technology

was leading the first told me that you wanted to go to nanjing, I was refused, but he said after went to see high force, and special effects, and is the only global solar plane can roadshow with it, just send a photo to the circle of friends can duang ~ duang plus powder, I would have “yield”.

yes, is to see the plane!

the problem is coming, do you know what a solar plane?

solar plane is sunshine power no. 2, is completely dependent on solar energy plane. According to our leadership, the plane is the only can realize long-endurance, don’t take a drop of fuel can fly for day and night. Is there a feeling of knee were kneeling broken ~ ~ duang ~

science end, began to say is.

after special game ended, roadshow jun mailbox is enrolling filled with friends, small secretary of the roadshow king after screening in detail, found that in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, nanjing, hangzhou’s entrepreneurial friends roadshow demand is also leverage drops!

so, after careful consideration, decided on April 10th afternoon 13:00 roadshow king sun power in nanjing airport 2-17:00 hangar opened his first trip to “work”, to take part in the roadshow friend will not only get 500000 free promotion resources, also can close contact to the solar energy plane.

the key is to force me roadshow jun or so free, you can endure this? [this is a solar plane, the world is not a few people can close contact, photo after you send a circle of friends what is pack to force can’t stop the pace of]

in between is the first special field, the road you want to be able to cover different areas of the junior as much as possible. Will face from now on the roadshow king O2O, online education, online health care, electricity to transform traditional industries, as well as various areas of business start recruiting. Although location in nanjing, but recruit is not only limited to nanjing, if you come over the head from the Pacific Ocean, we also won’t refuse.

in the end, the road show will be on screen in the order of registration of small secretary two key areas, and open invitation to investors in the field. According to the experience of the previous phase of the roadshow, there have been multiple teams through the relation of the roadshow king and hook up with investors.

if you project is in line with the above areas, has been launched and financing stage in B wheel before, then click the sign up quickly, the deadline for registration is 18:00 on April 8.

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